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General Discussion / let's play halo 5 beta
« on: 10:55 PM - 01/07/15 »
hi everyone,

haven't been active here in a while, but looking for some people to play halo 5 beta with. add me!

GT = Donskii HD

Hey guys, it's been a while!  I was checking in on the forums earlier today when I saw that I'd gotten a good number of PMs asking about my youtube settings.  So, I wrote up a quick walkthrough of my capture process. 

Here are some examples of my capture settings in action:

Black Ops:



I cap in 720p with a Black Magic Intensity Shuttle, and pull up Adobe Media Encoder at the end of every night to convert all of my files from AVI to mp4 (about 1/10 of the space).


All of my rendering is done using Sony Vegas Pro 11.  If you don't have Vegas Pro, these settings could be difficult to match. 

High-Quality MP4 (Sony Vegas):
   Codec: MainConcept AVC/AAC
               Max: 20,000,000
               Average: 14,000,000
               NO 2-pass
         Sample Rate: 44,100
         Bit Rate: 128,000
         Video Rendering: Best
         Stereoscopic 3D: Use project settings

These are pretty typical rendering settings.  Used alone, these won't yield amazing results.  The "secret sauce" of my rendering process lies in video filters/color correction. 

Enhancing Color:

I first add the "sharpness" video filter, but with the sharpness value set at 0.  As strange as it sounds, this makes the video appear more crisp and defined. 

I then add a Color Corrector (Secondary) filter:

Color Corrector (Secondary) **Main changes are saturation and gamma
    (Rotate Hue = 0)
    (Saturation = 1.500)
    (Gamma = 1.017 OR 1.107)
    (Gain = 1.000)
    (Offset = 0.0)
    (Alpha = 1.000)
    Limit luminance
        Low: 0
        High: 255.0
        Smooth: 0.0
    Limit Saturation (Checked)
        Low: 0
        High: 162.0
        Smooth: 0

    Limit Hue
        Center: 180
        Width: 360
        Smooth: 0

I'm not sure how current these settings are, but they should yield some good results.

Unfortunately, I probably won't be around to answer many questions.  If you aren't familiar with Vegas, watch some tutorials on rendering and color correction.  Then replace any values they give you with mine :)

Hope this helps!

General Discussion / Improving MW3 Experience
« on: 03:50 PM - 12/24/11 »
Hey all, I want to share something I found to be helpful when playing MW3.  Go into options and disable theater recording.  Doing so has made the game generally more responsive, although I'm not sure what exactly improves (maybe someone else can shed light on the technical aspects). 

Obviously this means you won't be recording your gameplay, but if you're willing to make that sacrifice you'll find that the game just feels better.  Hope this helps!

XIM 3 Discussions / [HD] Livestreaming CoD4 XIM3 Gameplay
« on: 10:36 PM - 03/14/11 »
Hey guys, streaming again at www.justin.tv/viivdon

Enjoy :)

Release Candidates / Overpowering Autoaim in ADS
« on: 09:10 PM - 03/12/11 »
Hey guys,

I just tried out a negative acceleration of .15 on my CoD:BO ADS config, and bumped up the sensitivity accordingly.  The acceleration takes some getting used to, but after a while I found I wasn't getting trapped as much by autoaim, and was also able to retain accuracy at a distance.  If anyone wants to try it out, please report back here on how it feels. 

General Discussion / Anonymous on the Colbert Report
« on: 11:48 AM - 02/25/11 »
I just love stories like this. 


Hey guys,

I just set up my Mionix Naos 5000, an insanely comfortable mouse that I've recommended to 3-4 people who are buying XIM3's.  Even though the manual claims it is "plug and play," the mouse will not work with the XIM3.  It lights up fine, but nothing works -- including the side-buttons.  I'll keep experimenting to see if it might be a power issue, but this could be a major drawback for anyone preparing to use this mouse with their XIM3s


I just updated my XIM3 to the beta firmware (20110202), and the Mionix Naos 5000 is now just showing up as a question mark.  It no longer receives power, and no longer shows up as a mouse.  This is true regardless of the port, and regardless of how many devices are plugged in. 

XIM 3 Discussions / Black Ops XIM3 Livestream
« on: 02:48 PM - 02/05/11 »

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM3 gets press from Reddit
« on: 11:56 AM - 02/01/11 »
Just found this on reddit, when I was trying to figure out why my video had gotten 10k views in the past day:



Hey guys,

Here's some competitive gameplay with the XIM3 I recorded two days ago -- I'm now using the updated Black Ops smart translator, which made a huge difference in responsiveness.  My movements now feel snappier, and I'm able to pull 180's with even more ease :)


Unfortunately, due to the all the swearing by my teammates, this isn't "frontpage" material.  I just hope this rings true with everyone wanting to see the XIM3 in the competitive scene. 

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