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XIM EDGE Discussions / Battlefield 4 Xim Edge help
« on: 04:53 PM - 03/16/17 »
When using the Xim Edge with it's most up to date translators, what should the in game "solider zoom sensitivity" be set to, in order to experience 1:1 movement for Battlefield 4?  Forum searches have only turned me to the settings applicable for the XIM4. Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Game Support / XimEdge BF4 for PS3 accel.
« on: 04:36 PM - 12/27/14 »
What should my hip and ads sensitivity be set to when playing battlefield 4 for PS3?  I notice a lot of acceleration at my current settings.  (hip 100%, ads 200%)

XIM EDGE Discussions / XimEdge shuts off (fixed)
« on: 04:19 PM - 11/24/14 »
After I plug my XimEdge into my ps3, my start up config light (green) pulsates a few times, before all signs of power to both my peripherals and Xim edge cease.  Can someone please help me with a solution to this so that I am able to use my XimEdge?

I believe a XimE sensitivity calculator, that could convert a preferred sensitivity from one game to other, could be very beneficial.  From personal experience it has always been a meticulous endeavour to try to perfectly emulate the sensitivities from one game to another.  Being able to play with the same sensitivities across the most popular ps3 and xbox360 games would save the me and I think, the community, from the frustration of continually adjusting or "getting used to" a new aim mechanic. 

That being said, is there a way to create this kind of calculator it least for the most popular games?  Better question how would one go about to do this? I'd gladly help in the creation of such a tool.

oh n btw, thanks for the great product Xim team! :)


XIM EDGE Discussions / Mouse key mapping?
« on: 10:20 PM - 07/02/12 »
Am I supposed to rename all of my g500 mouse buttons to "generic", including left click and right click? 

I renamed my dpi-switch buttons to generic in set point, but now it's hard to tell if I maintain the 5700 dpi curser movement that I programmed to use, with my Zim.

XIM EDGE Discussions / ADS delay
« on: 03:34 PM - 06/30/12 »
Do the Zime's default settings reflect the proper ADS delay for any particular game, or do they have to be manually programmed?  I'm trying to get the right numbers for bf3 on ps3.


General Discussion / Gamepad vs Mouse & kb
« on: 10:47 PM - 05/07/12 »

I started playing FPS intensively using a control pad 2 years ago, and became quite good at it.  I've never used a mouse but I'm all about trying new things and improving, which is why I am here.

Question: Do the mouse & keyboard setups that xim3 provide allow for an inherent increase in precision compared to a joystick? (i.e. more muscle is collectively used to navigate the mouse with your arm, compared to, the muscles in your thumb, using a joystick; therefore a mouse gives more inherent control)

Also, are there any gamepad players who have successfully made the transition to mouse & keyboard/alt control of choice?

Either way I'm really looking forward to the XIME’s release. ^^

PlayStation / Battlefield 3 + XIM3, work?
« on: 08:26 PM - 04/28/12 »
Does bf3 + xim3 work as well on ps3 as it does on xbox360?

XIM EDGE Discussions / Should I buy the XIM3?
« on: 05:58 PM - 04/28/12 »
..or should I wait till the XIM Edge is released?

I am looking to play cross platform games (I.e. BF3, MW3 ect) on a Playstation 3 and money is not a concern.

Will the XIM edge hold significant improvement with regards to mouse aim, smoothness and responsiveness, which would warrant a PS3 BF3 player, to purchase the XIM edge over the XIM3?

Aside from in-game performance, a key factor in my decision will be the approximate timeframe in which the Edge will be released.  Will it be available in 1 month?  Two months?  6 months?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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