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Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Sony NAV missing at boot up
« on: 07:34 PM - 11/20/21 »
When I first started with Apex. The Nav was always there in Manager. Nothing has changed with my set up other than firmware updates. I’d say for the past year after I restart my Box (this is seen on One X and Series X) I have to unplug everything but Nav. Unplug Apex plug it back in, then everything else. Then unplug Apex again…rinse and repeat until I get it al to appear in Manager.

XIM 4 Discussions / Default Config
« on: 11:44 AM - 04/19/15 »
My Xim 4 doesn't keep the last Config used as the last one used. Every time I quit playing when I go back the Destiny Config is what's loaded. Is there a default option I'm missing somewhere?. My Xim 3 never did this. Last game played is what was always loaded when it turned on.

Not a big deal but kind of a nuisance.

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] X1 Controller Disconnected
« on: 02:23 PM - 09/15/14 »
Anyone have ideas on why the XBOne controller will randomly disconnect?

First time it happened after about 15 minutes. I thought the controller when to sleep. Came here looking if anyone else has seen this. Learned the XIM prevents sleep. Ok so that's not it.

Second time it happened after a couple hours and I thought batteries. Put fresh batteries in. Still will randomly disconnect sometimes after a few minutes or a few hours. Yesterday it went four hours before disconnecting.

Of course it can't disconnect while I'm safely roaming the tower. Always in the middle of a fire fight.

I've read that rumble needs to be off for PS4. Is the same true for XBOne? Other ideas?

Thanks in advance.

XIM4 with XBOne. Genuine M$ Controller, Sony NAV, Logi G9X (MW3 Ed.)
Only config loaded is Halo 4 tweaked for Destiny.
XIM4 is BT paired to my laptop.

Feedback / 1st MVP Ever!
« on: 03:22 PM - 12/08/11 »
I had heard about XIM a while back while looking for a KB/M adapter for the Xbox. The webiste made it sound fantastic but so does the Frag Shark's website. I was really on the fence. Do these adapters work? Hemmed & hawed for a few months until OXM reviewed XIM 3. That review helped kick me off the fence.

Come back to finally order. What's this? They're out of stock! @#$%, place order any way with the hope that maybe I'll have it by Christmas. Nope, got it in a week. Awesome.

Spent a couple hours pokinng around, binding keys and getting prepaired in general. However I wasn't prepaired for how well XIM 3 works. I was expecting some dead space or lag or just wierdness in general.

I've mainly been a computer gamer. Back in the day Myth, Unreal and Unreal Tournament were my bread and butter. Sure I grew up with an Atari 2600 and had a bunch of consoles since but PC games was where it was at especially online where I always did well, scored well, normally the top 3 or 5 depending on team size. Fast forward a few years with the Xbox release I made the swich well, got used to "The Duke" controller and managed to do well. Then somewhere along there MS introduced the varible speed on the R Stick or maybe it was always there but much more pronouced in the 360. Never got used to that and my scores proved it.

Not any more. Played ten rounds of hardcore TDM in MW3 last night. Stayed in the top 3 and even pulled out an MVP. My first ever in a CoD game. FFS I can finally aim agian! Thanks guys!

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