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Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Xim stops responding
« on: 03:16 AM - 10/20/17 »
Last night whilst playing  Destiny 2 something weird started happening.

Every 5 minutes or so the controls would stop responding at times it would cause my character to run in circle whilst looking in the air or just fall off a map - or just not respond at all. pulling the usb going in to the ps4 and plugging back in would clear it, after a few seconds but it would then happen again a few minutes later.

Should also add that the controller itself is also unresposive when thhis happens, could be a PS4, controller or Xim issue? anyone comes across this before?

Firmware 20160918.

Technical Support / [Q/A] G700s stuttering
« on: 12:17 PM - 08/30/17 »
Running firmware 20160918.

Tried swapping mouse no different, tried mouse matt no different - then I swapped my G700s wireless dongle from the right hand port into the left and swapped my chuck dongle in to the right and both work perfectly? swapped them over like 20 times and the fault instantly comes back. it moved about 1cm and then sturtters then moves a nit more again etc.

This is really weird any ideas? It works fine with them reveresed just wondering if it means I am likely to have more issues down the line?


Technical Support / [Q/A]400.20150816 Libary Download.
« on: 02:35 PM - 11/13/16 »
When I try to force download it just hangs as does nothing and cant even back out.

I have played Destiny solid for past couple of years but just got Titanfall 2 and want to set up a profile.

General Discussion / G700s help
« on: 02:05 PM - 11/19/14 »
I got a G700s to replace my faulty G700 as they are now hard to find in the uk.

I am having to use the LGS as warned by others its crap compared to setpoint after much messing about I have managed to set most buttons to generic but can't seem to change the DPI buttons and the change profile buttons.

As I don't use a keyboard this leaves me majority short on buttons for destiny anybody manage to figure this out as it's driving me mad!

General Discussion / G700 died time to upgrade.
« on: 05:41 AM - 11/11/14 »
The button I use for reload fell out last night  :-[

I have been trustily using the G700 for a few years now but it appears it's not easily available these days so it looks like I will move onto the G700s.

I know there was issues with the G700s and and on the onboard memory not holding the settings? not sure if I read somewhere you need a certain old version of LGS to get it to work?

I have been using setpoint without issues on my G700 for years so just want to make sure I have all possible issues addressed before ordering  as I don't want want to have to keep plugging into the PC reset it etc.

Any advice on G700s would be appriecated.

I use the G700 with wireless dongle, intermmitantly I lose the mouse control it's total random can be a few hours or go 3 times in 10 minutes or so.

This never happend with the Edge, I fired the edge back up lats night t try it and everything worked fine for a 5 hour session, which on average with the Xim4 would result in 5-10 disconnects.

I pull the wirless dongle out of the Xim4 and plug straight back in and everything works fine, I get no colour errors on the the Xim4.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?

Beta / DS4 not supposed to charge?
« on: 10:08 AM - 04/02/14 »
Just curious I thought I read soemwhere that the DS4 would not charge through the edge?

I have been playing loads since PS4 went live and my DS4 is still fully charged?

Hardware Compatibility / Laird adaptor and Nav?
« on: 08:18 AM - 03/02/14 »
I jumped the gun a little and brought a hub and Laird dongle in case PS4 support arrives in beta at any stage, in the mean time I thought I would give the beta a go on PS3.

Unfortunatly after setting up I found that my Frag chuck didnt work on beta like it does on standard edge firmware so I thought I would give the Nav a second shot (hated it compared to frag chuck when I brought the edge) unfortuntaly this doesn't work at present on beta (now a listed known bug)

The fact my Frag chuck didn't work got me concerned,  I am not a fan of the Nav but I may have to try and get used to it as I like analogue for movement.

I gave the Nav a quick go wired..still not great but going forward it might be my only option unless I get lucky and the frag chuck still works when xim 4 goes retail on PS4, I intend to give the Nav a good run out and try and get used to it, I think it may help if it was wireless.

I know before you had to have a ceratin spec BT dongle? does the Laird dongle have the correct specs to use the Nav wireless on a standard (non beta) Edge formware?

Also are there any other choices for analogue? only ever heard of the Nav and Fragchuck being used before?

Beta / Reverting back to standard Edge
« on: 03:42 PM - 02/09/14 »
How do you restore back to a standard edge firmware as the edge is not in PC mode (no blue flashing) so it's not recognised?

Beta / PS3 not working
« on: 11:03 AM - 02/09/14 »
Running on a Nexus 7 running 4.4.2 loaded app for first time and hot the option to download game configs and it crashed when the game list came up, now when i run the app i get the press connect button to connect to your XIM 4 , hit connect and get connect failure (read failed,socket might closed or timeout,read ret:-1 [-1]

The laird dongle is flashing blue and xim is flashing red and tablet still shows as connected to XIM 4 via BT?

General Discussion / BO2 League play questions.
« on: 04:17 AM - 06/06/13 »
Got 3 friends togeather for a first bash at league play last night and got ranked Platinum 2, I have been looking around but information on league play is very limted and confusing, so hoping someone here who undertands it can explain a few things?

Does this mean we are stuck in platinum division until the next season starts? what sort of grind would be needed to get into master is this a 7 days a week type grind or is it possibel to get into masters playing one night a week?

As we set up as a team of 4 does that mean we all have to be on with the ect members to improve our rank? as I see people playing solo who are also ranked??

Happy for any advice!

General Discussion / BO2 Patch 1.08
« on: 05:50 AM - 03/12/13 »
This is patch 1.08

Feature Improvements

The CODcast control panel can now optionally show the overhead map in the player list in games with 10 players or less.
Added the ability to view past seasons for all the leagues a team has been a part of in League History.

Multiplayer Issues Addressed

Resolved an issue where players were receiving an error message when trying to join a System Link or LAN Party lobby without internet connection.
Resolved an issue where clients could not join a PS3 LAN Party when not connected to PSN.
Resolved Select Fire reverting back to default settings after a round transition.
Fixed a potential exploit using the Trophy System.
Addressed an issue with the Collector’s Edition camo un-equipping from weapons.
Addressed an issue on PS3 with some Revolution map loading screens showing a checkerboard image and occasionally giving an error message on load after downloading the pack from the in-game Store.
Addressed an issue with the Peacekeeper not appearing for players that join into a match that is already in progress.
Resolved an issue on Drone where the automatic doors at the weapon plant would trigger/destroy Lethal Equipment.
Addressed an issue with the highlight for the Dual Band Scope on players equipped with certain weapons.
Fixed an issue with the planted bomb disappearing at the “B” site on Hydro when the water floods.
Addressed an issue with the VTOL Warship not destroying if hit when exiting the map.
Players will now be able to complete the Shredder Scorestreak challenge using a Death Machine from a care package.
The Stealth Chopper no longer counts towards completion of the Chopper Hunter challenge.
Resolved an issue where planted Riot Shields were not getting destroyed by the gondolas in Downhill.
Resolved an issue with C4 and Bouncing Betty’s killing players on contact.
Fixed an issue where the Combat Axe would sometime destroy the Guardian.
Addressed a missing image issue with the Medals section of the Combat Record for new players.
Players with Hard Wired equipped will no longer lose their Care Package if throwing it while an enemy EMP Scorestreak is active.
Fixed an issue with bomb plants being automatically aborted while a Care Package or Hunter Killer Drone is equipped.
Addressed a graphical issue with the small thumbnail CODTV videos on PS3.
Hosts can now kick players in Custom Game lobbies.
Videos being rendered in the Theater will no longer be automatically canceled when the controller disconnects.
The CODcast UI is now displaying the flag for the Flag Carrier in the Objective column.
Addressed a button mapping issue in the Emblem Options menu.
Resolved an issue with the red crosshair appearing in the Target Finder when targeting an enemy equipped with Cold Blooded.
Fixed an issue with the stats tracking for the Executioner’s Accuracy in the Combat Record.
Resolved an issue with the Mission Complete trophy on PS3.
Fixed an issue where the Friends List showed a joinable/green arrow icon for players who were not playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
Resolved an issue where the turret in the northern building on Turbine would become unusable.
Addressed an issue with the Lightning Strike Scorestreak if the player had the tablet out during a host migration.
Fixed an issue with some weapons having invisible magazines from 3rd person animations during an automatic reload.

Addressed an issue where the game would sometimes crash after repeated host migrations.
Fixed knife lunge launching players on the Express map.
Fixed an issue where the player could get an empty War Machine or Death Machine when switching classes at the start of the match.
Addressed a loss of functionality for the player and guest when switching between Multiplayer and Zombies and having the guest switch back to Multiplayer.
Match clocks in Multi-Team and Free-for-All games modes no longer continue to tick down in Theater when a CODcast game is paused.
Resolved an issue where planting a Claymore in front of a crouched player with a Riot Shield would cause the Claymore to fly across the map.
Resolved a couple of overlapping UI issues when CODcasting.
Players can now turn the Voice Icon On/Off when CODcasting a match in Theater.
Freed up some additional memory when transitioning from Zombies to Multiplayer to improve stability on PS3.
Addressed an issue on PS3 with the Calling Cards not sorting properly after unlocking them.

Gameplay Balancing

Spawn System Improvements:

Reduced the weight of positive team spawn influencers on owned Domination flags. This reduces cases in Domination where players may spawn near their team but also near danger.
Added more spawn points to Hijacked for Demolition and Kill Confirmed, which improves the spawn-picking algorithm on that map in those game modes.
Adjusted spawn influencers on Standoff for improved spawn-picking algorithms in all game modes.


MSMC: Recoil has been increased.
MSMC: Hip fire accuracy has been slightly reduced.

PDW57: Recoil has been increased.
PDW57: Hip fire accuracy has been slightly reduced.


KAP-40: Dual wield damage reduced.
KAP-40: Dual wield hip fire accuracy has been reduced.


MMS: Cold blooded now renders enemies almost completely invisible to MMS.


QBB-LSW: Medium range damage increased.
HAMR: Medium range damage increased.

Assault Rifles:

FAL OSW + Select Fire: Damage reduced when firing full auto.
SMR + Select Fire: Damage reduced when firing full auto.
Type 25: Move speed increased.
Type 25: Medium range damage increased.
SCAR: Long range damage increased.
SWAT-556: Long range damage increased.


M1216: Medium range damage increased.

Sniper Rifles:

Ballista + Iron Sight: Idle sway reduced.

Zombies Issues Addressed

Resolved several issues with exploitable areas in the Die Rise
Resolved several exploits in Green Run
Resolved network/connectivity issues that could occur in the frontend and lobbies.

General Discussion / This monitor any good for PS3 gaming?
« on: 08:06 AM - 12/09/12 »
I want to move away from my 40" tv gaming and back to a desk style pc setup, just wondering if this looks like a decent monitor to FPS on on?

Greatful for any views on this one please.


Hardware Compatibility / G700 setpoint advice
« on: 05:33 AM - 12/06/12 »
Just realised after months (fairly new user) that I may have setup my g700 incorrectly on setpoint I had speed set to 5 and accelartion set to 1, didn't realy notice any issues in MW3 (over 100 moabs in the 3 months or since Ii had it) I have been struggling a lot with BO2 (mostly lag) but you start to try anything so thought I woudl try a few other guys setups of here this is when I noticed people seem to set  both speed and accelartion to 0, so I did this and it was massive change I could barely turn etc, didnt have time to mess around so I put it back to how it was.

I play on pretty low settings aprox 16 hip 12 ads (not at home to check) my question is would it be better to drop the speed in setpoint to 0 and up the xim settings or does it not really matter either way? I am guessing I would need to up the settings a fair bit, I guess I am not the low sensitivy player that I was!

XIM EDGE Discussions / New build question..
« on: 03:30 AM - 10/19/12 »
What exactly does this mean..

"- Fix: In-game Sensitivity adjustment increments speed changed to gradually increase over time"

surely if you are messing with gettting your settings trying to get the  correct sensitivty for a game you need the change to be instant?

also just to confirm we have to go into all our configs an double both the hip and ADS settings? will this effect curves in anyway?

Thanks for the update :) always good to see support for a product!!

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