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This isnt right. XIM on ebay sells them pretty cheap so people can purchase for an affordable price it and have fun with it. Not for some @#$% hole to buy them all and make an easy $800. Someone should do the honers and "purchase" them and leave his guy appropriate feedback. Hopefully XIM 3 will be plentiful so this can be avoided.

PlayStation / Want to add fellow PS3 XIM users.
« on: 04:54 PM - 12/11/09 »
Looking to add anti controller people  ;D

My psn:FN90X

Ive been so happy to find to find that mouse and keyboard can be used with ps3 for any game; it makes u feel more in the game no stupid vibration feature can do that. Anyways us xim users should all play together since we understand the vaule of M/K. leave your PSN so we can add you.



Tutorials / building XIM for ps3 help
« on: 05:09 PM - 11/19/09 »
 i am wondering is the silicone labs toolstick kit and a ps2 ps3 adapter all i need to buy? and enclosure box.the tutorial in the sticky is geared toward 360 and is outdated so its a bit confusing. Thank you guys. A sticked tutorial for just PS3 would be a great update.

Once you get the settings right is the mouse and keyboard similar to pc precision receptive wise? Can any ps3 button be remapped to anything you like? i have a logitech G9 with the extra buttons. Sorry for the noob ques guys.

Hey guys iam getting XIM 1 really soon for my PS3. I know with a clan of us XIM users, controller guys will stand no chance. So lets all get together. We will be ranking up like very fast playing headquarters and SnD; we will reach the last rank fairly fast. Post your PSN name and your time zone; Thanks!

Mine: FN90X

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