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XIM NEXUS Discussions / Payment options
« on: 11:40 AM - 09/23/21 »
What ever you decide to sell the control at, will you add a afterpay type payment option.
Also I'm happy with 150 to 200.

Just 1 method I've found that works when using Xim 4 on a Xbox one x.

If you have a spare xbox controller, then turn it on and plug your mic into that controller.
Not sure if anyone has posted that but that's what I found to work for me.

Has anyone experienced an issue when using "anolog mode" for your thumb stick and not being able to run in fortnite? When i switch it back to WASD it works fine but crappy movement.

XIM 4 Discussions / Wireless mouse Issues on PC
« on: 02:28 PM - 12/01/19 »
Hi all,

Just wanting to know if anybody has experienced their wireless mouse still being able to move the cursor around like it is still plugged into the PC, and if anybody has found a way to solve it without having to restart your PC.

FYI: Im am using the g502 light speed.

XIM 4 Discussions / Destiny Sniper God rolls
« on: 09:10 PM - 05/21/16 »
Hey guys just a question, Generally a god roll will be anything that assists of having high aim Assist perks. But we all know that using aim assists with xim isnt good. (i think). So what would a God roll look like for a ximmer.

Hi all, using the settings from this video has greatly reduced the laggy feel there was in the aiming for me. For those of you using higher or lower DPI then 3600, just lower or raise the Xim sensitivity in the manager.
I really hope this helps.


All credit to XIMgameplay

XIM 4 Discussions / Destiny PvP Team
« on: 04:07 AM - 01/04/16 »
hello all, i am looking to start a pvp team. looking for 2 good players, i have a 1.8kd in pvp, so i am looking for players around the same skill level. my gt is - i hak wack i. im from nz. let me know if interrested

General Discussion / Halo MCC and Destiny
« on: 05:22 PM - 11/11/14 »
Hey im looking for good players to play with on a regular basis it would be fun to jam with fellow Ximmers !

Destiny Rank 26 almost 27
Halo Rank 50 in all Playlist's But I got that before I moved to Xim.

Add me on Xbox One  GT - Br Tutorials

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4
« on: 03:28 PM - 10/13/14 »
I know these statuses are starting to become annoying for some BUT! my xim4 is on its way lol ! I don't mind how long it takes to get here (NZL) because I got the xbox one and XIM 4 for Halo Master chief collection and Halo 5. Im going to miss my Xim3 though !

XIM 4 Discussions / Binding Buttons
« on: 09:32 PM - 05/01/14 »
Im not sure if this has been discussed and im pretty sure its abit late for requests lol However, You know how you can bind 2 or more buttons to the 1 button on the xim edge/3, it would be Mean if you could add delays between them aswell ! Just saying :)

XIM 3 Discussions / Macro Keyboard
« on: 04:57 PM - 04/28/14 »
Hi I have a G500 Mice and ive created some nice macros on it because of its on-board memory 1 button Silent shots, Rapid Fire and a lot more. I was just wondering if there is a keyboard out there that you can also make macros on ? I have the Logitech g13 and cannot do it on there anyone know of any keyboards that can.

XIM 3 Discussions / Xim Team
« on: 08:54 PM - 09/18/13 »
looking to start a xim team either on MW3 Halo 3 or Black ops 2

XIM 3 Discussions / halo 3
« on: 09:26 AM - 08/23/13 »
any halo 3 players here

XIM 3 Discussions / Logitech G13
« on: 07:46 PM - 08/22/13 »
Can you set Macros that can be transferred to a game ? for E.g Halo, Make a strafe Macro ?

Configurations and Requests / Halo 3 config request
« on: 06:54 PM - 08/17/13 »
Hi im after a good configuration setup for Halo 3 im using a logitech g500 my config at the moment is ok but its a bit unstable if anyone could help that would be much appreciated thank you..

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