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Having placed an order for a XB1 today I'll be looking to get a Xim4 before long to replace my existing Xim3.

Being UK based I've looked at ADZ for purchasing but I can't find any warranty info on there website and when reading the warranty info in your own XIM store, you state 'No one else may give any guarantee, warranty, or condition on XIM Technologiesí behalf'.

I just want to confirm if this is the case when purchased via ADZ or if they are able to offer warranty as they are an authorised dealer?


So one of my mates is talking about maybe getting a xim so I took a quick look at the website and while browsing around noticed a new firmware for my xim3 so I went ahead and updated.

Now I took a look over the changes from past firmwares and did notice it mentions needing to update sensitivity settings to double them after firmware update but I'm finding there is something different about the feel of the profile now.

Overall I can work with it and have been slowly tweaking it but I'm finding that I can't seem to nail it just right again.

Is there any threads or advice on working back to a similar feel after upgrading to a more recent firmware?

Hi guys,

Having given up hope at the initial release, I've finally made an order today so hopefully I'll be joining the xim3 crowd very soon.

I've always been told I've got a strange keyboard config so I thought i'd post up for you to take a look over and let me know if I should be able to setup the same on Xim3 without too much trouble.

I've not followed the threads since its release so i'm gonna play catch up tonight, but i'm after any obvious issues I may have using my current setup.

I've recently changed hardware to move to a i7 setup. thought xim2 was going to be easy but i can't get things working right.

I'm using same mouse with same settings (onboard razor settings), xbox is the same setup,same resolution etc. I've done the Windows 7 Accalaration and 1:1 movement fixes and i'm using the same profile i copied from my last Xim2 setup.

In game it feels nothing like, very notchy and uncontrollable.

Does the PC hardware make setting vary change that much?? Does this mean i'm now having to go back to setting up a config from scratch or is there something i can do to fix this??

Bare with me and i'll try to explain:

First off i'm a converted PC gamer - everyone at work talked me into getting an xbox about 2year back but my roots in gaming have been from PC (started playing onsite at Doom 2 so have a fair few years under my belt)

In the PC versions of COD games (pretty much all i play on 360) i always had ctrl as my button for knife and holding breath. On 360 the run button is twinned with hold breath, depending on if you zoomed in.

Now i use 'D' as my zoom in button, side mouse button for run 0 but this doesn't feel right to hold when scoped... so my question is....

Can anyone think of a way i can have something running in the background which will be able to 'see' when i have the 'D' button pressed (zoom-in), and if so re-map my ctrl key to be another key press - then i can bind run/hold breath key to the mouse key and another key (say something out the way like F12) then have the program in the background make the ctrl key, actually press the F12 key but only when 'D' is pressed.

make sence lol - i know in my mind what i want to setup but am not great at putting it into words

ps: just for the record i have a crazy keyboard config which everyone says is strange

Feedback / Looking good so far...
« on: 02:57 AM - 12/11/09 »
I didn't have much time to play with settings once it arrived but i'm very impressed so far.

I still need to tweak the sensitivity to match my style as i couldn't quite get it quick enough yesterday.

Personcally I can't wait for XIM3 to be available. I've not got much room in our bedroom so having to have another PC/Screen in there was fun but worth it.

Look out for me pestering regarding configs :)

Just wondering if anyone else has received there XIM2 to the UK yet from the last batch (i know of) which we're listed around the 15-16th Nov??

Just am still waiting - hoping it get sorted soon as i didn't really want it to get caught up in xmas post etc :(

Got my desk ready for the xbox all setup and ready waiting  ;D

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM3 Controller Based??
« on: 03:29 AM - 11/29/09 »
So what are the plans for the physical hardware for the XIM3??

Given the PC side of things is to be removed, is the XIM3 going to be based on a controller still or as a standalone unit?? I've read somewhere about the controller having some bearing on the security side of things so would i be right in thinking wired controller based??

ps: on a side note - not even taken delivery of my XIM2 yet, already getting tingles waiting to hear then the XIM3 becomes available. Can't you just tell am a frustrated ex-pc competitive gamer :p

Configurations and Requests / MW2 and Razer Copperhead
« on: 05:35 AM - 11/14/09 »
I'm soon to be getting a XIM2 so i thought i'd check what people thing of the Razer line of mice. At the moment i've got a 2000dpi Copperhead mouse so ideally i'd like to use that as gaming mice ain't too cheap and with xmas coming up i could do without spending anything else :)

Anyone here a Copperhead users?? Good/Bad etc??

Do you need to have the 3rd party software installed alongside the XIM software?

XIM 2 Discussions / PC specs for running XIM2 software??
« on: 12:51 PM - 11/12/09 »
I've had a quick look around and can't really find much of PC specs needed for XIM2's software.

What kind of PC are we looking at??

Do you get better performance from XIM with a higher spec pc?? (up to a point of course)

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