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Hello guys. I would like the help of yours to find a mouse that works onboard macro on all buttons.
The main functionality I need is something like a rapid fire. The left click can be repeated several times while holding down the button (very important point to work in XIM APEX, where it repeats the macro infinite times while holding the button).

Today I have a G603, however it does not allow me to do this configuration.
Thanks  :D

Game Support / Fortnite - Xim Apex + KB
« on: 07:54 AM - 05/24/19 »
Hello guys.
I would like to take a question with you.

I recently discovered that I can play Fortnite with a keyboard plugged directly into the console and the mouse on the xim apex. This allows me to access PC keybinds, such as building selection and individual weapons slots.

Do any of you use it? Could you tell me if in the matter of input lag this is advantageous?

Another question, to build I edited the layout of the direct control in the game to put any construction on the mouse, (same as the PC) however the turbo building does not work. Have you been through it too?

Thank you.

Hello guys
I have a problem and I would like the help of the community.

I bought a keyboard with macro onboard (Redragon k551) to change weapons in the same fortnite in the pc (1,2,3,4 ...).
When configuring the macro, I noticed that not all the keys that work in XIM, just the ones below:

LShift, RShift
Lalt, Ralt
Lctrl, Rctrl

That is, if I configure a macro using other keys, for example:

Key 2 - Execute (E, E) equivalent L2, L2.
It does not recognize, forcing me to reconfigure some keys in the XIM application.

To get the same result I need to configure it as follows:

Key 2 - Execute (LCTRL, LCTRL) equivalent L2, L2.
It works.

I tested on several systems and pcs and they all worked, but XIM limited me to those 7 keys.
Could you tell me if the problem is in communication with XIM or the keyboard itself?

Thank you.

Game Support / Warface - best settings
« on: 02:48 PM - 11/10/18 »
Hello xim community!
I recently bought the xim apex and I'm really enjoying it!
I was a Xim Edge user and saw a huge gain in this new version.

But in some tests here, in the game Warface I do not get a good fluidity when compared to battlefield 1.
Could you tell me if it's due to the game itself, or if I'm setting the wrong xim?
Also share your settings.

Thank you.

First I would like to apologize if I am opening the topic in the wrong place.
I would like your help on what the best 27/32 inch monitor with the lowest input lag and response time for console (PS3/PS4).

I researched these two models:
  - BenQ RL2755HM   - response time 1 ms / input lag 10 ms
  - Asus VP278H-P     - response time 1 ms / input lag ?? ms

Could you tell me other models that work well with xim apex?
Thanks and sorry for my bad english   ;D

XIM EDGE Discussions / Xim Advanced Configuration Help
« on: 05:40 PM - 07/17/12 »
Hello, I wonder how the scripts and macros added to the device from the computer.
Eg. The Rapid Fire, drop shot, Bust Fire among others.

I searched the forum and there xim Hub through the tutorial is complex.
I could not understand very well about the AHK scripts and such.

I await response.!

I'm brazilian and I used the google translator, so the bad English.  ;D

XIM EDGE Discussions / Help me
« on: 05:19 PM - 06/09/12 »
Good evening, first I apologize for my horrible English, I am Brazilian. I have a doubt about delivery, A relative of mine anger spend a week in new york I wonder how long it takes pro xim edge in my case, leave the company and came to his address in new york. I await response. thank you (Google Translate) :-[

XIM EDGE Discussions / My equipment Mouse + keyboard. Help
« on: 11:20 AM - 05/26/12 »
Good afternoon. First I would like to apologize for my horrible english, I'm from Brazil. I'm looking at a good time to xim, and these days have left the version compatible with the ps3. I am wanting to make the account. However I am in doubt of my equipment if it will be compatible with the xim edge.

Using a mouse MOWR Maxell USB-309. (3600/5040 DPI)
Hp standard PS2 keyboard / usb adapter.

I wonder if anyone has the same equipment. For here the tax is high and will pay almost $ 200 to import and FEDEX in my town.
Thanks and sorry for my english again.  :-[

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