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Really good  8)

All good plus scroll wheel 3 way.

Latest firmware all buttons and scroll wheel thumbs up  8)

PS.. 10g weight can be removed inside check google for info.

Newly released this week 80g 3360 sensor decent price.


Tested this today with latest xim4 firmware scroll wheel side buttons and left and right all good.

Finally got to try this with xim for anyone looking for a budget 3360 sensor lightweight sensie shaped mouse this is very well worth a look it's all good scroll wheel included.

Pls add to list

Hardware Compatibility / Dream Machines DM1 Pro S
« on: 11:42 PM - 07/27/16 »
This is new sensie shaped mouse coming out at the end of this week weighing in at 85g with a pmw 3360 sensor i'm just wondering if anyone here has used the previous dream machines dm1 pro mouse with xim and can confirm no issues with scroll wheel and such as i haven't seen any info regarding this mouse here.

If anyone could confirm the dm1 pro works with xim i'm all over the dm1 pro s or even better if someone get's the pro s to purchase that would be a real gem otherwise i will be getting it but not until i'm back from familly holiday late august.

But if anyone has tried the dm1 pro and it works that should mean the new model should be good to go let me know thanks.

Game Support / Blacklight St nice one Mist
« on: 02:41 PM - 03/02/16 »
Not a game i'll be investing money in but a thumbs up for mist for getting he's chance to sort this one out the ST plays perfect always wanted to test this on PS4.

My tips

I would definitley turn aim assist off for starters and use the early message settings.

My preference
12,000 dpi
Hip 12
Ads 6

A little clip from a newbie with my above settings.


Cheers Mist  8)

Support / White light after Firmware 20150816 update
« on: 03:03 AM - 08/18/15 »

I updated to the recent firmware update 20150816 installed all well on PC then updated the manager on my android phone from the xim forum download section and re-paired phone to xim4 since then i get 2 flashes of green blue and red then a permanent white light i also noticed something strange in the configs that default hip and ads were 385.00 and boost 30000 wondering if the manager has been corrupted somehow?

Away from home at the moment any thoughts on this also tried doing a factory restore but xim was saying your up to date.

General Discussion / Interesting gaming router soon
« on: 05:02 AM - 12/03/14 »
Never seen a router go this deep could be handy for someone on the look out.


Support / [RESOLVED] Keyboard Port Issue
« on: 02:43 AM - 10/09/14 »
My keyboard port is not powering any of my keyboard's Orbweaver and steelseries 6Gv2 this actually started the moment i first plugged in the steelseries when the fix beta came out for it. Strange thing is when i plug in a non powered usb hub into that port both keyboard's will work (one at a time) i also don't get any power warning lights appearing on xim or xim manager.

Any ideas?

I've just sold some monitors recently and decided to look for a decent monitor for console gaming to spend some of the cash.  I've still got my BenQ XL2411T for PC gaming when i fancy it but i never really felt comfortable with it at 60hz. So i checked out TFT central and pc monitors reviews looking for something at decent money and low total lag at 60hz.



Both reviews show very little total lag at around 4ms and don't let the 8ms responce time put you off i've seen nothing to see with any issues playing fps shooters so far.

My Leo Bodnar lag tester gives me inconclusive results but has never gone above 8.5 ms centre reading.

Only gripe is some have been having problems with this monitor with display port and graphic settings i have been having some issues also when conected to cpu.  HMI is fine so check the review links i posted above.

Bottom line is if your looking for a monitor at an affordable price you wont get better than this been 2 weeks since i've had this beauty just felt i had to post this if your on the look out for something at 60z.

General Discussion / What a montage (worth a watch)
« on: 12:59 PM - 12/07/13 »
If anyone is having a quiet beer check this fella's channel he is not well known but he's vids are pure entertainment.



This track took me back a few yrs ago  ;)


He makes ghosts some how fun to watch  ;)

Working on other things but not ximedge configured ingame and via Pc still no joy?


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