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General Discussion / New Xim for PS5?
« on: 06:15 AM - 12/12/21 »
If yes, when u think it will be possible ? Thx u

All in tittle.

1) Which one for the Edge?

2) Do u think it will be possible to use Edge or are we going to buy new one of next generation?

French Xim Edge Lover.

XIM EDGE Discussions / RAT 9 and Macros?
« on: 06:48 AM - 01/08/13 »
Possible with this mice to do some macro's?
If yes, can u post the way for?

XIM EDGE Discussions / Choice between 2 Mices.
« on: 05:30 AM - 01/07/13 »
G500 and Razer Abyssus.

5700 dpi for G500
3500 dpi for Abyssus.

Which one ?

I have G500 for macros. (rapid fire to test, because Abyssus it's not possible)

J'ouvre le forum franšais (parce qu'il fallait le faire lol)
Ici vos commentaires et compatibilitÚ sur le bijou de XIM, le Edge !

Je vais test la souris RAT9 d'ici peu, je vous tiens au courant.
Razer Abyssus marche nickel.

Hardware Compatibility / Cyborg RAT 9
« on: 12:20 PM - 07/12/12 »
Hello guys
I would ask if someone have test RAT 9 from Cyborg.

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