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Hardware Compatibility / Headset Compatibility?
« on: 08:18 AM - 01/27/13 »
How is the headset compatibility with the Edge? I'm looking at getting a set of Turtle Beach x12s, and since the XIM1 I've assumed that headsets don't work, so I've been using a wireless headset for speech.
I gather that this has changed now, and headsets plugged into the controller work, but what I'm wondering is whether everything works fine, or if there are restrictions on which ones will work.

I originally had a XIM1, and as a result had to run the XIM through the PC, this worked perfectly, there was little to no input lag.
I've since bought a XIM Edge, and I'm actually really disappointed with it, the only feature that is better is the Smart Translators, everything else is a downgrade.
The biggest issue I'm struggling with is the incredibly poor pass-through support, after starting with the XIM1 I like running everything through the PC, I only need one gaming mouse and so on.
I'm told that the pass-through for the XIM Edge adds 50-100ms of lag to every input, and this certainly seems to be true, I've tested macros with very precise timings (Autohotkey) and established that not only is the lag present, it is random, and as such can't be accounted for properly.
I've tested this by setting up macros to perform certain actions that will have visible consequences if not timed right, such as reload cancelling in BF3.
Running these macros on the XIM1 results in them working correctly as long as the timings are correct, setting the timings wrongly (early in this case) produces the wrong results consistently.
Running these macros on the XIM Edge produces random results, if the timing is within 50ms of the limit it will work sometimes and other times will not.

The XIMCommander application may be responsible for some of this, as it is incredibly unreliable, it will randomly crash at least every hour, and if no input is made for a few mins (less than the time to smoke a cigarette) it will also crash.
This results in the application having to be closed via Task Manager, and it also causes the application to refuse to recognise the XIM when restarted, resulting in me having to restart the XBox and spend at least five minutes unplugging and replugging every component in the system until it arbitrarily decides to work again.

I'm actually very annoyed by this, as I use the macros to replicate certain options available on the PC (such as having different buttons for crouch and prone in BF3) and I'm having an experience with it that is less satisfactory than I had with the XIM1, which worked every time without fail.

Before anybody suggests that my PC is to blame, it ruins BF3 at 60FPS with everything on max, and when I use the XIM I shut everything down anyway, I also run it on my laptop and between the two PCs I've run it on four different OS's with the exact same results on each.

I don't understand why the pass-through option is so neglected, as it offers considerable advantages, not to mention the fact that it's the original method of using the XIM.

Hi guys, just got my Edge, it's great so far!
I also have a XIM1, which I've used for ages, I was wondering if it's possible to run the Edge through the PC permanently like the XIM1 did, as I've only got one keyboard and mouse, it looks like I'll need a male-male USB cable, which is fine but I'm not 100% sure that the Edge can be run like this during play rather than just editing, so a straight answer would be great.

Configurations and Requests / MW3 XBox Question.
« on: 01:36 PM - 01/22/12 »
Hi, I was just wondering if there's a good XIM1 config for MW3 on the XBox?
I've got a MW2 config that is perfect and feels exactly like the PC, and BC2 works almost as well, but BF3 doesn't work anywhere near as well, I've got it pretty good (it's in the BF3 config thread) but it doesn't seem to be possible to get it perfect.
What I'm asking is this:
Is there a config for MW3 that feel as smooth as the mouse on the PC, like the MW2 config, or is it a bit dodgy, like BF3?
Or am I asking a stupid question and the MW2 one works perfectly? I'd have thought that, but BF3 is appalling with the BC2 config.

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