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XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Apex + Cronus Zen
« on: 07:52 AM - 07/01/22 »
hi , im really happy with Xim Apex and it works great for me in Warzone on pc .... i have question , if i connect Xim Apex to cronus zen it will mess up or give worse mouse&keayboard/aim assist movement ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Corsair keyboards
« on: 08:46 AM - 06/30/22 »
Hi, is there any possibility that Xim Apex will support Corsair keyboards ? wish i could use my k70 wim xim . Thx
nvm , i figured it out . just use hub with external power

Hi i have weird problem with xim apex on warzone . Im getting weird crosshair "movement" with mouse (playing on pc) its like when im moving super slow with my mouse its like crazy sensitivity but when im moving super fast with mouse its like super low sensitivity ... with same exactly settings on xim apex and in game in vanguard all works fine and its feel super withbout any issues almost like normal gameplay on mouse and keyboard . Can some1 explain or look at my issue ? Thx and sorry for my english its not my main language .

Technical Support / [Q/A] XIM APEX from Japan
« on: 04:24 PM - 01/23/22 »
Hi , i want to get Xim Apex....and there is a problem i cant find any others than from Japan on ebay . If i get Xim from Japan i have any problems to use it in europe ? like difrent language , software etc. If yes , do can i change it for "english" version ? . Sry for my bad english its not my native .

XIM APEX Discussions / key/mouse bind on xim apex
« on: 08:27 PM - 01/19/22 »
Hi , im some specific guy when comes to key/mouse keys binds while gaming . My question is , can i bind on xim apex mouse key (mouse2) to moving forward ?

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