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XIM 3 Discussions / is this real, or just trolls hating?
« on: 07:57 PM - 05/18/12 »
I've read the sticky about Microsoft's stance on the XIM3, but I told my friend I would ask for him any way.

He was playing the newest modern warfare earlier today and received a message from another gamer who said he was going to report him for using a mod while in the game. The message went on to say that this particular person was paid by Microsoft to watch for cheaters and report them. I told my friend that there was no way for anyone to tell about the XIM unless he was bragging about it, and he swears he wasn't and also that he wasn't even really doing that well in the game. Anyway, I told him that I wouldn't worry about it and that the guy was probably just butt-hurt from getting shot up and was trolling. Anyone else have anything like this happen?

General Discussion / Curse you, FedEx!
« on: 06:17 PM - 01/02/12 »
My XIM is less than 100 miles from my house and has been since Saturday afternoon, but it won't be delivered until Wednesday. Now I'm not complaining about a company giving their employees time off for the holidays, but it sucks that I paid for expedited shipping and my package has been sitting on a truck in Dallas for the last two days and will continue to sit there until sometime tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I'm not angry, just sucks since I was sure that I would be XIM'ing it up today after work....


There is a new version of the firmware for the Teensy. Use the Teensyloader application to program the new firmware on to the chip. I've also compiled a version of the firmware for the AT90USB162 chip that's found in board like the Minimus. I don't have a development board for the AT90USB162, so I can't verify that it will work properly. It should work just as well, if not even better, but you never know. I'd be interested to hear from anyone with one of those boards if they get a chance to try this out. The Teensyloader app only works with Teensy boards. For other boards like the Minimus, you'll probably have to use Flip from Atmel. I'm sure it's easy to use, but I can't offer any assistance with that since I don't have any experience with it..... chances are that if you've got a Minimus, you know how to program it.

New version has swapped L1<->L2 and R1<->R2. PS3 home button still doesn't work.

Click here to download V2 for Teensy with ATMEGA32U4 (Right click and save as)

Click here to download V2 for AT90USB162 (right click and save as)

Download links for old versions can be found in post #2.

Build your own XIM1->PS3 adapter
Alright, here's the tutorial.

The first thing we'll go over is what you'll need. Of course, you'll need an original XIM. The XIM used one of two daughter cards, either the F330 or the F362. My XIM was made using an F330, but this should work with the F362 card, as well.

The second thing that you'll need is a Teensy 2.0 dev board. They're available directly from the manufacturer at PJRC.com or you can also buy one from adafruit.com. If you get it directly from PJRC, you can get it without pins and save a few dollars. I soldered pins onto the one that I bought because I'll most likely use it for other things as well. If you're interested in microcontrollers, the Teensy is a good platform to start with.

The third thing that you'll need is one of the USB cables that you charge your PS3 controllers with. You'll use this USB cable for connecting the adapter to the PS3 and also for programming the Teensy.

Lastly, you're going to need the Teensy loader software and the HEX file that we're going to program the Teensy with. The Teensy loader software can be downloaded from PJRC at this link -> http://pjrc.com/teensy/loader.html. The HEX file can be downloaded from here (right-click and save as) -> http://austinbull.com/xim2ps3/32U_XIM2PS3-2.0.hex

Now it's time for the fun stuff. The first thing you're going to need to do is figure out where to solder the wires to. The connections listed in the picture below are for the F330, so if you've got a F362 you may not be able to use this.

Once you've got all the solder connections done, connect the Teensy to your computer with the USB cable and run the Teensy loader app. In the file menu, click open HEX file and browser to the HEX file you downloaded earlier. Click the AUTO button in the menu and then press the button on the Teensy to load the HEX file onto it. In AUTO mode, the Teensy loader app will automatically program the chip and then reboot it. After being rebooted, it should show up in device manager as a HID gamepad.

The next step is to try it with the PS3. These are the steps that I have found to work best when getting the XIM/Teensy connected to the PS3. First, turn the PS3 on by pressing the power button on the face of the PS3. Next, connect the Teensy-side of the adapter to the PS3. The Teensy will power on at this point. Then you'll need to plug the other side of the XIM into the computer and run the XIM software. The number of updates should be showing somewhere around 125.

Right now there's no PS button emulation since generic HID devices "can't" have one. My initial goal with this project was to create something that could get around whatever restrictions that Sony has implemented, and I've done that without too much trouble. Now it's time to start working on the specific stuff. Also, there's always a possibility that I've managed to switch a few buttons when I'm translating the PSX into USB. If you find a problem, post in the comments and I'll get it fixed.

You are responsible for any damage you cause to your PS3/XIM/Teensy/computer during the construction and/or use of this device. Incorrectly connecting the XIM to the Teensy _shouldn't_ cause any problems, but sometimes bad things do happen. If you aren't comfortable with the directions and don't want to bork something, move along...

I haven't been posting here much lately, but I've finished the prototype for my homebrew adapter for XIM. Believe it or not, it running at 180 updates per second! I've got a video that's uploading to Vimeo right now, but I should be able to adapt my software and hardware to work with XIM3. It'll have to run through a PC, but it'll be XIM3 on a PS3 at 180 updates per second.

I'm uploading the video right now, so it'll be a little while before it's available. Check my blog for updates! b1gn1ck.blogspot.com.

First off, let me say that I've been away from these forums for quite a while, but recent events (PSJailbreak and Sony blocking 3rd party adapters) have re-sparked my interest in XIM. Since Sony has blocked our beloved Yobo adapter, we've got three options. The first option is to opt out of PS3 firmware updates so we can keep XIM but forget about online play. The second option is to try to find adapters that still work, but there's no assurance that Sony won't wind up blocking those at some point in time. Option three is for some of us to take it upon ourselves to take XIM to the next level for the PS3, and this is the option that intrigues me the most.

Before I go any further, let me go ahead and say that if this post goes against the rules of the forum, I won't be offended in the least if it gets deleted by the mods.

I believe that it would be a fun project to build a device similar to XIM2 for the PS3. I have experience with embedded devices and the physical connections between a microcontroller and a PS3 controller would be trivial. The software side of things for the computer would be a bit more complicated, but completely do-able. By creating a device that uses the PS3 controller to transmit the button/analog-stick data we could future-proof ourselves from any restrictions that Sony places on USB peripherals for the PS3.

I don't know much about the PS3 controller, other than there have been several version and the connection points for the microcontroller wouldn't be the same across all the different versions. However, these details are easy enough to find, and it would be any harder to do than the DIY XIM2 kits back when that was an option.

As for the microcontroller, I believe that an AVR would be a great place to start. They're cheap (no more than $4 for an ATMega328), easy to program, support UART for sending data between the computer and the device itself, and they can run off the same voltage as the PS3 controller so there won't have to be any voltage conversion. Furthermore, there are several development environments that can be used for writing the chip's firmware (assembly, C, and the arduino environment depending on the specific AVR).

If I didn't have a day job, I think I could knock out a prototype in a week or two. Of course, fine tuning and making the software user-friendly can take quite a bit longer. If anyone wants to help out, shoot me a PM. Even if this doesn't become a finished project, I'm planning on at least getting started if for no other reason than just to prove to myself that I can do it.

I was looking around on youtube and I found some videos for something called the PS3 Predator. I checked out their website, and it's a retail site selling XIM 1 ripoffs marketed toward PS3 users. The software associated with the device is obsiv's XIM 1 interface and the configurator they show screenshots of is the one that I wrote and have provided a link to on these forums. It stands to reason that they're probably using obsiv's toolstick binary for their device. Their web address is http://ps3predator.6x.to and it's in German. The Google translator does a good enough job translating the page to see what they're up to.

Just thought I'd bring this to the attention of anyone that might want to know about it.

General Discussion / PS3 version of XIMconfig.exe
« on: 08:43 AM - 02/25/08 »
If you're like me, you have a really fun time trying to remember which Xbox 360 button corresponds to which PS3 button while editing configuration files. So, here's a PS3 version of XIMconfig.exe with all the relevant buttons renamed to match their PS3 counterparts. All credit goes to the original author of XIMconfig.exe, I just hex edited it.

General Discussion / Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse
« on: 12:52 AM - 02/23/08 »
I bought a sidewinder earlier tonight, and I'm going to spend tomorrow tweaking my COD4 setup file. When I finally get it the way that I want it, I'll post up my configuration.

I did a little COD4'ing this morning, and the new mouse made a world of difference. I only have the DPI set to 800 right now since it worked quite well without modifying my .XIM file. I'm going to up the DPI and tweak the settings some more later, but I must say that the Sidewinder works quite well with XIM on the PS3.

Technical Support / Help with XAE-ME macro building
« on: 03:34 PM - 02/22/08 »
I've been messing around with XAE-ME because I want an automatic G3 in COD4, but I can't figure out how to make a macro. Can someone give me some instructions, or a link to where it is explained?

Thanks in advance.

In celebration of us PS3 XIM'ers getting our own section in the forum, I thought I'd start with a list of all PS2->PS3 adapters that are confirmed working with pictures. If anyone else finds an adapter that works or has a better picture of a working adapter, please let me know. We should probably keep a list of adapter that are confirmed not to work as well. The only ones that I know for sure are the cheapies like those that came from RadioShack. If you've got an adapter that doesn't work, send me the name so I can add it to the list as well.

Confirmed Working

- Yobo PS3 Joy Box (between 60 and 62 updates per second)
Works great with no visible delay. This adapter does not have a PS3 button, so to register the XIM or controller connected to it you have to use the short-cut UP+Select (UP arrow + Backspace on your keyboard when using default .XIM file)

- XCM's XFPS Rateup Adapter (between 30 and 32 updates per second)
I bought one of these hoping that it would be great, but it wasn't at all. It automatically registers itself with the PS3 when connected, so there's no need to use the UP+Select short-cut...truly plug-and-play. The downside is that it doesn't update as fast as other XIM+adapter combinations and the mouse movements definitely feel a little sluggish. However, it still gets about the same number of updates per second as the Xbox 360 XIM users are getting, and it's totally playable. You just have to get used to how it "feels." At almost $100 there are cheaper alternatives out there.

- I-Con (reported to be around 63 updates per second)

- Venom (reported to run at 63 updates per second)
See ims's review here->http://xim360.com/index.php?topic=132.0

- Real PS2/PS3 Converter (Juncti reports 62 updates per second)

- Logic 3 adapter (61 updates per second)

Confirmed not working

-Cheapo RadioShack adapter

-Pelican PS3 adapter

-I can't tell if it's supposed to say EGC or LGC. Regardless, it doesn't work.

As some of you have probably read, I have the XFPS for the PS3. I got my toolstick today right before I left for lunch, and during my lunch break I soldered everything together, flashed the firmware, and gave it a try. The XIM works well with the PS3's XFPS. It was updating between 30 and 32 times a second, and I tried it out in COD4. I definitely need to spend some time and get my COD4 config file tweaked, but it definitely works.

Then, I decided to give my Yobo adapter a try. After reading on here and seeing that there are only two adapters that are confirmed to work, I wasn't hopeful. The ones that work thus far (the I-con and the venom) all have the controller # leds as well as a built-in PS3 button. My Yobo had none of those, but that didn't stop me from trying it out. To my utter surprise, after figuring out which button was mapped to the select button, it worked. It was updating about 62 times a second. Just to be sure that it wasn't some kind of fluke, I turned the PS3 off disconnected everything and gave it another go. It worked again. Unlike the XFPS, which automatically gets a controller number when you connect it, you have to register the XIM through the Yobo using the UP+Select shortcut key. I've attached some pictures of the Yobo adapter so that everyone can see what it looks like. The pictures are crappy, and I can take some more with a better camera if anyone wants me to.

General Discussion / XIM with PS3's XFPS?
« on: 09:00 PM - 02/16/08 »
I recently purchased the XFPS for the PS3, and needless to say, it doesn't work properly. Do you guys think that the XIM would work with the PS3's XFPS?

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