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XIM 1 Discussions / Everything I need?
« on: 12:21 PM - 11/17/09 »
Before I start passing my credit card info around the net like a drunken undergrad at a frat party I'm looking for confirmation that this is everything I need to put a XIM1 together:

Prebuilt XIM Components
Joytron Xconverter
Wired Xbox Controller

Is that it? I know that it would be cheaper to build the XIM myself but this saves me from having to buy a soldering iron and multimeter and the hassle of it.

Aslo I've read that I won't be able to plug my headset into the controller. Is there a work around for this? I play with headphones on that have a built in mic (turtle beach set up). I wouldn't want to have to play with that crappy wireless earpiece under my headphones.

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