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I'm having a lot of connectivity issues with the app and my Apex.  I have to constantly retry to connect to get it to talk to my Apex.

I noticed that under my Bluetooth devices, Apex is not there (like XIM4 was previously).  Is this intentional?

I'm having a lot of connectivity issues with the app and my Apex.  I have to constantly retry to connect to get it to talk to my Apex.

I noticed that under my Bluetooth devices, Apex is not there (like XIM4 was previously).  Is this intentional?

XIM APEX Discussions / XIM Apex - Impressions Thread
« on: 10:31 PM - 03/01/18 »
Seeing as a lot of people on here will be getting their XIM Apex tomorrow, please post your impressions of your XIM Apex here.  I'm specifically interested in your comparison between XIM4 and Apex.

Launch issues aside, in 2-3 weeks this will be ancient history and everyone will be celebrating this new device.

I won't be getting my Apex until Monday.....I'll post my impressions then...

General Discussion / USB On/Off Switch
« on: 04:48 PM - 02/01/18 »
So I have my Turtle Beach TAC connected to my Xbox One X front USB port strictly to power the device. 

Since the USB ports on the Xbox One X are always on (even when the system is off), my TAC always stays on even when the system is off, forcing me to unplug the USB from the Xbox One X every time I finishing playing.

I was wondering if anyone is aware of some type of USB on/off switch I could use so I don't have to unplug the USB cable from the console every time.  As an FYI, the USB cable is Mini USB to USB 2.0 (regular USB connection).

XIM APEX Discussions / Alpha Testers - XIM Apex vs XIM4
« on: 09:38 AM - 01/27/18 »
I understand one of the big value props to Apex is the 1ms response time.  I'm wondering if one of the Alpha Testers are able to demonstrate this difference in a video between Apex and the 4?

Or is this a case of feeling the difference but not being able to see it in a video?

I currently own an X1X and plan on keeping it.  I also own a PS4.  There's a Black Friday deal I can take advantage of to upgrade my PS4 to a PS4 Pro for an incremental amount.

The question is, should I get the Pro?  Any multi platform games I get will be on the X1X, so the Pro will primarily be for PS4 exclusives.  But is it worth the upgrade or should I just stick with the regular PS4?

Im gaming on a 4K monitor so I am taking advantage of 4K and the extra performance.

Let me know your thoughts.

Not sure where I should post this so feel free to move this post to the right section if needed.

I just upgraded to 20171007 firmware yesterday and have noticed that on xbox one (original xbox one from launch, not S) when I shut off the system, the Xim4 and devices connected to it shut off.  BUT, about a minute or less after the console shuts off, the XIM4 and devices connected to it all turn back on. 

I never had this issue with firmware 20170103, so I suspect it's something in the firmware causing this to happen.

General Discussion / Best 4K monitors for Xbox One X
« on: 09:59 AM - 09/29/17 »
With Xbox One X coming out soon, I'll need a new monitor (4K) to take advantage of the upgraded graphics.  Any recommendations?

Game Support / Battlefield 1 Config Question
« on: 05:43 PM - 03/02/17 »
Quick question on the default game settings for BF1.  In addition to changing the "Soldier Stick Sensitivity" to 100% and "Soldier Zoom Sensitivity" to 200% in the "Basic" setup for "Controls", am I supposed to change all the "Soldier Zoom Sensitivity" settings to 200% under "Advanced" as well?

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4 USB Cable
« on: 08:45 PM - 12/04/16 »
Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help.  I need a secondary XIM4 USB cable for my X1 (the one that came with the XIM4 is connected to my PS4). 

I bought this one:


But it doesn't work with my XIM4.  Any Monoprice links to one that is confirmed to work with the XIM4 is appreciated.

For those who currently have one of the Mixamps listed in the subject, please let me know your thoughts specifically on the game sound quality of these mixamps and how they compare to the game sound quality using a DSS2. 

I used to use the old wireless Mixamp but found the Dolby sound was garbage in comparison to the DSS2.  I'm wondering if they've made significant improvements on these new mixamps.

General Discussion / 24" vs 27" monitor for gaming
« on: 02:39 PM - 12/22/14 »
i wanted to find out what the consensus was on what size monitor is best to play on.  I currently use a 27" monitor and sit only about 1 - 1.5' away from it.  Is that too close for that size?  I generally play twitch fps games.

Any ETA on the fix for this?  60-70% of the time, my XIM4 stays on after my Xbox One has shut down.  I always have to physically unplug the XIM4 to shut it down in these instances (which gets annoying). 

I know it doesn't affect the overall usage of the XIM4 so it may not be a high priority, but would be nice to have it power down/go to standby when my Xbox One shuts down.

As an FYI, I have my Xbox One set to fully shut down every time...it doesn't go to standby (IE: saying 'Xbox On' doesn't work in this full shutdown state).  I also have the XIM4 plugged into a back USB port....not the side.

There are a couple of threads scattered throughout the forums (XIM2 forum, this forum), but there is no central location for all setup pics.  Plus a lot of people have probably upgraded their setups due to the next gen consoles hitting/XIM4E hitting. 

So, to have one central location starting in now, please post your awesome setup pics. 

Beta / TitanFall ST
« on: 06:35 PM - 03/16/14 »
ST feels great....good job Mist.  But I do feel it can benefit from an increase in turn speed as we've all been requesting.  It'll definitely do for now in the event Respawn changes their mind.

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