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I haven't played much of the MW mp so I'm just getting around to figuring this out now, now that warzone is out.  How do you guys deal with the differing sights sensitivities?  For instance, in previous cod's all sights felt like the same sensitivity but in this game they're all different it seems and you have a couple options in settings to tweak the sense for each one.

Are you guys just turning down the magnified sights' sens to match a reflex ( for example ). Although, seems like even a reflex might have a higher sens than iron sights though.  Seems hard to build some muscle memory in aiming with a game like this. 

General Discussion / MW battle royale/warzone ST?
« on: 04:51 PM - 03/12/20 »
Will the MW Battle royale get  trained for an ST or is it exactly the same?  I'm using my modern warfare config and it's fine but I swear it feels different than playing in multiplayer (although I never played a ton of this MP).

I'm guessing the answer is: the ST is exact same for both but the BR just feels a bit different because it's technically a different game, but I'm just double checking.

I am currently on firmware 4.00.20160405 and I'm going to grab an xbox one x tomorrow.  Doing some quick searches it appears like I'll have to update firmware for it to work. 

My first question is, I remember when we all switched to this firmware (2016) from whatever my xim was shipped with before this date and this update ( i believe it was this one) made all the sensitivities in my settings way off.  I think we had to either double or cut in half the sens's so it would feel the same.  Is this going to happen when I do the most recent updates for it to work with the one x?

And also, will I lose any settings? I found a thread that says doing an update is a "breaking change" and will require a factory reset + will also lose all the settings, but that looks like only if its 20141114 or earlier. Correct?

In beta I had in game sense cranked and used the infinite warfare and remastered st and the game felt perfect. I just stated the game up for the first time and its unplayable. My sense is down to like 3 at hip on Xim  (from 16ish in beta) and my player still spins around like 3 times when I move across my mouse pad. And when my mouse is just a C hair off the pad the player is moving around all weird.  In beta, did the in game sense go up to 20? I don't get what's going on. It feels very very sensitive/twitchy and unplayable. Anyone else having an issue?

I have a xim 4 and an (old) death adder 3500 dpi mouse. I've b een using this combo for several cod's and it always worked great for me until the ST for bo4 came out and something didn't feel right.  After a bit I noticed I was hitting the max turn speed way easier and thus wasn't able to keep up with my aiming.  I went back to the bo3 ST I was using during beta and never looked back. So, this whole year I've played with bo3 ST instead.  I'm curious why this is in case I have a problem with the ST in the new call of duty coming out.  If I bought the newer death adder with higher dpi, then I'd likely have to lower the sens in my ST so it felt similar to before, would that have help? Or does that have nothing to do with it?  I'm a bit confused to why the exact same settings and hardware had more issues with the bo4 ST vs any previous one.

FWIW: Manager and firmware version is 4.00.20160405 as I don't fix what isn't broken and don't want games to feel different if I go back and play an old call of duty after updating it (i remember sens changed after a previous update).

XIM 4 Discussions / New phone question.
« on: 01:03 AM - 06/23/18 »
If I was on a phone, S8 in my case, and I bought a new S8, downloaded the app again from the new phone and continued using my Xim like normal - would everything be exactly the same? For some reason it feels different to me but likely just in my hear. What if the app on my old phone was an older version than the one I downloaded on the new one? Even if that was the case, u assume it would make no diff since I didn't update the xims firmware or anything right?

Switching Samsung s7 to S8 this week, how do I not lose anything?  I just remembered last year when I ot my s7 all my apps switched over properly except the xim app.  I ended up losing all my settings and stuff.

XIM 4 Discussions / How many xim4's out there?
« on: 04:29 AM - 11/09/16 »
I'm not sure if that's something that is wanting to be answered by you guys but I'm just curious what are the chances I'm playing someone else with one.  It's obviously pretty hard to say how many particular people use a xim in hardcore call of duty modes (only thing i play) but I'm just curious to how many xims are out there.

General Discussion / ST for cod beta on xbox one?
« on: 09:02 PM - 10/20/16 »
What's everyone using? i tried to just keep using my bo3 one and the sens is way different + everything doesn't feel that great.  I figure if I'm going to start a new one to try out beta I might as well use one that would be closest to how this game plays.  So what have you guys been using?

 "unfortunately,  xim 4 manager has stopped"  is the message. It happens every time I try and open the app. I only play one game so I haven't had a need to open the app but it just says the above when I try and open it on my Android phone. I went into the app store to double check there wasn't a new update or anything. What could be going on?  Also,  if I have to redownload the app (some how),  will I lose my current settings?  I just want to be able to go in and see what my sensitivity is set at,  so I can write it down for ti d like thne when something happens.  Fwiw,  I have the the firmware /app thst came put with the blending ads delay,  I can't remember if it was a full release or not,  at the time.

XIM 4 Discussions / 20151120?
« on: 07:45 PM - 11/24/15 »
Does 20151120 have the option to switch between classic(?) to progressive delay?  I'm on the one that is progressive and it feels great, i can only see wanting to change in case i want to turn off PD for other games. 

XIM 4 Discussions / st1 vs s2 sensitivity
« on: 06:25 AM - 11/17/15 »
I had read that after you updated to st2, you'd have to turn down sensitivity compared to before.  Has it even been mentioned if there is an exact percentage to cut it by or will I have to just start trying sens' until it feels how it did before?  For example if I used 12 hip and then updated everything for st2, is there a percentage I could decrease to have it feel the same?  I remember back when i had to update my xim3 a few years back that someone had mentioned it was something like 50% less.

XIM 4 Discussions / stuck trying to update firware
« on: 03:54 AM - 11/17/15 »
edit: see the bold update below

XIM 4 Discussions / b03 ST based off beta?
« on: 06:33 AM - 10/25/15 »
Was anything put together based off he beta?  I'm not sure if it was out long enough to created one, or if the game even played close enough to how it will when it's out to bother - but curious to if anything was made.  I remember the ST's i tried played quite different in this cod beta than any other previous cods when having to find something for the first few days after release.

Just got the 500x stealth turtle beaches which don't need the adapter for xbone and I was all excited until I went in game and I'm noticing a slight delay in sound. I've had x31s which are wireless and they had no delay to them.  I double checked all my drivers and software was up to date and reconnected everything and then went onto the dashboard to cycle up and down through menus and I can actually get my thumb off the controller before the "beep" sound comes through.  I took off the headset and turned on my monitors speakers and the sound of my cycling through the menus is instant, in fact at first i couldn't hear it because it was being hidden by the physical sound of the little thumb joystick.

Any ideas on what would be causing this?  This surely can't be normal, my cheap x31's from 5+ years ago had no latency.


In the instructions it says to go into xbox and put the audio optical settings to bitstream out.  If I put the optical audio settings back to stereo uncompressed no latency in sound.  Then again back to bitstream there is a slight delay.  It's enough that they're not even worth using in a video game, it just throws me off - but I assume the bitstream option is to get surround sound

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