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XIM 4 Discussions / Titan Two makes XIM 4 flash purple
« on: 11:56 AM - 06/12/17 »
I was reading that flashing purple lights can indicate a timing issue or degraded performance.

I just got a Titan Two yesterday and occasionally the XIM will start flashing purple and mouse movement will start skipping. Also, I've been told my mic sounds like I'm a robot with the Titan Two hooked up.

The Titan Two does not include a power adapter, but says to buy one if you'll be powering a large setup. Could this be the issue? Because theoretically the same USB port is trying to power:   Titan Two, XIM, blackwidow, DA elite, and turtle beaches

XIM 4 Discussions / G502 vs G403
« on: 04:22 PM - 05/27/17 »
Getting a new mouse. Want to get your guys' opinion on G502 vs G403

we play both PS4 & XB1. Anyone had GB experience & are interested?

XIM 4 Discussions / IW Steady Aim
« on: 01:03 AM - 04/11/17 »
I've searched through the forums trying to get a decent answer but have yet to come up with much.

I understand steady aim is a feature to help STs work better with CODs aim assist.

I currently have 3 sensitivity options in-game:
HIP: 70
ADS: 70
FIRE: 70 [(which is activated by left-click on the mouse) steady aim enabled]

Since my ADS & fire sensitivity is the same, I wouldn't imagine I would notice much, if any difference. That isnt true in my case. When I fire, my sensitivity is noticeably decreased.

Today was my first day using it, & was hoping I could get a little input.

XIM 4 Discussions / Update failure
« on: 01:05 PM - 03/28/17 »
Hey guys, you may remember me from back in the day!

I'm trying to update my XIM4. It's on an old firmware so I'm doing a factory reset first.

I follow all instructions but I keep getting told "Unable to find XIM4"

Any thoughts?

General Discussion / Getting Free Stuff on the Internet
« on: 08:34 PM - 07/28/13 »
Ok well since my last thread seemed to make it to the trash can before anybody could read it, heres another, E-Rated thread. (just for you, odin)

Alright, so I was going to hold classes on how to get free stuff on the internet. This can range from coupons to starbucks, to iPhones, to sony TVs. But I cant really go into much more detail on here since odin is being uneducated on the subject matter.

Regardless, go ahead and add me on skype for more info and if we get enough people we can schedule a time to hold a class. SKYPE: GetTheFacial

General Discussion / Need a producer
« on: 06:21 PM - 07/16/13 »
Since there is a wide variety of people here, I figured one of you might know something about music.
A friend of mine who goes by SlikJay is a rapper and he is starting up SlikMusicGroup #SMG2013

He's looking for a producer and I thought I might find somebody here.

Heres a link to his swimming pools remix

General Discussion / and dale thought he was good
« on: 10:21 PM - 07/11/13 »


General Discussion / Free GB Account
« on: 09:52 PM - 07/02/13 »
So guys I gonna go ahead and give away my GB account to one of my fellow XIM bros.

I'd prefer that it goes into good hands (so a good player who happens to have a high gb rank or was recently banned.)

Hmu, I also do free gfx for my brothers<3 (im going to cali tomorrow so I will have tons of free time for gfx)

EDIT: its a 12k heres a link http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/profile/AiMBoT-Abuse-

General Discussion / Can I change my name?
« on: 10:11 PM - 06/21/13 »
Is there any chance I can change my profile name?

General Discussion / GB Playoffs
« on: 09:00 PM - 06/21/13 »
I am going to be participating in GB playoffs for both singles and doubles.

Does anybody want to see some of those gameplays uploaded?

General Discussion / Gamebattles
« on: 09:37 AM - 06/01/13 »
So I was talking to my friend who has been playing GBs on PS3 for the longest time, and he decided to switch to xbox. He says its 100% easier than ps3. Is is because there are more scrubs that play xbox, but maybe there are also more good people?

General Discussion / Keys stick
« on: 04:06 PM - 05/22/13 »
Recently with my ps move controller, it stops working and whatever button(s) was being pressed at the time of it stopping get stuck.

So I'll be running, then all of a sudden, I cant stop running and the ps move controller doesent work.

This is solved by unplugging the xim, but it gets annoying. Any suggestions?

General Discussion / Rx Gunnar Optiks
« on: 08:34 PM - 05/15/13 »
So I just got glasses today and the first thing I did was come home and try on my headset (turtle beach px5.)

It hurts the side of my head. My headset just doesent work with the glasses.

I was thinking about getting some prescription gunnar gaming glasses. Which ones have you guys tried, and how do they fit with your headset? I was looking at desmo.

Edit: So I guess the desmos dont come in prescription, so my next choice would either be the scope or the phantom.

General Discussion / I need a new headset
« on: 08:33 PM - 04/20/13 »
I have a pair of turtle beach px5s. They are getting really annoying so I want to get a new pair.
What do you guys suggest? I want to stay away from wireless.

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