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XIM NEXUS Discussions / Pubg Translator
« on: 11:28 AM - 06/19/22 »
Hello, I have a question about how xim nexus translator works in pubg, the question is the following because aiming through the sight becomes so unstable from 30/40% if when aiming from the hip with a sensitivity of 250/300% I can turn fast and track enemies easy and shoot with lb with precision, but when aiming through the sight those percentages can not be moved, the sights get very nervous .

I find it the least curious, maybe you need to publish a readjustment in the translator? what do you think about it?


XIM NEXUS Discussions / Sniper elite 5
« on: 05:06 PM - 05/27/22 »
Hello everyone, I do not see in the list of games the sniper elite 5, does the configuration of the sniper elite 4 serve?

Thank you.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Motin Y scale
« on: 01:41 PM - 05/25/22 »
Hello everyone, I have been a couple of months with xim nexus in my possession and after many hours of use and testing, I think they should add support to modify the Y scale of the motion for each type of sight.

For example if I want to control the recoil of a weapon and aim well with an x3 or x4 sight and I go up the Y scale of the motion I can control the recoil quite well, but the x1 sight becomes super nervous and the x6 or x8 sights very unstable for the dmr or sr in pubg.

Can you give us a solution for this issue? currently in the tests that I am doing with the Y scale about 250% or more, as a player you become more aggressive in combat and with a greater performance than looking for a balance between all the sights, because when looking for the balance you lose the strong point of the sights with the motion aim.


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