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Hello my xbox did an update only 638mb. Then it forced me to update my controller. It would not go any further. I wired my controller without the xim in line with it, as I always do and now xim will not work. Has anyone else had that yet? Are we working on solutions for it yet?

Before you ask I have used xim for about 10 years and everything is up to date. Xim was plugged in when xbox updated, but I unplugged it for the controller update.

I have disability and cant close hand all the way. Thank you.

Hi I have found several mice to work that is listed as not working. So I want someone to confirm that they have tested and it didnt work. Please thank you

Hardware Compatbility / Asus gladius
« on: 05:44 PM - 05/22/20 »
Hi just wanted to say that I have the Asus gladius 1, 2, and origin. All 3 work great with XIM Apex. I have not tried them with the other xim yet.

XIM 4 Discussions / hi can anyone answer this please
« on: 06:14 PM - 04/26/20 »
A friend of mine can only play games if they have Legacy controls built into it. A game I want him to play is killing floor 2. He has an Xim 4. He bought it sometime back but didn't like mouse and keyboard. If he has two controllers can he use the Xim 4 to make the controller play with the sticks like Legacy in COD games? What I am asking can he use Xim 4 to map the sticks to change axis with a different one?

Hardware Compatibility / logitech 3D stick
« on: 07:40 AM - 05/04/16 »
Hey Xim, I just wanted to say good job on Logitech 3D stick being added. I am enjoying flying in BF4. It works great.

Hardware Compatibility / Cougar 550m
« on: 02:36 PM - 01/29/16 »
Has anyone used cougar 550?

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