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XIM 3 Discussions / What are your Configs look like???
« on: 10:41 PM - 12/03/12 »
Hello Ximmers,

I was wondering how might be everyone's configs for their XIM3 looks like?
I have the following configs for my G500 mouse @ 5700DPI tagged along with a Razer Blackwidow (thought not important) for BO II.

In-Game Sens:  14 (Max)
STs (both Pri/Sec):  BOII (latest as of 4Dec'12)
Primary Sens:  36 (360deg near to 3inches mouse sweep  --> getting higher makes more floaty so I stop here)
Secondary Sens:  26
YX Ratio (Pri/Sec):  1.25
Smoothness:  50
Delay (for Sec):  immediate ~ 80ms (variable depending which gun I may use)

Just a question for 2 items above:
a.)  YX Ratio
     -  Previously I have set at 1.50, but it seems that my slight movement makes the reticule to move easier (which I don't want to) so I decrease it to 1.25.  I wanted to actually have a feel near to PC, but don't have any idea how PC YX Ratio would likely look.  1.25 seems ok but still not what I want.

b.)  Smoothness
    -  Set original to 0, but when I started playing BOII (config originally set up for MW3), seems very inaccurate, feels like having acceleration (though my acceleration @ 0), and floaty.  When I set it at this value (50) seems lesser acceleration but I still can feel there's something that limit / clamp my swipe, something like holding it like a rubber-band (sorry don't exactly know how to describe it but "rubber-band" feel seems to be appropriate for me  --- and I don't see any black dotting in my XIM3 LCD).

Now, if I use these combination back to MW3 (but of course change the ST to MW3 also), I can see & feel that my cursor (gun animation) is jittering slightly and my aim seems to be shakey.  I thought it'as due to the smoothness & YX Ratio, so I set both to 0 for MW3, but still the same.  Now I have hard time getting back the accuracy I have for the MW3 before I updated my FW to 0824.  I feel that the older FW (firmware that doesn't require you to double the sens) seems to be more accurate, or is it due to the STs.

c.)  Controller - Analog sticks
            -  what most likely to happen if my controller analog stick is "very very very" slightly defective?  (though I don't see my avatar moving by itself if I'm using it  -  compared my previous broken controller that you will observe your character moves by itself, though you don't touch any of the analog sticks).  I'm asking because most of the time, I feel that rubber-band feel which is not happening to me before in MW3, when I'm playing around Q1 & Q2 of this year).  Again, I'm assuming it is due to the Firmware update 0824.

Sorry guys, seems I messed up my question.  But I hope you can give me an idea what are your MW3 and BOII XIM3 configs look like.

Thanks and sorry, really, for this long msg.
Best regards...

General Discussion / TOSLINK/HDMI to 7.1 analog converter
« on: 08:55 PM - 06/22/12 »

I ordered Razer Tiamat (7.1 edition), and no turning back.

I catered this for PC playing but also wanted to have a chance to use it for XBox360 as well.  Anybody know a good TOSLINK/HDMI to 7.1 analog converter like those from Seewell.com?


This should be good except it only gives off 5.1 analog output.

If you know the link similar to this topic, greatly appreciated if you can help me to link on that particular thread.

Thanks and have a great weekend.


Just wondering if there's something wrong with MW3 game sound yesterday and today?  Its way too low (approximately 15 ~ 20 dB lower than it was).  Tried switching to another game (COD4,COD WAW, FIFA 12, etc) and doesn't have this issue.


General Discussion / Anybody know the TITLE of this SONG
« on: 08:49 AM - 04/19/12 »
Guys,  wonder if anybody knows the title of the 2nd song in this video;



General Discussion / Where is COD9?
« on: 06:14 PM - 04/17/12 »
Hi Ximmers,

I've seen MoH Warfighter early trailer up, but no news about COD9? 

Any words from Activision or Treyarch about the project?
A link would do I guess...

Thanks, and have a great day today Guys....

General Discussion / X320 from Sennheiser
« on: 03:11 AM - 02/15/12 »
Guys anybody using this headset?  Wasn't aware that this headphone company produced headset for XBox...i just got it after comparing its sound to the Tritton, Turtle Beach and some mid consumer headphones on display at the store.   They sound really good, never expect they will have such a good sound signature...honestly I enjoy this one except for the wires.  How about others opinion?  Just feel pity for this product because don't have much review online, seems not really well know among gamers.

Hello Fellow Ximmers,

I was unplugged from XBox live last night, and I thought would be ok until May...i dont intend to subscribe for it til I overcome addiction til May   ;D

Ok, just happened to have a little good result before I was disconnected.  So hopefully I can record it.

Won't you mind guys if you can give it away, maybe you can pm to me.  Really will appreciate your kindness.  I just need 1 day, I will inform anyway whose pass i used.

General Discussion / Recommended GAMING PC
« on: 02:39 AM - 02/02/12 »
Hello Guys,

(Following my desperation running my Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB3.0, I came to think buying a high performance gaming rig, thinking I will this time exceed their system requirement.  I don't really care if its an overkill, and anyway, my understanding is that GAMING PCs are usually have the highest specs compared to the rest  -  correct me if I'm wrong).

So I have the 2 gaming PC in mind;

1.  Alienware Aurora Desktop

2.  Asus ROG CG8565

Which of these you guys prefer the most and why?  I don't care about price anyway, I'm after its performance.  Really sorry, needed experts advise like you guys on gaming rig since I'm nearly dumb in PC hardwares.

Mostly I want to use this for video editing, music factory, and little of gaming only.

Thank you very much in advance....

Am I missing so much thing here...been out for quite sometime...

Did anything happen or happening for the bigger one, full feature FW drop...all I want is those features we requested before like multiple key binding etc...

Hello fellow XIMMERS,

I have this easy cap for a while.  Its working quite fine except I got this interlacing but acceptable.

I've been playing around this morning using Virtual Dub as my capture software.  For unknown reason, each time I plug in my XBOX360 - NTSC J version, i only can see a freezed image/video.  But if I plug in my camcorder PAL system, I can have video on it.  With the same camcorder, I switched the format from PAL to NTSC as well as SECAM and i still see picture (of course its distorted & non-coloured).  But if I plug in back my XBOX, same frozen image shown in the monitor.

Is there something wrong with my Easy Cap?  (I hope I have another NTSC AV eqpt to try).  For those who uses EasyCap, do you guys experience this before?


Release Candidates / So, what's NeXt???
« on: 06:32 PM - 05/02/11 »
been sniffing like a dog for the past few dayz or say a week for any new firmware...excited to have a try with hopefully tons of features in it...

so, how is it so far?

(Thanks OBsIV for your undying support...)....

I tried STANDARD MODE for BO with setting:

PRIMARY / SECONDARY: from 11 until down to 3
DZ: 7000    SHAPE: circle
ACCELERATION:  tried from -0.3 up to 0.55
DELAY: Immediate

Im changing those parameters slowly, but all of them getting an unstable movement...my horizontal movement get skippy while vertical movement seems having big friction and sometimes no movement anymore....

I dont know if this exist with RC for my case...worth trying i think later...(im thinking downgrading to 2nd RC as im having sensitivity changing "feel" each day that i didnt experience from 2 earlier RCs)....

Release Candidates / 314 RC update BO ST CoD4 >> BO
« on: 09:50 AM - 03/19/11 »
...i'm about to try the 318 fw drop, but just wanted to pose this opinion regarding the previous RC drop....

Am I the only one feels that the BO Smart translator that comes with this 314 RC drop feels much better for COD4 than for BO itself?  A lot responsive & snap with COD4....

« on: 08:27 PM - 03/16/11 »
Hi Guys,

I'm on my way to buy a keyboard.

I would like to get an unbiased opinion between these 2 keyboards.
I don't really mind the price but something that suits perfect for the XIM3.
(I'm not getting any other brand coz the piece I'm buying is discounted from a nearby store that
is relocating)...

*** oh Glenn, I hope you can give your opinion, I also hope you own both keyboards  ***


Release Candidates / 314 flash drop
« on: 01:56 AM - 03/15/11 »
Wow, been anticipating for this...very excited to get my feet home...will definitely try it...jitter knob, sound interesting...

thanks OBsIV for such a dedication...

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