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General Discussion / Insurgency sandstorm
« on: 08:53 AM - 09/09/18 »
Hello, I've been watching videos for this game and like the look of it, especially with it coming to PS4 and xbone.

Just wondering if anyone else is hyped for it? Also I believe it's a sequel, did any one play the first game (or games?) and have impressions or opinions on what it was like?


General Discussion / A couple of questions about new setup
« on: 12:06 PM - 08/05/18 »
Hello, I'm looking at setting myself up with a xim again after selling most of my Xbox 360 setup. I posted about which mous and am going to go with the g502 as it's what I had before and I liked it.

First question, I'm probably getting a PS4 pro, cod was my game of choic before and I played it on 360, I remember getting a PS3 and black ops when it came out and it was an unplayable mess for me, it stuttered constantly although when on the same connection on 360 it was much smoother.

Is this still a problem with cod on PS4? Or has it been improved with the PS4 version now being the 'main' version (i.e advertising and beta access first etc).

If anybody has played both Xbox one and PS4 versions of the newer code your feedback would be appreciated, if need be I could get an Xbox one too.

One more question, I used to use a mix amp and some ad700s that I had modded by someone on this forum, luckily I've still got the headphones, I'm just curious if a mix amp is still a good audio setup, I know a lot of people here use more expensiv amps and tbh I'm in a position where I could maybe buy a better one too. Looking at current mix amps it seems I'd have to get the pro tr for PS4 and then a different version if I wanted to use an Xbox one too, is there no way to make one version work on both?

If you've read this far then thanks, any help is always appreciated, I visit Reddit a lot but would much rather the advice of you guys on here than Reddit posters

General Discussion / Most popular mouse
« on: 12:30 PM - 08/04/18 »
Hello, I'm thinking of getting back into playing fps on console again after selling my whole setup from before, well everything except my xim3 which has a cracked screen unfortunately.

I had a g502, which was recommended by a lot of people on this forum and was very happy with it so I'll probably go with that again however I wanted to see if there was a general consensus on maybe a better newer mouse.

I know that mouse preference can be very personal and I tried searching but all the results were very old.

I'll only use the mouse for xim gaming, I remember the high dpi being particularly favoured on the G502 but see a lot of people saying now that around 8000 dpi is best.

Thanks in advance if anyone replies.

General Discussion / IPhone 5s help needed no sim detected
« on: 12:48 PM - 12/24/17 »
Hello, my girlfriend has bought her daughter an iPhone 5c off Amazon for a Christmas present. It 100% said SIM free and he had really good feedback so it doesn't look like a scam.

It had arrived and we tried a bt SIM in it that she had got separately as it's cheap.
However all it says is no SIM and it won't let you activate the phone until a SIM is in.

We have now tried, bt, 3, O2, gift gaff and Tesco mobile pay as you go Sims but none of hem work either, it just says the same thing that there is no SIM, so it doesn't work.

I've tried restoring and updating the phone through itunes with the phone in recovery mode but this has made no difference.

I'm running out of ideas now, I tried to see if I could jailbreak it then unlock it but I couldn't see a jailbreak for 10.3.3 which is hat it should be on now after the restore and update.

We have contacted the seller on Amazon to see what he says but as it's Christmas Eve we haven't had a reply. I've even paid 2.99 for some shifty looking site to tell us if it's locked and who to but again no reply.

I'm thinking the only thing that makes sense to me is that it's locked to a network we haven't tried. I could be totally wrong though as I haven't used iPhones much at all and could be missing something really simple.

If anyone could help you have no idea how much it would be appreciated.

Thank you.

General Discussion / VGA to scart help
« on: 02:01 PM - 12/21/16 »
Hello, my mum gas an old crt tv in her living room, I'm hoping to take an old pc up on boxing day and play on some old emulators with her, she loves snes games like superbomberman 2.

The only problem is the tv hasn't got an hdmi obviously so I'm looking for a vga to scart connector, as I think the tv only has scart input.

Can anybody help me as I'm struggling to find the right lead which will work.


edit>audio is not really a problem as a problem as I have speakers for it.

General Discussion / Ath ad700 headphones modded
« on: 03:19 PM - 12/19/16 »
If anyones interested in these headphones and are from the uk they're listed on ebay going cheap.

They've had a detachable mic added by a well known guy who used to use this forum a lot and have an extra long cable making them ideal for couch gaming.

They also include a y splitter cable.

The listing is here



edit> I have messaged mist4fun to see if this was ok but he hasn't replied yet so thought I'd try it as I'm sure someone here would love these.

XIM 3 Discussions / G502 problem
« on: 03:18 PM - 10/31/14 »
One of the pluses of the g502 is how many buttons it had on it but using a xim 3 even associating buttons that can't be bound on the xim3 as keystrokes,  they then only work if I press the appropriate keystroke on the keyboard and not the  mouse.

Also on the xim2/360 you could assign one button press to do two things i. e   have the same run button as holding your breath when sniping,  is this possible on xim3.

Thanks for reading and if you could offer me some advice especially on my first point it would be very much, much appreciated.


General Discussion / Mouse Problems
« on: 10:51 AM - 10/29/14 »
Firstly I own a G500, really liked it but all of a sudden it went nuts and mega jittery moving (this was on a qck heavy pad).  I figured the laser was fudged so decided to replace it with a G502, however when I try the mouse just on my pc desk it seems ok?  Any ideas?

Second question, regarding the g502, I want to use some of the extra buttons but cannot bind them, I read about making the keystrokes so i tried this. 

G4 works fine as back, but I had to asssign keystyokes to G5, G7 and G9 also whatever that other little buttons called on the side but when I set them up on my xim 3, the mouse button doesn.t work but the actual keystrokes do, even thougth I've chamged them inthe xim config.

And one last poblem I had was I set b to left shift and I can duck in destiny with it but it won't dismiss the menu's.  Any ideas?


General Discussion / Turtle Beach black ops 2 headsets
« on: 10:30 AM - 10/04/12 »
Hello, let me start by saying I know I'm probably going to get slaughtered by the tech savvy audiophiles who visit this forum.

I was just wondering what peoples opinions are on this new range


in particular the Tango.

I use x41's atm and tbh I like them, I also have some ad700's modded by tommybwoy and a mix amp but they get interference when I plug chat in and I can't be arsed to ship them to usa again and haven't get round to trying sort it myself (proly a loose wire?).

Any feedback is appreciated :)

Hello, a friend is persuading to play gears of war 1 with him so I thought I'd look for a good config (I know it's not going to be cod good) but on the spreadsheet I can only see gow 2 configs.

Not got the game with me atm so can't test if any of them work well with gow 1, but was just wondering if anyone here had a decent config, preferably at 1800 dpi but that doesn't matter too much.


Hello, just wondering if there are any alternatives to the cba plus so that I can use my xim 2 on my ps3 too?

I've had 2 cba plus' and both have had exactly the same problem that publix had with his, in that whenever I make a circle it will skip downwards and sometimes to the right making it unusable.

It isn't too bad when moving it slowly but my configs on the xbox are setup to be able to look and aim quickly.

Was considering ordering the cba 2.0 until I read some reviews which lead me to think it will have the same problems.

So yeah basically is there anything else I can use to play with my xim 2 on the ps3?


Configurations and Requests / (request) MoH single player
« on: 09:17 AM - 10/13/10 »
Just wondered if anybody has a config for the single player of MoH they could share.


XIM 2 Discussions / Min spec pc for 125 update rate
« on: 05:12 PM - 10/08/10 »
Got a slight problem and am looking for some help.

I usually have my xim2 running downstairs on my 40" bravia and my htpc, playing mw2 or cod 4 on this with a config that has a 125 update rate is fine and completely stable.

However I was thinking about getting a new monitor for my upstairs (old) pc, one that I could also use for playing xbox or ps3 on, like I said it's quite old now it's an amd athlon 1.09GHz with 1 GB of ram (like I said old, but surfs the net ok :) ).

This pc just can't seem to handle my xim and the update rate is like 125....124....126.......136.........112...........126....124....125....124........142
it's really eratic and even on an update rate of 60 it cannot hold it constantly at 60 it still flitters about.

just wondering if there are any cheap components I could buy to give me the same level of continuity as my htpc downstairs gives me.


Like the title says really, just looking for confirmation, I read in a different thread that someone said uber told him it still works, can anybody else verify this?


Hello, I've wanted to get a cap card for a long time and now with having a htpc on which I use my xim360 I'm about to buy one.

I was looking at the bmip but don't think my pc would handle it too well whilst running the xim software, so I'm thinking of the hauppauge hdpvr, I'll be recording all my footage to a seperate hdd from my os, not sure if this will make a difference.

My pc's specs are

Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H 785G Socket AM3 DVI VGA HDMI Out 8 Channel Audio MATX Motherboard
AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0GHz 1MB L2 Chche Socket AM3 Retail Box Processor
Kingston 4gb (2x2gb) Ddr3 1333mhz Memory Kit Cl9
Windows 7 32 bit

only using 2.75gb ram as on 32 bit although that may change soon.

My question is, will using the hauppauge on the same pc as my xim affect it in any way?  If only the xim 3 was out now lol.


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