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General Discussion / Raspberry pi setup
« on: 12:48 AM - 05/30/22 »

I know this is not XIM related, but i thought some of you guys might be able to help.

Today my setup on my PS5 is Titan Two with a Hori pad as auth controller and a Switch Pro controller as my main controller.

I only use the device to be able to use my preffered controller. I hate the DualSense with a passion.

As you all know, Sony started blocking Speciality controllers in PS5 games.
So i am looking into setting up a Raspberry pi with Chiaki, just for sole reason of being able to use another controller.

My question is. Is it possible to use a Switch Pro Controller with Chiaki ? To somehow make it register as a DS4?

It would be neat if i could skip using my Titan Two. Would make my setup a bit more neat.

*UPDATE* i made it launch Chiaki and auto connect by writing these arguments in terminal when launching Chiaki “stream [PS5_Name] [Ip_here]”, without the [ ] brackets. :-)

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