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I have been struggling for awhile now on some of the newer games with being able to see the enemy. It was hardest in BF1 until BF5 came around that is. I literally cant see anyone beyond 20 meters if they are stationary. If they are prone from 30 feet out, they may as well be a bush.I have some questions that I need answered so I know which route is the best route for me to go forward with.

I am currently using an Original Kinect version, Xbox paired with a cheap Acer K222HQL 22" monitor that I am running at 1080p but I have no HDR with it.

1: How much better is either the S or X for seeing enemies over my original Xbox? Is it really a noticeable upgrade?

2: How much better for seeing enemies is the X with a 4k monitor, over the S without one? Is it really a noticeable upgrade?

3. If I do get a 4k monitor is going for a 1ms worth the extra investment?

4. Is the LG 27UD58 a good choice? I don't wanna break the bank so are there others in the price range that would be significantly better?

Thanks to any and all that can give me some insight on any of these questions, and please feel free to add in anything of value that you think might help me on he subject. Cheers!

Game Support / SWBF T-21
« on: 11:28 PM - 11/20/15 »
Does anyone else have problems hitting at range with this? I'm using BFHL cfg and I do well with it but at range I can not ever get a single hit marker with this thing while I'm getting smoked at range with it constantly.

Is it because everyone is using the T-21B version that this is happening?I have yet to unlock the B version so im hoping that this is why I cant manage a single hit.

Driving me nuts  :)

connection failure (JSR82) connect: Connection is not created (failed or aborted.[-1]).

Got the xim to pair no problem and its showing connected in the Bluetooth list.I installed the manager and it downloaded the game list update but now I just get this code everytime I try to connect to the xim manager

Couple things I should point out first

1:The micro usb cord that was sent with the xim is broke as I will break anything that I try to plug it into because it wont plug in and I refuse to put any more pressure on it to try to force it in anymore than I have already done so.That being said I am using a micro cable that the wife dug up and the tutorial vid says to not use a recharge version and I have no idea if this is one or not?

2:The keyboard isn't plugged in yet as I have to pickup a ps/2 to usb adaptor for it so im not sure if that has anything to do with it (doubt it) but im just trying to cover all the bases here.

3:my wifi isn't always the strongest signal when using the android but I tested it and it seems fine.

4:i never had the xim4e

Help pleassssseeee

Hardware Compatibility / Will this pair with the Xim4?
« on: 03:40 PM - 07/28/14 »

Have it ordered and I figure it will work but I want to be sure so I know if I have another purchase to make or not.

Also for those that are not using a pc with the Xim4 but rather the android how exactly do you put the mouse software onto one so you can set it up the way you want?

I've never been what you would call electronic or computer savvy.

Configurations and Requests / Warface config request
« on: 12:56 PM - 03/29/14 »
Just me requesting yet another config.Tried to tweak my blackops and Cod's etc on it but I cant seem to get a good feel.Tried changing xyratio,update rate etc and I only seem to make things worse :(

Can anybody help me please?

Any xim2 users have something,anything that has a bearable feel to it?

Note: I followed Hold on Johnson's advice and tried zens config here -->


and it seems to be working just fine for me

Configurations and Requests / Defiance
« on: 05:16 PM - 04/10/13 »
Has anybody tried this with the xim2 yet?How do the controls feel for it? Gonna be picking it up in the morning so any feedback before then would be great thx  :)

Configurations and Requests / GRFS config question
« on: 12:50 PM - 06/06/12 »
So im just wondering if i should pick this game up or not based on whether or not a XIM2 would suffice?From what im reading in the XIM3 section there seems to be multiple ADS and im wondering how a XIM2 config would accompany this? Has anybody tried this game on a XIM2 yet and how does it react? Can i play it or will it just be a waste of money for me?Thanks for any info.

Configurations and Requests / Max Payne 3 Config Please
« on: 08:30 AM - 05/15/12 »
Oh please! Pretty please! Please if you please!!

Configurations and Requests / Call of Juarez The Cartel
« on: 12:55 PM - 07/19/11 »
Is anyone going to get this one and make up a cfg for it?I have a feeling this might be the title that forces me to have to learn how to make one myself,and i hate learning lol
Someone please help before i go and hurt myself

Configurations and Requests / Gears of War 3 Beta
« on: 03:59 PM - 04/23/11 »
Anyone got 1? Thanks in advance if you do

Support / Still having the same issue with my new XIM360
« on: 01:10 PM - 12/18/09 »
Not sure where i should start with this.First off playing MW2 i have no issues at all.I use enter key bound to Left Trigger for my zoom and it zooms in everytime.Bf1943 i have enter bound for zoom as well and it zooms in everytime,yet when im in a vehicle,enter is now used for drive forward and im only driving at half speed (keyboard primary and secondary is set at 1.0)Now i just made a config for GRAW2 that my friend sent me and im having the same issues with binding anykey to the Left Trigger.I again have enter bound to it for zooming.If i press Left Trigger on the joypad it will zoom for me.I try enter immediately after and the enter key will work for a couple of zooms then it stops working again until i press the joypad in again to remind it.I have also tried using other buttons for the Left Trigger so its not my keyboards enter key.I have searched the forums for help and ive read about a stress test,which showed no errors.Any ideas on how i can resolve this?Anything?

Note:Just used my MW2 config with COD4 (nother game my bud sent me) and i can zoom with Enter bound to Left Trigger np at all??? So frustrating!!!

XIM 2 Discussions / Need BF1943 help
« on: 06:33 AM - 12/06/09 »
I did a search and couldnt find any info on this problem im having.When im in a vehicle i.e tank or jeep or boat i press enter for the vehicle to go forward but it only seems to go at half speed.Right now when im driving something i have to use the joypad until i get where im going then switch back to my mouse.If i dont do that my tank goes so slow a sniper can easily take my tank out,because he can literally run faster than im driving right now lol
Anyone else have this problem?

XIM 2 Discussions / I cant seem to find this thread -->
« on: 01:24 PM - 11/15/09 »
I stumbled across a thread awhile back on here,that had a listing of cfg settings for each game with each dpi mouse.So if i wanted seetings for COD4 with a Logitech g5 it was listed.Hope im explaining this ok?Anyhoo i cant seem to find that again,so if someone could point me to it that would be great thx!

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