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General Discussion / Help me find a New Wireless Mouse
« on: 01:32 PM - 12/13/16 »
Community help/ recommendations needed.


1) On board memory for Macros

2) Wireless

3) Equal or More buttons than the current G700 that I have. [G700 has 13 buttons] I like the 4 side ones, but can work with 2-3.

Yes, I have read and read and read the forums and the only ones that I come up with that are wireless that allow macros on board are the

A4tech Bloody Wireless

and the  :o

ASUS Rog Spatha

Not sure if I want to go the Logitech route, not sure if the newer Logitech wireless gaming ones allow Left key remapping for rapid fire.

Any ideas suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.

XIM EDGE Discussions / XIM Edge Wall mount Command Strips
« on: 12:34 PM - 07/25/12 »
I could not see the lights and I did not want it hanging out.

Here is how my XIM E is setup, stuck on the wall so I can see it anywhere from the room. 2 Command Strips holding it back to the wall. Everytime I have to update I just unplug everything. Unplug the wire from the PS3 and update it. Just food for thought.

XIM 3 Discussions / Logitech K800 Does anyone have it?
« on: 04:27 PM - 07/20/12 »
Can anyone tell me if it works, specially can you bind the

Left Shift = Sprint

R = Reload


XIM EDGE Discussions / Logitech K800 Does anyone have it?
« on: 04:24 PM - 07/20/12 »
Can anyone test the Left Shift and the R keys work on edge on any game or you are able to bind it to

Left -Shift = Sprint

R = Reload

On Any game.


Cannot Map the Left-Shift Key on keyboard for sprint, either from manager or from in-game config. Mapping to caps-lock or any other key works.

Also cannot map reload to "R" key on the keyboard. R key is hard-mapped to Escape key, have not tried in-game mapping, but will report back soon.

Are there any particular issues with K800, I thought it is in the compatibility list and so it should work flawlessly, it does except the left-shift and the "R" key.


Logitech G700 [Brand New]
Logitech K800 [Brand New] - Shift key works on regular PC.

Game: Killzone 3
Machine: PS3 Fat, CECHA01 [60 GB] First model.

Connection: Wireless K800 and G700

Lastest RC XIMEdgeManager 20120719  Running.

I also have unreal and sniper elite v2 lying around, I might try on those and report back if it does the same thing or not.

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