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General Discussion / BO3 recently increased FOV?
« on: 06:36 PM - 10/11/19 »
It looks to me that devs increased FOV in BO3 recently, probably via Hotfix Update. Can anyone check out if it looks like a wider FOV to me?

I played a few days ago and the FOV was literally like looking through binoculars, if ppl boost jumped they werent even visible in your FOV most of the time.

But right now it looks like a wider FOV to me..

edit: yeah after a few games, definitely looks like theyve increased the FOV. This is how it shouldve been right from the start. However, the hitdetection and connection quality is still bad.

Yeah so watching his MW stream... I mean he is playing with a full party and playing on 4 milliseconds ping, which means his connection is hella overpowered. Yet he still keeps getting outgunned by nonames in 1v1 fights, even when he had superiour weapons vs enemy having worse weapons (f. e. he had the M4, strongest weapon in the game, while the other randy guy had an AK lol- the AK has insane recoil and sway while shooting).

I mean in Pubg those early multikills might be impressive, because usually those kills are against monkeys who dont even understand whats going on in the game. But when he faces ppl who can actually move their mose and press keyboard buttons, he doesnt look that "beastly" any more.

He is like Van Damme when he destroy those bricks without damaging the bottom brick and then the other guy (villain) says something like "GJ mate, but the stone doesnt fight back". Same applies to shroud.

And some other guys mentioned that Shroud got wasted by controller users in 1v1 situations the other day when streaming. Granted console has aim assist and its massive, but still, the guy who "is supposed to be" the "aiming god" gets wrecked by average controller players...

And heres the thing, yes he is still a ton better than me, that is not the point here. But I feel like the hype around him beeing the "aiming god" was unjust for the most part.

He reminds me of that PWNZ guy who mostly streamed in the morning and around noon and met dumb kids only as his opponents and destroyed those kids left and right in COD GHosts on his own overpowered connection and had massive host advantages in that particular COD game. Everyone thought he was insane "aiming beast" and whatnot. Later when newer CODs apparently didnt give him that massive host advantage and switched to dedicated servers for the most part, you could see that this pwnz guy was getting smacked by mediocre controller players, while he was using a XIM. Or when he played on PC vs other pc players, he was just slightly above average, unless he faced complete morons on the enemy team.

Having said that- look, theres a reason why shroud is not known as the insane pro player, but as the streamer who "apparently" has "god aim". I mean he could predict and handle recoil pretty well in PUBG and was fast to aim, but thats about it. I mean sure, most of us can drink 2 cans of energy drinks and then go play PUBG and sweat like its a LAN tournament vs some casual noobs who run around aimlessly, everyone will look "like aiming" god vs some trash tier players.

I mean shroud is getting scores of like 22-10 in MW lol, playing with a full party and on extremely overpowered connection with 3-4 milliseconds ping. Where is that godlike to be perfectly honest?

General Discussion / MW is actually trash...
« on: 04:19 PM - 09/12/19 »
Lmao just played a few rounds and.. They thought it is a good idea to create alot of vertical maps and remove the radar. You already have a myriad of nerds laying on 2nd story roofs or windows and ADS-camping.

They removed KD stat from the scoreboard. Aggressive playstyle gets punished hard and you cant even play aggressively due to long sprint out time and the gun shaking all over the place when firing from the hip, its like a coin toss who will win the CQ gun fight. You have nerds laying on the ground ADSing with their LMGs and whatnot. Cant predict where the enemy spaws will be with so much verticality and no radar.

Nah Im good, thx. This game was literally made for old, washed up casual players who dont have any reflexes any more and rely on playing like a turtle, ADS-walking everywhere and laying prone camping.

Coming from BO4 (not to mention BO3) this game doesnt feel like it is 500% slower, no- it feels like youre playing backwards. Because of so much verticality you get killed more often than in Advanced Warfare lmao from 780 angles and directions.

I mean you can get some kills, play like a sloth, creep around ADSing like a nerd. But I dont really have time for this kind of playstyle.

And I cant imagine the killstreaks to be that effective, given how many buildings and underground tunnels and all sorts of verticality are in the game.

One thing IW devs understood is that 3-lane maps were simply boring, but you cant tell me that they are so retarded to believe that insane ammount of verticality was good for COD at any given moment in CODs history, in fact it was the worst thing to ever happen in boots on the ground COD titles. How many people liked that Factory map from Ghosts, or Face Off for that matter? Those are some of the most hated maps in COD history. And so far the MW maps played like that factory map from Ghosts.

Essentially MW is COD WW2 all over again- its a Headglitch-chess game. You just wait somewhere ADSing and will sure get a decent ammount of kills.

But one thing is beyond me though. They really dont show Kills/Deaths in the scoreboard, even in TDM. I mean Wings of Redemtion is a moron, but he once mentioned- if there was no KD statistic in COD, he would not be playing this game period and he couldnt be more right about that. I mean if I cant see my recent KD statistics in the scoreboard in TDM, Im not going to play it, its that simple.

I mean ppl who dont have any reflexes left and reaction time and aim- that is the game for you. Just pick up a class with Type 95 and chill in ADS somewhere. You will feel like youre a good player in this game, this is how it is designed.

It looks like this year IW literally went after the Battlefield community to satisfy those type of players who crouch around in bushes and whatnot, thinking they are in a war or smth lmao. Well its all good, run and gun players had BO4 (and still have), sloth-style players get MW this year- I guess its fair.

I hope treyarch brings back some action with BO5 next year on next gen consoles, a game where movement is promoted and rewarded. I dont have time to creep around the corners crouching and ADSing my gun 80% of the time spent in the game.

Oh and btw- Ive tried different Aim Mechanic settings and they are all trash. COD WW2 still has by far the best aim mechanics out of any COD, even though the game is not that great. Also IW and BO4 has better aim mechanic than MW. Tbh MW feels like Apex Legends and the #1 reason I wont ever play Apex Legends is because of its abysmal aiming mechanics, well maybe not abysmal per se when you compare it to some other games, but it is far from COD WW2/IW aiming mechanic.

Hey devs, in the past ppl have bothered you with exotic feature addons like "toggle-able ADS function", which lets be honest most likely less than 1% of all xim owners actually use, I mean you collect the telemetry data- you probably can tell more precisely how many ppl actually use it.

But that aside, I want to ask you for actually a very helpful feature, which when implemented- A TON of ppl would use, provided they actually hear/learn about this feature.

Let me explain what I have in mind. I was thinking about most efficient ways of having more bindable buttons on a mouse. Not just more bindable buttons, but buttons that you can press very fast and comfortably without moving your fingers too much. Especially with the hand used with the mouse- in fast paced games like BO4, you allways want to have the trigger finger ready to shoot sitting on the left mouse button. Im someone who pays attention and cares about milliseconds.

So in order to add more bindable buttons to ANY mouse out there, xim would have to support a combination of 2 keyboard keys that you can bind to 1 controller button. Not just a combination of 2 keys, but also combinations of one keyboard key and one mouse button.

What I had in mind in particular is: "Left Alt" + "Left mouse button". Or "left Ctrl" + "Right mouse button". Or "Left Ctrl" + "Scroll Wheel Up/Down". Or "left Ctrl" + "Mouse Middle Button"

Now- in order for the above scenario to work as instant as possible and error free, I understand that either "Left Alt" or "Left Ctrl" should be restricted from being able to be bound as a single key and that is a "sacrifice" most of us would accept, if in turn you can very easily increase the boundable Mouse buttons by at least 5!

There arent many things/features, that would increase the usability and comfort of the XIM that much, since it already supports almost anything one can imagine, but the feature suggested above is one of them to make the XIM way more versatile. This is something that no other KBM adapter out there actually supports, except maybe Titan Two if you script it that way. It would certainly bring the xim to the next level it deserves to reach :D

But all the fun aside, it is such a huge QOL improvement, to have 5+ more available and easily accessible buttons you can bind on ANY mouse, buttons that you can VERY quickly and comfortably activate.

THanks for your attention!

PS: or considering all the Nav-Pad / Gaming Pad users out there, you could let us specify our own "modifier" Keyboard key, that will not be able to be assigned as a stand-alone button, only in cobination with another keyboard key or a mouse button/scroll wheel.

Ignore function of the forum doesnt work, pls fix! I can still see posts by ppl i put on the ignore list.

in the recent patch they introduced a setting to change your ADS sensitivity on consoles.

while its a good thing overall and shouldve been in the game long time ago, it means that the xim advantage shrinks further.

Something you could only achieve with KBM adapters in the past (or adapters like titan one etc.), is now possible within the game itself. (speaking of COD on consoles)

I wonder if the ADS translator could be left out of the BO4 config (provided you adjust your ADS sensitivity inside the game). Wouldnt it solve all the ADS delay issues in theory, if ppl adjust their ADS sensitivity inside the game and only use Hip translator all the time? By "issues" I mean not needing to adjust ADS delay in the XIM manager for different attachments and so on. I didnt test it too much yet, but theoretically it should work that way. The question is ofcourse how good 3arc implemented it. (proper sensitivity transition for attachments like Quick Draw and different weapons)

Is the ADS deadzone much different from Hip DZ in BO4? A question to mist/obsiv.

General Discussion / Xbox One X input lag fest...
« on: 11:28 AM - 11/29/18 »
I bought Xbox X last year, after a few weeks I actually sold it, because I wasnt really playing any game on it. But Ive noticed it last year already (and posted about it here) that it has some noticable input lag, even with only the controller connected via USB cable directly to Xbox X.

Well this black friday it was so cheap that I bought it again for whatever reason. The BFV goldrush bundle special edition.

Now- last year Ive noticed an annoying input lag in COD WW2 on Xbox X compared to PS4 pro. This year I bought BO4 for both plattforms and wanted to compare graphics, server connections on both systems etc. And once again I notice a significant input lag on Xbox X.

I tested both with same cables, same monitor same everything and I can tell the input lag difference clearly, even with controllers connected via USB to the consoles, leaving the xim out of the equation.

Heres another thing- i have the xim4 which runs at 125 Hz and xim Apex set to 1000 Hz. On PS4 Pro, there is no noticable input lag whatsoever and i actually PREFER to play with the xim4 at 125 Hz vs 1kHz Xim Apex. On Xbox X, xim4 feels almost like rubberbanding. You can significantly improve the input delay on Xbox X, by using xim Apex @ 1000 Hz, basically brute force the console to communicate at 1000 Hz. But it doesnt solve the input lag completely. After playing with xim Apex @ 1000 hz and then going back to xim4 at 125 Hz again is feels very floaty and rubberband-ish in terms of input lag. You can feel it instantly.

On PS4 Pro as mentioned before- both work good XIM Apex @ 1000 Hz and xim4 @ 125 Hz, I actually prefer the xim4 on the PS4 Pro it works better for me personally.

Now some of you will start saying "oh no, I dont feel any input lag on my Xbox X... etc." yes, homeboy, thats because you dont have a super fast TN monitor and arent as susceptible to these levels of input lag as some others, who are FPS veterans.

I tried different combinations on Xbox X too- with "Freesync" enabled and "Freesync" disabled. To be honest with you, I will give you a pro tip- dont use Freesync on Xbox X. It makes the input lag even worse. Especially dont activate Freesync in games that manage to run at 60fps like 90+% of the time. Another game I tried on Xbox X is Wolfenstein. Yuu can switch in that game between dynamic resolution, that tries to hit the 60fps target, then u can select "aggressive dynamic resolution" that tries to hit the 60fps target even more consistently but reducing the dynamic resolution further down and then you can select a mode without dynamic resolution. And again, the input lag in Wolfenstein is huge, even slightly worse than in BO4. It gets even worse in Wolfenstein if you enable Freesync on your monitor in that game and select the graphics mode without dynamic resolution. It is straight rubberbanding and floatyness.

Heres why I think there is such a noticeable ammount of input lag on the Xbox X. I think the way how the video drivers work on xbox are causing it. Or it is something in how their UI rendering system is working, most likely forcing "Vertical Sync ON" by default on absolutely everything- on every game and on their User Interface and so on.

I have also noticed a big input delay in backwards compatible titles and have seen others talk about it. We know that microsoft forces Vsync ON in the back compat titles. But thats not the only input lag. There is some base input lag in all applications and games. I played RDR1 back compat game and the input lag was unbearable to be perfectly honest with you.

With how many features Microsoft introduced (most of which are mostly gimmicks and are actually worse than having them turned off- best example Freesync), it is easy to mess up something in the process. Which is exactly what we have on Xbox right now. There is some noticable base input lag, present in every single game that Ive tested. I prefer the PS4 approuch more to be absolutely honest. They have fewer options, but they work 100% as intended and nothing is messed up in the process of implementing 48 settings to chose from.

I really really hope that the PS5 has the same graphics drivers as the ps4, without any input lag. Because all those improved graphics on Xbox X are worthless to me, if the base input lag is so noticable and annoying as it is on Xbox One X.

Bottom line of the TL-DR: if you only own an Xbox and have a xim4, make yourself a favour and upgrade to the XIM Apex @ 1000 Hz, because it is a huge improvement in terms of input lag over the xim4 @ 125 Hz. You can very effectively compensate the annoying base input lag on Xbox X with an Apex, but it doesnt solve the issue completely. On the ps4(pro) on the other had- both xim4 and xim Apex work equally great, I even prefer the xim4 over apex on my pro.

Second bottom line is that having dozens of extra options doesnt really benefit anyone, if the overall picture gets worse because of it. It was like Microsoft was thinking: "lets throw everything and the kitchen sink at the wall and see what sticks" in order to create buzz on gaming news sites and social media.

They added Freesync support and it only properly works on few select monitors/tvs. It does get rid of tearing, but introduces significant -additional- input lag. They add KB/M support- which only works with 1-2 KB/M devices so far and will have separate matchmaking to keep KBM users away from Controller users, which reduces the player pool to be matched against even further and will have a big impact on connection quality. And with that big base input lag built into their graphics drivers/operating system, it will only cripple the KBM users and basically make it pointless using a KBM in the first place with this annoying input lag.

Whats the point of all that, it is like MS is trying to stay in headlines of gaming news sites and social media by bending backwards. And then those things either arent even worth using or at max. 0.2% of the playerbase will ever consider using those options like 120 Hz support, Freesync etc.

And that 120 Hz thing is another nonsense- with 60fps games, you will have constant stuttering. Barely visible/noticeable, but it will be there, ask on Blurbusters forums if you dont believe.

Having said that, I will add pictures to show you that I actually do own those devices and have extensively tested both. However, I will sell the Xbox X again, as I cant stand the base input lag it has everywhere with a passion and theres nothing I want to actually play on it. To be honest it was a questionable impulse purchase to begin with, but I knew I can sell it again without loss, so I though I wanna see the progress they made in 1 year with it, hoping it will be any useful. Which I found to be very disappointing. All those options are snake oil at best. They either dont make alot of sense in particular on consoles, or they have annoying trade-offs like adding extra input lag and so on. Really not actually worth using at the end of the day.

General Discussion / not very happy with Xbox X so far
« on: 08:05 AM - 04/13/18 »
I bought the Xbox X, mainly for some back compat titles from previous gens, since I dont really dig the typical recent gen exclusives from Microsoft like Forza, Halo and Gears... and theres nothing else they have up their sleeves. And with multiplattform titles- I only buy those for PC.

I was assuming that once the Xbox X comes out, every back compat title they release (xbox360 games and xbox original games) will be enhanced for the X. But it looks like they only enhance very few games for the X (360 back compat games).

Anyways, they recently enhanced the Red Dead Redemption for the X and I got this game here. While visually it certainly looks much better than it did on the 360, it has a massive ammout of input lag due to Vsync that is implemented in every single back compat game. Im playing on my gaming PC monitor and both the general input lag and aiming mechanics just suck. Aiming feels very floaty and indirect in RDR. Combine that with a 30fps game from last generation and its really not alot of fun to play.

I can imagine that its even worse on TVs (input delay), that have a higher input lag on average compared to gaming monitors.

Anyways with the rumour beeing that PS5 will be announced this E3 and released next year most likely, at the latest in 2020, I dont see any reasons to keep the X and hope that a great exclusive title (new IP) will come out, when PS5 will be released in about 1 year or 2 years at the latest.

I do think the Xbox X has overall great build quality, but the biggest bottleneck is the freaking CPU. Everything else is solid- GPU power, RAM speed, RAM capacity etc. But that CPU is crippling the overall power of that machine- the Xbox UI is very clunky and irresponsive, it has some severe lag when you just navigate around in your game collection or even market place. Its laggy to open apps, especially if a game is running in the background. The system is still not capable of doing 60fps in most games due to a weak cpu. Some 60fps back compat games have framerate issues etc.

Again I think the system would be great with a Ryzen CPU, but as it is- its beeing held back alot by this abysmal garbage CPU that is inside.

I dont see any reasons to keep the X right now, its only purpose as of right now is a "Retro Box", due to lack of great exclusive games. If someone doesnt own a decent PC, it might make sense to get the X for the multiplat games. But even then- the difference is not that big at the end of the day compared to PS4 pro. Yes you could spot differences in still image comparisons, but in motion- most of those details would get lost anyways due to motion blur from conventional LCD TVs.

I will get the next Xbox- Xbox 2, which will prolly come out in 2020 and have a Ryzen 2 CPU inside, like the PS5. It will run the back compat games even better with a much stronger CPU like Ryzen 2. But as of right now, the XBox X is collecting dust over here and in the next 2 years there are enough sony exclusives to keep me busy until next Generation of consoles.

Anyways, just my oppinion on the X so far.


does anyone know if Xbox One controller with the original xb1 usb dongle (the one u need to use XB1 controller on pc wirelessly) is supported by xim apex to use it on ps3 or ps4 wirelessly?



General Discussion / COD WW2 - final release
« on: 05:30 AM - 11/03/17 »
Ok so the very first thing Ive noticed is how much faster the turn speed is. It has been increased significantly compared to the beta.

Im using exactly the same mouse and settings. In the beta I was at 50 hip and 20 ads. In final game Im at 36 and 12 or so.

The previous cod smart translators dont feel very optimal for this game, Ive tested on ps4 pro and 4k mode/monitor.

Other than that Im still figuring out the weapons/classes etc.

The menu navigation feels really clunky and unintuitive.

The game itself- they have added all sorts of weapon sway, like f. E. when you ADS and walk sideways, everything wobbles. Because of that the game feels very "floaty".

Thats pretty stupid and reminds me of bf-series, where youd have that kinda floatyness while moving around and shooting. Cod used to feel snappy and responsive. In ww2 you feel like a slob holding a 200 pound weapon and when you move/shoot everything wobbles. I found the beta much better in this reguard it felt snappy and responsive in terms of moving/shooting animations.

Other than that it feels like they have reduced flinch but on the other hand- reload times, healing time and picking up a weapon or switching weapons feels like an eternity.

Youll get killed while reloading a ton of times, except you rum fast reload perk..

XIM 4 Discussions / How do you prefer to play Overwatch?
« on: 04:24 PM - 09/24/17 »
So this weekend I played Overwatch for the first time, since its a free weekend on consoles.

I actually ended up liking it more or less.

The thing is though- competitive is disabled for this open weekend.

How do ppl here actually prefer to play Overwatch- do you rather play ranked or non-ranked mode?

I mean TBH with you- I dont think I would like to play competitive. Im a COD vet and do like to kill whoore, when ppl play Overwatch in a legitimate way, its actually rather boring.

Like when they have Tanks and healers and stick all together- its kinda hard to farm kills and its pretty annoying actually that you almost do no damage as a solo player.

Now honestly, if the Soldier character and the Tank character didnt exist, Id prolly not like the game at all. Those 2 characters can heal themselves. If you pick other characters than those 2, you are WAY too dependent on having a healer in your team. Now yes you can pick up medipacs (provided they are available), but sometimes you just cant get there. All I do is play those 2 characters mainly, cause they can smash heads, others not so much.

So since Im absolutely new to Overwatch I wonder how you guys usually play the game. Do you also prefer pubstomping like myself or do you go super tryhard mode in Ranked with your buddies and whatnot?

The reason why I know how Ranked mode plays like is because I ran into some 4-5 stacks who were playing in a legit way with tanky heroes and healers etc. I found those game were less action packed and more slow paced. Didnt really like it.

General Discussion / Did anyone test the Titan Two?
« on: 10:17 AM - 04/08/17 »
Ive seen they are beta testing the Titan Two now and it looks a bit similar to the XIM now, like its a small box with a few USB inputs/outputs.

I wonder if mouse/keyboard functionality was improved, because Titan One wasnt exactly good when it comes to using KBM.

Hey team xim,

now I know you have your personal oppinion about the folks over at CronusMax. Obviously the problem with purple lights was fixed on the Titan One (which I also own by the way)- because you guys are friends with J2 and gave him a hint to what has changed on the XIM side.

Now Ive also read the story between the J2 guy and his former team and that was actually the reason I bought a T1 instead of CronusMax.

But recently Im seeing more progress in terms of new features on the CronusMax side and thats why Ive actually ordered that device recently as well to test it. (CMplus v3)

As you can read in this post (http://cronusmax.com/forums/showthread.php?t=151398&p=1037386&viewfull=1#post1037386), they actually have a legal thing going on in the background.

I know you have your personal oppinions about this, but the point is- we dont know what exactly happened and in my oppinion you should act in a professional way, from the business standpoint.

In the post above, the CronusAdmin seems to be pretty confident, that they will come out on top of the legal dispute, and that is probably the reason why CronusMax devices are beeing sold by GameStop and also will be used during the COD XP 2016 event by Activision (mainly to let the PS4 controllers connect via USB with the consoles instead of Bluetooth, which when you have hundreds of devices in 1 room will prolly cause alot of issues).

So my point is- whether you have a personal oppinion on that dispute going on btw. T1 and CM guys, you should professionally and act from a business stand point. There will be many potential customers with a CM who would want to use a XIM4 together with the CM for various reasons. (for example bc. of SmartTranslators, Ballistic Curve etc.)

It would be very helpful for us CM + XIM4 owners, if you helped the guys over at CM fix the communication issue with their device, give them the same hint as you gave J2.

General Discussion / BO3 XIM Stream
« on: 10:58 AM - 11/05/15 »
Hey guys,

Ill be Streaming some games tonight here, incase someone wants to check out:


If you are from EU and wanna play together, add me on PSN or send me a message: SAVVYER  (that is 2x "V" not a "W").

If some of you liked Instagib modes back in UT etc. this game looks kinda fun to just shoot stuff:


I didnt try it yet, but will do on weekend.

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