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just throwing it out there lol

General Discussion / Crysis 2 question
« on: 09:54 PM - 04/03/11 »
Just wondering if the look mechanic in is suppose to be so slow? Talking non ads

I can't tell if it is just like that or if something is wrong with my config

Picked one of these up today at lunch after calling StarTech support and verifying it does not use any software emulation.

Had to pickup an HDMI to DVI-D connector so I can connect the KVM directly to my Xbox.

Here is the switch


Will advise tonight on how it works.

Awesome!  Can't wait for the new album!!!

Feedback / [bimg]
« on: 05:25 PM - 03/02/11 »
Should enable it!

Xbox / Anybody else miss MW2 Spas-12 in BO?
« on: 05:23 PM - 02/15/11 »
Just watching a new sandyravage video, fork do I ever miss destroying with the Spas.  Loved that gun sooooo much lol

Wonder why the shotguns in BO suck so bad?

I have had some ok games with it in BO but nothing close to MW2 rapage

Since there is no real indication of when I can order one thru the store (being in Canada)

Would it be possible for me to arrange my own shipping?  For me, its 1 phone call and I can have a unit picked up.  ONLY thing I would need from XIM is a reciept/delivery recipt.

Possible or no?

Technical Support / RT sometimes doesn't work
« on: 02:46 PM - 01/09/11 »
Not sure if anybody else has had this problem, my right trigger button doesn't seem to work sometimes = gun no fire = dead

Any ideas where to start?

I have only had this issue with my new G500 but I don't have another mouse to try at this point

XIM 2 Discussions / Change from DLP Projector to 24" LCD?
« on: 02:00 PM - 12/17/10 »
I have been playing xbox for the last couple years on a high def projector.  My screen is currently around 90" wide.  I am sitting around 13' back.

I have been feeling lately that playing on a smaller monitor, around 24" LCD monitor might help me play better. 

I have been suffering from "tunnel vision" playing COD on such a big screen.

Do you guys think I might do better on a smaller LCD??  Any general consensus as to what the best size monitor for COD gameplay?

Configurations and Requests / My COD4 Config
« on: 08:38 PM - 06/18/09 »
Had some good success with this config so far, Figured I would share

I am playing with an MX-518 1600dpi
X6 Keyboard
96" widescreen 720p HD70 Projector


Feedback / Bought a used XIM2 360 off ebay
« on: 01:28 PM - 05/22/09 »
And its pretty amazing!

I always told my friends that if i could use a keyboard and mouse i would destroy at cod4 (i suck pretty bad with the 360 controller)

Anyways, i have been using it for only 2 days and its awesome!!


Hi, just wondering if a USB Active Extender like this:


is better then using a standard USB extension cable 16' and beyond?

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