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I am using this to assist me to work through bugs on IE on various PC machines.

At the link below you will find a link to Microsoft where they offer to use Virtual Machines that can be loaded onto a PC or MAC or Linux that will allow you to use a PC on those machines basically or WIN7 on a WIN8.1 machine so you can easily load your beta onto your XIM edge.


Hope this helps someone!

I like to use Oracle VirtualBOx to run this as its easy to use and allows you to download for MAC, PC, or Linux and run multiple VMs... here is a link to the VM box you will need for this! just choose "VirtualBox" as your virtualization platform during your choice on Microsoft Site!



1. Go to Microsoft link, choose your OS, and choose virtualBox
2. Choose from the is choices, I prefer win7. IE version is null.
3. Choose and download all files associated with the choice from #2 into a single folder. 4-7 separate files per VM)
4. Use the install file (I.e. on Windows .exe)  and it will unpack all the file file you just downloaded into a single file. .OSB or something.
5. Install the virtualBox app on to your machine.
6. Start the virtualBox app, and click on the first selection on the left and choose load from or similar and locate the file created in step 4
7. You will then be able to see that you have a saved VM in virtualBox on the left side in the app
8.  Double click the item named in step 7
9.  Your VM will load in a new window on your computer like a browser or app would, accept it will be a full window pc .

I will update this soon to be clearer with more exact names of items.  Sorry I'm not in front of the app at this moment.

Instead of updating this here is a link to the help docs: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E20065_01/doc.30/e18549/vm.htm#BABGFBFD

General Discussion / Guns, Guns, Guns and some Videos
« on: 11:55 AM - 03/26/14 »

at time interval 1:38 and 3:08  lucky to be alive!

Beta / ETA on next beta drop?
« on: 08:28 AM - 03/26/14 »
This is NOT meant to start all the negative BS people can start on here.

If you have no interest in this topic, of have nothing to add other than BS derailing the topic, please refrain from posting.

XIM team, do you have any idea as to an ETA for the next beta drop? A general idea, or estimate would be just fine in my book.  I'm just simply looking forward to true x1 audio passthrough!

Ok, I know this was mentioned in a thread prior, but now I cannot locate it.. but I have confirmed an issue.

No matter what steps I take, my x1 and 360 controller buttons are unresponsive until I connect the XIM manager from my tablet for the first time.  After that I can disconnect the tablet and everything still works on the controller.

steps to repeat:
1. using either x1 or 360
2. turn on console
3. insert power wire into back of edge4e
4. pick up controller - no buttons work
5. use keyboard - all works
6. unplug and replug edge - still no controller working - lights are on
7. connect XIM manager from galaxy tab 3 - controller buttons begin to work immediatly

Beta / PvZ ST button mapping label issue? (nothing major)
« on: 07:24 AM - 03/18/14 »

I believe I may have seen an issue in the plants vs zombies ST button mappings.

The "B" button is labeled as "unused" when in default button mappings its used to" respawn".

OK, so I am not here to start a war, nor a flaming onslaught.  I just wanted to point out that from my perspective the beta for XIM4e is just that, something that is in addition and on top of our normal line/life here.

I say it this was only because I do not think XIM4e should be the priority.  I understand that it is a great new toy and one that will ultimately keep XIM on top. But when I just went into the EDGE and XIM3 RC posts and firmware posts and saw that not only do neither the XIM3 or EDGE have the latest ST for TitanFall, Theif, OR PvZ.. I was so surprised.

Can anyone on the XIM team clarify that you will in fact be releasing ST to XIM3 and EDGE soon?  I mean as an XIM4e beta tester, thank you for getting to us first.. i appreciate that.... but certainly if I was not a beta tester i would be upset...just saying...

again, not to start a war, I am just surprised that the beta is pulling rank on this one.

General Discussion / Happy Saint Patrick’s Day
« on: 09:10 AM - 03/17/14 »

After update to latest beta, i can turn edge on, I can start my app, however on my android device... the XIM4 is not there as a "seen" device.

The blue light on my BT adapter is blinking...  I have tried to find the XIM4 on 5 devices, none can see it...

any thoughts?

just noticed this while seeing if new beta firm dropped.
The forum post for beta says its 20120208 but when I DL it it's XIM4EFlash-20140208-BETA, whats happening?

The in manager ## says its,: 20140208

Go here and test for yourself :) 

(may not be the exact best way to determine....but whateva)
ketchup,salsa,mustard,mayonnaise,hot sauce,vinegar,sriracha


holy molly, Google the slowest to change its look of all search engines did it this week.

Vice President of search at google:

some saw these changes roll out in September or November last year, and on mobile first as well...

The world is over!

here is a screenshot of how much span google removes:

Beta / how to know if the new beta package dropped?
« on: 06:54 AM - 03/13/14 »
how will we know if a new beta package drops... i am still using the first one. has there been another one?

Ok, so to all your pro-"pro"grammers here... I have a question.

I know ZURB pretty well... have been using it for a while.  i was just introduced to getbootstrap.com...

Although they both seem equivalent, the ZURB project "seems" to be more well rounded.

The question is: do any of you have experience with either? and hopefully BOTH to provide a good comparison?  I will go GOOGLING... but I wanted to pose this to you all first...

supposedly the only drawback to using ZURB is you wont get legacy support, and the drawback of using bootstrap is that it wont support mobile well.

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