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It all started today when I ran into abc123's Elmo Avatar and I saw it had a little bit of a white border around the avatar.

I hope no one minds the work I've done. I was just extremely bored and needed a creative outlet. I apologize in advance if anyone dislikes them and will remove them if requested.

I lost the original but here was my finished product.


I then went through the forums looking for more icons to spiff up.

Ding Chavez
Original - New

Original - New

Original - New
(even downloaded the amazing spider man font for that one)

Original - New
(fixed face per yeesh_dale)

Original - New - Animated

Original - New

The Pfhor
Original - New

If anyone is interested. Post your desired icon and if you want text/logo and I'll probably get to it monday/tuesday of next week.

General Discussion / Jeep Stuff - Official Music Video
« on: 03:13 PM - 10/22/14 »
Man do I love the guys at Hank & Jed, Neebs Gaming, CultureShock Network.

Brent Triplett (Neebs) the Noob from Battlefield Friends just put out a music video.


Jeep Stuff Reference Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=---U8lzusKE


If you aren't familiar with the channel. Jon Etheridge (Engineer from Battlefield Friends) co-hosts CultureShock.

COD: Advanced Warfare (Future Release)
Halo: Master Chief Edition (Future Release)
Borderlands (Future Release)

Borderline Futuristic
BF4 (Borderline as the DLC story is leading into BF:2142)

I'd really like another Battlefield 1942, COD:World at War or Battlefield Vietnam.

The guns may seem simple but its really nice finding a weapon and then going online and reading the history of the gun, how it was made and the different versions of the gun.

Quote from: SomeTotallySexistUser
I hate to use this analogy as I'm sure there are women on these boards but futuristic game's FPS weapons are like the big breasted, big lipped, long legged porn stars. They may have all the features that make us salivate blown completely out of proportion.

Truth is, what some people really want to see is the girl next door naked. There is a history there.

Now I might have said that but legally you can't hold me to it.

In the past before this "Future is the future" of FPS games, I cannot tell you how nice it was to pick up an M1 Garand and in every game when you finished the clip you would hear that distinct ring noise when the cartridge.

Even in present games there is the distinct "MP5 slap" after you reload and pull the bolt back to load the next round in the chamber and finish it with a slap (recommended by H/K).

<tongue in cheek>
These futuristic guns seem more like ,"does it kill? oh it does kill!". No attachment to the gun beyond it kills. When my friends say ,"Why use that gun?" I say ,"Cause it kill?" to which they respond ,"No use this gun, it kill more!". I can't go into the back history of the weapon and let them know that it fires 50mm bullets and even though I haven't seen the benchmarks it should kill more.
</tongue in cheek>

On a serious note, this also seems like every game is getting Jetpacks. COD:AW, Borderlands and Destiny all confirmed have JetPacks.

I'm waiting for BF4 to have Battlefield 4: Jetpacks! Next thing I know we'll have a support class raining down bullets with a machine gun and dropping ammo to the poor folks who didn't buy the DLC. 5 days later to be disabled on all servers.

This is not all to be taken as a serious post even when I said "serious".

So last night I think I hit my limits with Destiny.

I got my XIM 2 days ago and after dealing with lack of customization from Destiny such as being unable to disable the AIM Assist and the Sprint lower ADS being a pain (that is even with MIST4FUN's fix), I decided it was about time I at least attempted the crucible.

It felt horribly sluggish. All my sensitivity dropped and everything I did had to be a perfectly timed action. Damage and my survivability aside I just couldn't get the reticules on anyone in a timely fashion.

I left the crucible, dropped into a mission and my sensitivity and the game felt normal again.

Anyone feel like the multiplayer is sluggish? Is this some sort of Level playing field, all-your-class-movement-has-been-removed as well as the game-lowering-sensitivity-in-Bungies-infinite-wisdom kind of deal?

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Xbox Stereo Headset Adapter
« on: 11:31 AM - 09/24/14 »
Xim4 came in yesterday.

Paired perfectly with my phone. Keyboard and Mouse worked wonderfully.

Only issue I had was with my Xbox Stereo Headset Adapter.


So with the adapter you connect your headset via the microphone jack which is actually a 3 channel (stereo and mic) line to the adapter and it allows game sound and chat sound to come mixed over the stereo channels. You then control the volume on the adapter rather than the headset itself.

The issue I'm having is the game sound is pure crackly static. I don't have this issue when I use the controller wirelessly. I don't remember if I checked if the issue occurred with the controller plugged in wired directly into the xbox. I'd like to say I tried but simply don't remember, only had about 45 minutes to get it set up and try out Destiny.

I haven't found anything on these forums so I'm asking if this is a known issue that game audio simply isn't passed through the XIM to the Xbox controller.

I don't order much online but when I do its always Thursday and my packages always get to their destination the weirdest routes.

4000 miles it traveled to go 400 miles. LOL thanks FedEx.

General Discussion / Quadriplegic gamers and XIM
« on: 03:39 PM - 08/25/14 »
I keep stumbling across this subject on various forums and sites for the past few years. The last time it made headlines was when Ken Yankelevitz said he was retiring and he was sad there were so few people taking the reigns with 3rd party tools for quadriplegic gamers.

I'm always promoting XIM as a possible alternative to rebinding controls in games for disabled users using custom USB based controllers.

Today, one became pretty big on reddit  http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/2eiy8z/my_name_is_ken_a_quadriplegic_who_plays_and/.

Here is the youtube video http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/2eiy8z/my_name_is_ken_a_quadriplegic_who_plays_and/.

Here is his stream http://www.twitch.tv/nohandsken.

I've searched the forums and there is some mention to a few users using XIM to rebind controls but I was wondering if XIM as a company has ever reached out or been asked to work with other groups such as ablegamers to provide a rebinding interface for these controllers.

There is something unbelievably noble about giving these gamers the tools to expand their world. Ken, the fellow who I posted the links of uses a tool called the "jouse" which honestly seems highly limited to 8 directional movements and a left click (blow) and right click (suck).

I love the XIM. I promote it religiously (although I'm rarely on these forums). It's by far my greatest treasure when it comes to gaming peripherals. Sometimes I feel though this awesome device, made by this awesome company is hidden from the public.

XIM 3 Discussions / Its been a year...
« on: 02:20 PM - 02/08/13 »
My Xim3 which I still haven't done any type of special configurations or firmware updates to is probably the most precious gaming device I own. I know its silly but it has bridged a gap between my console buddies and I.

I actually value it more than the PC I just build for $500 that has an 8 core 3.3ghz 16gigs of ram.

Cheers to an awesome year and thank you for making this product!

-James Murray

Configurations and Requests / Mass Effect
« on: 12:51 PM - 02/08/13 »
I'm currently in the first Mass Effect as an infiltrator.

I really like using my XIM for sniping but because of the bizarre controls I have had to hold the controller in my left hand and my mouse in my right hand. This is because I ultimately have to use the Left joystick to chose my abilities because there is 24 abilities on the ability select screen and WSAD only has 8 positions (making selection impossible). FYI, Right bumper + Left joystick brings up the ability screen.

With that being said, is there any kind of firmware update or configuration I could use that would allow me to hit a button on the keyboard and the mouse would then control the left stick as opposed to the right?

This would completely resolve the compatibility issues with ME.

I bought my XIM back in January. I really haven't shared the awesome experience with anyone here and I really should of since when I came here before purchasing, I was looking for these posts.

I have played first person shooters for 19 years with mouse and keyboard. Everyone now plays with a controller on a console. Its very frustrating to be playing the game with a "par level" far below what you used to do with a mouse and keyboard, its even more frustrating to lose or be killed at a "par level" far below what your used to and you hear yourself saying ,"If I had a mouse I would of made that shot".

Since I set up the XIM I've played

Battlefield 3:

I owned both the XBOX 360 and the PC version of BF3. I have to admit, any sluggish or nasty feeling you get using the XIM3 is exactly how it feels on the PC. Since BF2, the battlefield series games have felt a bit sluggish in their controls and input lag.

The dramatic change for me was:

Sniper Rifles - I played Recon a lot but played it objectively. I would sit on the flag at one objective and snipe a second objective. Using the XIM3, I could easily scope in/out and take shots while maintaining my peripheral vision. Many consoles would choose straight bolt because scoping in and out (pulling bolt back) on the stronger rifles required the player to re-aim. However, you could not use straight bolt with the bi-pod accessory. This was how I played prior to the XIM but I got so much quicker with the XIM.

Hand Guns/Assault Rifles - Biggest change personally. Particularly when running recon I would get the 1v1 or 2v1. I didn't quick scope intentionally so I did rely on my pistol. Prior to the XIM; I hated hand guns because they didn't have sights.

Anyone else get this pin-hole vision feeling when using a controller and a gun with no sights? The gun feels like its taking up 90% of the screen, but truthfully its not.

I believe its the fact that I simply don't feel as comfortable with the controller and my sights tend to stay up at my targets "head level" rather than feet or body level because I feel as soon as I see the enemy I wont be able to make an accurate last second adjustment. When aiming down the iron sights in BF games I get this "tunnel vision" (which dramatically cuts the screen to about a margin off my sights) and if my gun is too high and covering my target I get this overwhelming feeling that I'm playing through a pinhole.

Feeling much more comfortable with my shots, I tend to dip any gun with iron sights to my targets feet and just before shooting I'll raise them to my targets chest. A reticule sight is still so much in comparison but not really an option with many hand guns.

Halo Reach:

My first night playing I finished with like a 4.5 k/d ratio. Grifball ruined that.

Halo Reach has been the worst experience (it was still pretty darn good though) of the FPS games I've played. A lot of it comes down to the Halo client. Halos max sensitivity is not very high and in combination with the client adjusting your sensitivity when you do random things in the game (sprint, climb and obstable) it feels sluggish.

No matter what I do on the XIM3 with a 2k dpi mouse. I have trouble with turning quickly and it has something to do with the halo client forcing de-acceleration. Keep note, this is still playable, you just can't go crazy when you want to do a 180. 180 degree turns just need to be deliberate smooth motions.

The biggest flaw with Halo Reach, was the game itself. It really should be called "Halo: Shields & Nades" because generally its what the game boils down to.

How do you cater to gamers who 80% of them barely keep their crosshairs level? Give them a shitload of shields, absolutely crap guns, and tons of grenades.

Keep in mind, I played this game much later than its release and the only people that keep playing the game are generally the people who were good to begin with it. Those were the ones I went 4.0 KDR against.

The assault rifle is absolute crap. The DMR's are amazing in comparison. Its still about 4 shots to drop shields, no matter if you shoot them in the foot or in the face, its always... always... 4 shots.... this gets a bit redundant. It especially gets redundant when you don't miss.

BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (headshot) 
BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (headshot) 
BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (headshot) 
BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (headshot) 
BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (headshot) 
BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (headshot) 
<4 grenades are thrown at you sequentially, you die>
BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (headshot) 
BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (headshot) 
BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (headshot) 
BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (headshot) 
BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (absorb), BANG (headshot) 
<4 grenades are thrown at you sequentially, you die>


When you don't miss, 5 shots goes by pretty quickly. Much more quickly than your enemy can kill you with. My favorite class to choose from was the hologram. Using a hologram, it usually bought me enough time against a 2v1 to kill both enemy players and being that the matches are no bigger than 4v4, most encounters were 2v2.


Massive Hitboxes and Lag riddle this game.

However, with the XIM it feels like an FPS game on a computer that has massive hitboxes and lag.

I don't like the player hosting but it makes sessions quick to join. If Activision would have setup game servers (with instances/multi-core-multi-cpu) over the world for under a half million dollars, they would have the best FPS hands down.

With the XIM, the movement is amazing even when I was use a mouse with under 800 dpi.

Using the mouse makes some of the strongest guns like the Type 95 and MK14, extremely easy to use and you don't have to the automatic AR or high fire rate SMG's to get a weapon that will drop your opponent.

What I find really odd about using the XIM with MW3 is that I don't use sniper rifles. None of the shots in the game are really that far. It isn't like BF3 where bullet drop destroys the effectiveness of AR's at range. The precision of the AR is so much better than my opponents at extreme range, that I can kill almost any opponent at what would be MW3 sniping range.

You'll find it very easy to maintain above a 1 to 1.25 k/d ratio. You will win most of your 1v1's. You will win quite a few of your 1v2's and if you sneak up behind 3-4 opponents, you will kill them all before they know where they are being shot from.

Prepare to die alot though, to campers and deathstreak bonuses.

Its by far the most competitive FPS I've played. I can't imagine what counterstrike would have been like if your lifetime k/d ratio was posted on a public board.

What it all boils down to:

I love my XIM and I recommend it to everyone, even players who aren't familiar with the mouse k/b setup.

Its amazing to finally have a tool that allows me to play the new FPS console games, its too bad a lot of them cater to crappy players. There are some really really good console FPS players, even they complain on their streams and videos that games cater to the ---extremely--- casual player.

I cannot thank you enough for this awesome tool.

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