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Hi All,

First post here. I have encountered a repeatable issue with the latest stable firmware 5.00.20211012 where keyboard bindings are recognised and reported by the companion app (manager) but are not sent onto the console itself. Only the ESC key works -- sent to console. I've rolled back firmware and confirmed its a software/firmware issue and not faulty hardware.

Firmware Details:
5.00.20210223 BETA - used for ~1yr - no issue

5.00.20210625 BETA - last beta I could find. keyboard works.

5.00.20211012 STABLE - only ESC key forwarded to console as a controller action; all other keys registerd and reported by companion app, but not sent to console. However, whilst Xim Apex is initialising (flashing) and xbox guide is up, one can use W S keys to scroll up down menu, but that capability stops upon xim apex initialisation (flashing lights) completing.

Hardware Details
- xbox series x
- xbox series x controller (one that came with the console) - no batteries
- xim apex
- xim apex USB hub
- Logitech K120 Wired Business Keyboard
- Logitech G502 HERO

Troubleshooting Steps Tried
- Hard reset xbox and removed power
- Ensured controller had latest firmware
- Xim USB Hub tested on PC -- confirmed all 3 ports working, mouse+keyboard both detected/working in all 3 ports
- Performed factory reset (as been using 5.00.20210223 BETA for past year) incase config low level corruption. -- issue persisted
- Rolled back firmware to 5.00.20210223 BETA and now all keyboard bindings passed onto console... working
- Put back latest stable firmware (5.00.20211012 STABLE) and keyboard no longer works -- I noticed during the testing that keyboard bindings were passing to console as Apex was initialising, but no longer sent bindings post initialistation apart from the ESC key.
- Flashed last beta firmware that I could find (5.00.20210625 BETA) and keyboard now works, all bindings sent to console.

I'm sure someone must have hit this issue and reported it, but I could not find any threads on this topic.

Hopefully this can be resolved.


PS. If you need to send me a special debug firmware to give you additional info etc. to help resolution, I'm here.

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