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General Discussion / Anyone made a script foe Blops3
« on: 01:29 AM - 01/26/16 »
Looking for something that presses both bumpers at the same time. And this is done in PC so it's not an actual difference or what would be considered as a "cheat".

Support / [ACTIVE] Upgraded to XIM4Flash-20160104
« on: 09:08 PM - 01/15/16 »
Restored to factory defaults. Said it was already upgraded to the new firmware. Then tried to use manager and it says "connect failure (paired xim4 not found). Getting more and more aggravated.

Anyone know how to fix this? I mean i've tried to restore like 5 times. the phone says - read failed (socket might closed or timeout, read ret:-1)[-1]

General Discussion / May make an Xbone comeback
« on: 02:47 AM - 08/09/15 »
Have been taking a break from the Xbone, and the XIM is packed away due to not having great interwebs and just sick of CoD. Before you say Battlefield, Imma say no. Haven't liked the series since BF2. If I do play the Xbox its usually something goofy or a RPG/fighter/something weird. With Windows 10 new Xbox to PC functions and now upgrading my nets to fiber. I think I may try it one more time. Been on PC for almost a year and the community is, well, lacking. There's really no communication and when there is it's usually me and thats just kind of a buzz kill when trying to play a game that requires team work. So I play a good bit of Minecraft. If anyone wants to play I will dig out the XIM in about a week and my GT is in my sig. Send me a FR and maybe we can get something going.

General Discussion / Youtube Banner
« on: 03:20 PM - 06/15/15 »
Was going to see if any of you guys can make one? I have an idea of what I want just don't have the know how or tools :P



Kenworth and Frags are pretty big in the PC community. Glad to see some of these guys take advantage of the XIM and have a new challenge. Pretty sure Orb and Sandy Ravage have one too.

General Discussion / DayZ Steam Won't launch
« on: 09:04 PM - 01/12/15 »
I have been on google, YT, Steam and anywhere else that has popped up about this issue.
I bought DayZ SA on Steam. launched the game and it asked me to agree to the Terms to play the game online. I did this and the game didn't launch. restarted steam still didn't launch.
Have tried to run steam as admin
Tried DayZ itself as admin.
Went into Steam and validated cache.
Tried all the different launch options.
Reinstalled the game like 8 times.
Every time I launch it says in a Steam window "Preparing to Launch..." for like 1 second , the game never launches. If I'm sitting at the library it pops up beside the game "syncing" for about the same amount of time as the preparing to launch message.

Like the topic says. Maybe an hour or so later I come back in the room and it's back on with the console off. I can just unplug the Xbone but it's a pain when a game needs to update, it takes me back to the 360 days with longer update times. I have 30/5 internet before that becomes a discussion and derails the actual topic at hand

XIM 4 Discussions / Ping
« on: 06:57 PM - 09/02/14 »
Why on PC does it actually tell you your ping, but on console you get the inaccurate bar system? Don't know if anyone knows the real answer but just thought I would ask

XIM 4 Discussions / @#$%????
« on: 11:27 AM - 09/01/14 »
So I called my local fedex ,because my XIM is there, to see if I could go pick it up Tues. because it's Labor Day so they aren't open and I have a Wed. delivery date. They told me I CAN NOT PICK IT UP EARLY DO THE THE REQUEST OF THE SHIPER?!?!? Ummm wow.......

XIM 4 Discussions / Anyone up for Titanfall tonight?
« on: 09:01 AM - 08/07/14 »
Be the first party I've been in. Still on controller as the store is still down. I'm ok at the game just thought a few coherent teammates would make the game better. If anyone's interested send a FR my GT is over there <-----------

XIM 4 Discussions / Key buying point for me
« on: 10:15 PM - 06/14/14 »
Can I use a Standard Translator?

General Discussion / Guess Whos Back
« on: 09:39 PM - 01/28/14 »
Yep decided to shoe my face again, been a while guys.

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