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Looking to buy this for MultiVersus, a platform fighter, and move to controller gaming as a whole. It's interesting to me that I can use physical motuon to use attacks in that game through Gyro as well as having up to 4 bindings on the right stick.

I can see the features, especislly the button customization, are quite robust and something that no other controller is offering on the market. However, I have heard that an Xbox Elite controller and perhaps others offer better build quality.

While Nexus goes above and beyond in features, what is it not offering in comparison to other controllers? Is the price worth it or isbthere better value lojg term elsewhere? I'm poor so I want to make the right purchase.

Are the buttons clicky or squishy? Is the controller designed with physical inout delay in mind?

What I need to know is that I won't destroy my controller by playing aggressively and that the buttons themselves are responsive and well positioned.

Really seems like a passion product and I love that a smaller team is the first to properly bridge the gap between mouse and stick movement!

Shared Configs / Halo Infinite Season 2
« on: 02:34 AM - 05/05/22 »
Anybody have a config to share? No update to the aiming mechanic unfortunately, so I'm trying to make do:

My observations:
-Sync Off feels "faster" or more responsive
 -X/Y ratio to 1.5 for an actual 1:1 X/Y sensitivity.
-Keeping Hip/ADS the same is ideal due to being forced out of ADS when getting dhot
-Some aim assist is necessary for the tracking strafing opponents
-While not recommended, I use 5 Acceleration which I feel is necessary for movement and fast positioning.

All in all I'm aiming for a setup that feels snappy.

Hardware Compatbility / Keyboard Recommendation Please!
« on: 10:59 PM - 12/26/21 »
I use a regular basic keyboard most of the time and hears that a mechanucal key oard makes a difference. What makes it worthwhile in you opinion?

What's the best one that's easy to use with XIM? I hear there are different kinds of mechanical keyboards, so what's the difference?

I suppose macros would be useful for certain things if a keyboard can let me do that (I don't use macros in multiplayer).

Price is negotiable.

Game Support / Halo Infinite Turn Speed Problem EXPOSED
« on: 11:34 PM - 12/13/21 »

Tldw sens 5-10 will complete ten 360s at the same time.

Can someone influential share this please? How do we get this to 343i?

Also does anyone have issuea with native MKB? I can't set switch weapon to scrolling without it being extremely touchy. Also why can't I bind E for use and reload? This is why XIM is still relevant.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / So why this over XIM Apex?
« on: 10:11 PM - 11/15/21 »
I got used to XIM and use it almost exclusively for shooting games, but this controller looks professional. Could I use it on the Switch?

What makes this so special versus a SCUF or Elite Controller as an Xbox player? Not trying to be rude but just trying to learn more.

Game Support / Looking for Cold War Slow Turn tips
« on: 11:25 PM - 11/20/20 »
To preface I already know the basics. I'm primarily using two different values of boost, one for parachuting/free flowing movement and one for other vehicles and turrets. I use my hip sens with iirc 5000 boost for turrets and 9000 for parachutes. Additionally, I have two keys binded to right stick movements for those 180 degree turns and to spin in circles for fun

In general I'm using the MJFame style config and have kept that config when building my Slow Turn configs. Additionally, I have one free aux slot to do anything else that might be worth doing. Thoughts? It would be nice to be able to have an auto hold breath setting where I can also release my breath for hardscoping without having to let go of ADS. I might be making an obvious mistake from previous configs, I doubt the mechanic changed. I'm also trying to figure out how I could make a good auto-mark button. Thinking of binding to sprint with a delay since I tap to sprint. I also hear its possible to make a anti-recoil configs but that's where I'm gonna draw the line.

My goal with my config is for everything to be smooth and easy, so if you are struggling you can try settings. I honestly need the new ST to bother dialing anything in so don't expect greatness

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Cold War Beta] START COPY >>>

Shared Configs / Halo Reach MCC Config
« on: 11:33 PM - 12/09/19 »
Since no one is sharing any I thought I'd make my own. I used RML'S MW Cruise Missile settings for Vehicles and have a couple other auxilary configs you may want to look at (but personally I'd tweak the Sprint one if you use it). Please note I only tested and tweaked it for a few hours, but it feels pretty good to me. Give it a shot!

Look Acceleration 1
G502 3200DPI 500hz

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Halo Reach OhBlivEeUn] START COPY >>>

If you're new to XIM and want to have a simple starting point, check out my config. I use STv1 (current) with a 1.0 (default) ADS speed because you will experience acceleration if your delays don't match up (and they can't if spamming the ADS button)or holding ADS before your gun raises from switching).

G502 Proteus
3200 DPI
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Modern Warfare STv1] START COPY >>>

This should work for any weapon in the game.

I have the IAV/Cruise missile config 90% down that automatically deactivates when I reload or sprint.

Lastly, a little cheaty, but I also have a Auto Hold Breath config, but you have to turn it off when using a Hybrid. Press Sprint to let go of your breath, cycle ADS to reactivate the config (or just hold breath the normal way).

That's about it, I spent hours setting this up but to me it's the most reliable and consistent across all modes and weapons.

You might consider changing the activation delay if you use only use weapons with a fast ADS time, but otherwise you're going to experience a short slow down in aim if the delay is higher than the ADS time. Inversely, you may want to increase the deactivation delay if you exclusively use snipers (but I don't recommend that because using the ADS translator when in in-game hipfire is the worst thing that can happen).

I stuck with Common sync but if you want to convert to Default just double the sens. I tried to find a sweet spot between fast turns and consistent turn speed between hip and ADS.

Please let me know what you think, positive or negative your feedback is appreciated.


Game Support / Is Modern Warfare STv3 coming?
« on: 10:28 PM - 12/07/19 »
According to Headhunter and RML (two high profile XIM users), the sweet spot for ADS zoom sensitivity is 1.33 which is the point where acceleration begins to kick in and screw up the transition.

It's my understanding that switching to 1.33 using STv1 (1.0) will reduce the fidelity of the translator.

If what Headhunter and RML said is true, shouldn't the translator be trained on 1
33 in order to maximize turn speed? I think it's @#$% near necessary have a fast turn speed when sniping, so I'd personally really like to see a v3.

Edit: After further investigation, you're still going to experience increased acceleration when rapidly cycling between Hip and ADS.

I think V1 with the new beta firmware is the best we're going to get, and I gotta say it feels extremely reliable when you find the right settings.

I just bought the XIM Apex and first of all wow you guys have outdone yourselves. I regret not buying it day 1, oh well

Anyways I'm experimenting a lot and based on research I feel really dialed in, except for the aim assist. It really feels the aim assist slowdown delta between hip and ads is too extreme, so to compensate I'm trying out smoothing (to increase hip AA) and steady aim (reduce ADS delay). In my experience Steady Aim ironically makes my aim super shaky and I feel like I'm jackrabbiting in the aim bubble if you know what I mean. Smoothing however makes the hip aim mechanic feel much closer to the ADS one.

Since XIM Edge I've always aimed for 1:1 + aim assist but the recent CoD games seem to have way more than ever before, is that just me? Anyways, my fear is that I will dive too deep into advanced settings before really dialing things in at a 1:1, simpler level.

For now, I have smoothing at 5 and no other advanced changes. I see it goes up to 20, what do you guys think about smoothing? It's new to me but I really like the results so far.

Also if you're desperate for settings you could try mine. I watched every XIM tutorial I could find, but you might as well treat this as just another config. Personally I think the 'advanced' setups some create are completely counter intuitive. Anyways, these settings feel really good to me on the beta firmware and as a rule I respect the settings the translator was created with, which means I won't change my in-game ADS sens. I believe the XIM works better for mid-low sens players due to the turn speed cap, so keeping ADS at 1.0 is likely ideal not only for translator fidelity but also because of the acceleration. I can feel it around 1.2 personally, makes you feel like your soldier is tripping in place. Having a low deactivation delay is extremely important as well unless you want the XIM toehold ADS longer than the game (typically causing major acceleration).

Do you guys think activation and deactivation delay should be the same? I'm using 224ms for both but I was considering raising activation to 300 for the sake of sniping and lack of a reliable quickdraw perk. Too lazy to change delay every game and I like being able to pick up anything at any time. Could it be important to keep them the same?

Without further ado, here you are:

Logitech G502 3600 DPI/500hz
XIM polling rate 500hz
Default Sync
Hip 27
ADS 20
Smoothing 5(can have it off and it still feels great)

Full config here

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Modern Warfare STv1] START COPY >>>

Also one last thing, how can I bind Hold Breath to ADS without ruining hybrid sights, as in switching repeatedly? Delay maybe? Thanks guys

Feedback / From Edge to 4 and now Apex, thanks XIM team!
« on: 11:12 AM - 12/02/19 »
Seeing how you guys are cleaning up Infinity Ward's mess for the new MW translator, I just had to upgrade. What can I expect in terms of differences? I feel like I bought a deactivation delay for 100 bucks haha but I know that the Apex offers way more than that. Keep doing what you guys are doing!

First and foremost thanks XIM team for such an excellent product. I've had the XIM Edge and am currently still on XIM4 and I love it. I especially love all the small the small but important features like secondary bindings.

Anyways, what do I set the ADS High/Low settings to, 1.0 or max? This wasn't made clear in the app or at xim.tech/settings and frankly I find that disappointing since we've waited a week for the ST.

I understand why you want to release STs together but I think delaying the release of the MW ST as a poor move. Outer Worlds is great but it's a single player game... I feel like my initial experience with the game was awkward because of this and now I have to readjust after a week. Communication has been limited and now I'm still playing with doubts. I hope this will be addressed soon and sorry to be critical I mean no disrespect like others I've seen post.

Also what was the reason for using the Standard Aim Response Curve or Linear? It feels good so far but I'm definitely curious.

Also off topic but anyone have a good way to deal with slow turn? I currently use a basic but aggressive ballistic curve and find that it works alright, but it's not that accurate.

Thanks guys cheers!


I just bought a new phone since my old phone broke but I am unable to connect it via bluetooth with my phone. I tried updating my firmware but it did not help, and I am already on the latest version of manager. Any ideas?

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