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I has always thought the mouse had to be wired. I believe I saw in another thread that a deathadder v2 pro (wireless) would work on an apex, but how about the xim4?

Edit: Oops I meant to put this in xim4 section

General Discussion / Max turn speed and dpi correlation?
« on: 03:12 AM - 12/01/21 »
Edit: I'm on a xim4

If I'm using a 3500 dpi mouse and my Sens in a call of duty (for example) is set to 15 and I notice I hit a max turn speed when trying to turn around to look the opposite way. If I were to get a higher dpi mouse and and  then obviously lowering my config sens to feel similar, would I feel it hitting max turn speed at the same time/rate/amount or would raising mouse dpi/lowering config sens lower the amount of max turn speed I feel?

I'm toying with the idea of ditching my old deathadder for the deathadder 2 pro (or maybe visor ultimate) .  Just curious if I'd want to run it max dpi or set it down to the 3500 I have it at no and if that would change the max turn speed at all. Also, just because I'm curious, if I set that new mouse to 3500 would my Sens feel exact same as my original deathadder that maxed/set at.

Also I was just thinking, this old 3500 deathadder doesn't have on board memory I don't think, so would it always be set at its max polling rate. I guess I'd want to match that on the new mouse. I've never messed with pilling rate before.

General Discussion / Vanguard ST
« on: 01:40 AM - 11/11/21 »
Any chance the Vanguard ST will be out  by the weekend? I had to ask.  ;D

General Discussion / Vanguard Guinea Pig thread.
« on: 06:09 AM - 11/04/21 »
Sooo who wants to play a couple hours of Vanguard when it comes out out later today with a XIM and report back to us?  Even though I keep reading on here I shouldn't worry about getting banned using my Xim4, I'm a bit reluctant to hop on Vanguard the first day just in case.   :o

General Discussion / Warzone/vanguard anti cheat
« on: 05:57 AM - 09/22/21 »
Do we think that the anti cheats that are being implemented into warzone and into the new call of duty vanguard will be a problem running a xim4 on Xbox? I know in the past the answer has usually been no but I can't find any threads about the upcoming changes to warzone.

General Discussion / Mw st for warzone still?
« on: 12:14 AM - 12/19/20 »
I assume the mw st is still what we use when playing warzone, correct

General Discussion / How do you guys deal with looting?
« on: 05:48 PM - 12/17/20 »
Whne using xim how do you, for example, deal with looting and changing attachments, dropping ammo, switching health, or using things like dead silence in blackout. Or even warzone. I have my d pad set to the numbers 1-4 and recently added a secondary bindings to make my D pad the arrows on the keyboard but in still finding its easier to just pick up the controller which definitely isn't ideal. I haven't played much warzone but I'm thinking it's time to figure it out, but it seems like picking up the controller every time I'm at a buy station or dropping a team mate some ammo is a recipe for never actually getting as good as I could be. Just curious what others do. 

Support / [Q/A] smooth aim transition xim4?
« on: 03:10 AM - 12/15/20 »
I've seen the video on smooth transition for apex and in the youtube comments or info it was noted that the option is found in xim4 as well, but I can't find it. I'm fully updated to firmware 20200203.  This option helps with the transition from hip to ads in relation to the the animation/delay time, right?  Where do I go about finding this?

XIM 4 Discussions / Smooth aim transition on xim4
« on: 10:19 PM - 11/25/20 »
Where do u find smooth aim transition option on the xim4? I can't seem to find the function , I'm on Firmware version 4.00.20171001.  The only other version after this is a 2020 one but I csn see people discussing this feature on the forum from a couple years back.

Second question, if I wqw to update from the 2017 to 2020 firmware will I lose my config?

XIM 4 Discussions / Steady aim in xim4 config?
« on: 10:42 PM - 11/19/20 »
Under mouse, then advanced, there is an option to select or de select "steady aim".  I only play call of duty and every year I setup my config I notice it, but ignore it. What exactly does it do?

Edit : I just looked again and there is a steady aim for both hip and ADS fire.  I also just found the video (below) for the xim apex and in the comments it says it works for the xim4 but on the same xim4 it seems like it's either on or off, but doesn't give you a chance to adjust values of it?  Regardless I'm still a bit unsure what it does so I'm curious what people who use it notice/feel about it.


General Discussion / Coldwar hardcore
« on: 08:12 AM - 11/14/20 »
I just want to start off by saying I play one game every year and it's call of duty and all I play is hardcore, been doing this since 360 days. I know my cod hardcode likely more than anyone. That being said, I'm not sure if it's hardcore specific but the amount of built in auto aim in this game is on another level. It's giving my shots I know I don't even deserve and even my noob non gamer friends are noticing it. As long as you're pointed close to a character the first of a gun seems to hit. Anyone else notice this? Is it just hard core? Also, there isn't a single gun in the gsme that takes a second shot to kill. Being a xim user I always spend the first weeks finding the one or two guns that I can outfit with attachments so that it's always a one shot kill, it's usually a slower fire rate gun that often takes a long barrel or something, but right now I haven't found a single gun in HC that isn't a one shot kill gun at any range. It's unreal how broken hardcore is right now. I'd imagine they're doing this so controller players can play against kb/m guys as I felt it in MW quite heavily compared to previous cods but in coldwar is soooo bad.

I haven't played much of the MW mp so I'm just getting around to figuring this out now, now that warzone is out.  How do you guys deal with the differing sights sensitivities?  For instance, in previous cod's all sights felt like the same sensitivity but in this game they're all different it seems and you have a couple options in settings to tweak the sense for each one.

Are you guys just turning down the magnified sights' sens to match a reflex ( for example ). Although, seems like even a reflex might have a higher sens than iron sights though.  Seems hard to build some muscle memory in aiming with a game like this. 

General Discussion / MW battle royale/warzone ST?
« on: 04:51 PM - 03/12/20 »
Will the MW Battle royale get  trained for an ST or is it exactly the same?  I'm using my modern warfare config and it's fine but I swear it feels different than playing in multiplayer (although I never played a ton of this MP).

I'm guessing the answer is: the ST is exact same for both but the BR just feels a bit different because it's technically a different game, but I'm just double checking.

I am currently on firmware 4.00.20160405 and I'm going to grab an xbox one x tomorrow.  Doing some quick searches it appears like I'll have to update firmware for it to work. 

My first question is, I remember when we all switched to this firmware (2016) from whatever my xim was shipped with before this date and this update ( i believe it was this one) made all the sensitivities in my settings way off.  I think we had to either double or cut in half the sens's so it would feel the same.  Is this going to happen when I do the most recent updates for it to work with the one x?

And also, will I lose any settings? I found a thread that says doing an update is a "breaking change" and will require a factory reset + will also lose all the settings, but that looks like only if its 20141114 or earlier. Correct?

In beta I had in game sense cranked and used the infinite warfare and remastered st and the game felt perfect. I just stated the game up for the first time and its unplayable. My sense is down to like 3 at hip on Xim  (from 16ish in beta) and my player still spins around like 3 times when I move across my mouse pad. And when my mouse is just a C hair off the pad the player is moving around all weird.  In beta, did the in game sense go up to 20? I don't get what's going on. It feels very very sensitive/twitchy and unplayable. Anyone else having an issue?

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