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Game Support / SWBF2 and Destiny 2 Configs for XIM4?
« on: 10:11 PM - 08/14/18 »
Hi! I see that SWBFII and Destiny 2 are both listed in the currently supported games on XIM4 (and APEX).

I have what appears to be the latest XIM Manager (4.00.20160405) & Firmware (4.00.20171004), and my unit is working fine, yet neither of these games appears in the list when I go to create a new config. How can I add them?



I don't have a "smart" phone and don't need one. Probably never will. I manage profiles - switching, tweaking, etc. - via BlueTooth from my PC using XIM4 Manager.

I'm concerned by the "wired-only" addition to this management scheme for PC. Does this mean I'm going to lose functionality if I switch from my XIM4 to the APEX?



There was a spate of controversy on reddit and the Bungie forums during the recent PC Beta for Destiny 2, because Bungie / Vicarious Visions enable aim assist for controllers (and, as it turns out, controller adapters). I'm hoping they resolve that to everyone's satisfaction, but that's not the topic I wanted to discuss, just so I'm clear.

So I've been using a XIM since I started console gaming - first the XIM3 on 360 and now the XIM4 on XB1. Was never comfortable with a controller, and XIM made it so that I never had to bother. I just picked up gaming with MnK on console the same way I used to on PC, and have told people since that the XIM is the best value in a tech widget I've run across.

My personal preference is also NOT to use a gaming headset. The studio monitors I use for gaming are at least an order of magnitude better than any gaming headset, and they shake the room when things get "busy". I've never understood how/why people choose to game on a 55'' monitor and then close their sound up in a set of gaming headsets. Those monitors, coupled with the simple ("one-ear") chat headset with its excellent noise cancelling feature, make for a very nice gaming experience - feels like I'm in a theater, not a tunnel.

Anyway, I've played Destiny since mid-2015 and when Bungie announced it would support it, I decided I wanted to play D2 on PC as well as console. But once the PC beta dropped, the problem I discovered was figuring out how to manage the same audio setup. I tried plugging in a standard USB mic, but ran into problems. I also couldn't hear chat audio over the game. I started shopping for a PC gaming headset until it occurred to me I could just plug the XIM4 into the PC's USB, where Destiny 2 detects it as a controller. Magically, everything just worked - the same as on console. Not only do I now not need to come up with a "close as possible" keyboard mapping (VV's native keyboard mapping prevents a 1:1 setup comparable to XIM on console), but the audio configuration is 1:1.

So, bottom line: kudos to ObsIV & Team, and to Vicarious Visions, for handling the audio channels correctly in their respective products. Communication audio goes where it should (i.e., passed through the controller), game audio goes where it should (i.e., to my main audio mixer), and I'll be able to switch effortlessly between platforms.


Feedback / Search not working for me
« on: 02:18 PM - 05/22/17 »
I've tried the Search function on both Chrome and Firefox, and neither one works. I enter search terms and click "Search", but the window just refreshes with the message "Did you forget to put something to search for?", and the contents of the "Search for" entry box has been deleted.


I've used an MX510 (or equiv.) mouse with both the XIM3 and XIM4, and it has worked flawlessly throughout that time. Unfortunately, like all things, my remaining 510 started flaking out and I had to replace it. I tried a DeathAdder for a while, but the thumb (side) buttons are so low I kept pressing them by accident - plus it's too small to really fill out a large hand like mine. I prefer the Logitech MX/G form factor in that regard.

So I looked around and found that Logitech is apparently phasing out that particular design (at least for wired mice). I found the G400s at Newegg for a reasonable price and purchased two. The problems I'm having, described below, occur with both units and do NOT occur with the DeathAdder or another non-gaming Logitech mouse I have tested.

Essentially, what happens is that the XIM boots up and looks fine: normal light sequence at start-up, red 'breathing' sequence, etc. However, nothing functions. The G13 keyboard may or may not light up and, either way, keypresses do nothing. Mouse movement does nothing and mouse button presses do nothing, although the mouse LED tracking light is on. Attempting to manipulate the XB1 controller directly also does nothing, and the 'X' light is off. All behavior is the same whether fresh batteries are installed in the controller or not (I typically run w/o them, but have been keeping them in lately because they're needed for the fix, below).

To correct this problem, which is intermittent (about 50% of the time), I pull the XIM's USB cable out of the XB1, disconnect the controller and hold down the controller's 'X' button to turn it on. Once it's connected wirelessly, I shut it off by holding the 'X' and selecting "Turn controller off". I then connect the controller back to the XIM4 and then plug its USB cable into the XB1. I see a(nother) normal boot light sequence and things are then working. If I leave the batteries out of the controller, the only way I can get things to work when this happens is to shut the XB1 down manually from the front panel, reboot it, and hope it comes back up working, which it does every now and then.

On one occasion the keyboard and G400s stopped working while the console was sitting idle for about 30-40 minutes.  In that instance, moving the mouse quickly or rolling the mouse wheel caused flashing purple lights on the XIM4.

I have re-flashed the XIM4's firmware. This behavior did not change as a result. I don't have any other USB devices connected to the console.

Any suggestions appreciated. My feeling is that the G400s is drawing more power than older mice and may be messing with the XIM4's boot sequence or electrical connections in such a way that it's not reflected visually (i.e., through the light codes).

Perusing the comments and recommendations here, I gather that not all config data can be carried over from some HW/FW versions to the latest RC, which is kind of a bummer, but understandable.

I have been using HW/FW version 4.00.20150212 with my XBox One since I purchased my XIM4 last Feb., and it's worked just fine. My philosophy: if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it; which is why I haven't updated. I have a number of configs defined and tweaked for Borderlands 2, Borderlands: TPS, Destiny, Halo (MCC) and others.

I recently purchased Fallout 4 and see that I need to upgrade to get full support for that.

I'm hoping that this Fallout 4 support also includes smoother scrolling.  I currently use my Destiny config, which is quite functional except for throwing grenades (can't get that to work using the key mapped to RB). The only real problem I have is that scrolling the view around with the mouse results in a smearing or jitter that induces a sensation not unlike carsickness. Not exactly enjoyable, though certainly not the XIM's fault. I don't see this at all with the other games listed above.

In any case, I see that while editing a config, I can copy the mouse ballistics and the button configs, and save them in a text file.  I can't save the entire config, as there is no 'top level' copy/paste icon via '...' in this version of the Manager.

My question is: if I upgrade to the latest RC and restore factory defaults, will I be able to import these older configs by pasting them into the upgraded Manager? Is the format compatible?

Suggestions appreciated.



Is there any way to force a rollback to a previous firmware version?

After upgrading XIM3 firmware to the most recent version 1.00.2014013, my mouse now has only two positions - centered and slammed 'up'.

Thoughts appreciated!


p.s. it's a Logitech Mx518 - been working fine up to now...

I've seen lots of discussion on using a USB switch to share a mouse/keybd between XIM3 and a PC, but haven't found anything on this:

Has anyone ever had success putting a USB switch between the XBox's two controller USB sockets and the XIM3? The switch would be used to swap the XIM3 back and forth between the two.

My goal is to be able to emulate two controllers (for two separate game characters), using the switch, instead of having to constantly pick up and put down a second wireless controller. Obviously, while switched to one controller the other would be idle, and vice versa.

Thoughts? Thanks!!

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