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General Discussion / Custom Setting
« on: 02:25 PM - 03/11/22 »
For all my custom setting users on the xim nexus

I have found the xim to be super smooth I currently play on aim and fire for the toggle

with the following setting

Precision 100

Response 85

Easing 15

Stability 10

The only issue I run into is that aim acceleration going from hip (not firing) to ADS (Motion aim) any body got any tips on how to eliminate this

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Apex legends help
« on: 04:05 AM - 02/19/22 »
anybody else experiencing trouble when with analog stick in apex legends. my analog work fine until i bring up my heals then for some reason it doesn't register so I cant switch between heals

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Controller Accessory
« on: 09:24 AM - 02/07/22 »
Are you able to detach the thumbsticks and has anybody placed raised thumbsticks on the controller? do you like the way it feels? or is it not needed given the customization of the controller?

General Discussion / New Xim
« on: 12:48 PM - 02/05/22 »
I just placed my order for the XIm nexus, but stationed overseas anybody else placed an order to a APO box? if so how has your order been shipped yet? and if you received your order how long did it take you get it?

Stupid excited about getting the controller been following it for a while now.

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