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Hello, ive noticed that my controller (dualshock 4) is losing charge when using xim. sometimes when i play, it just disconects and i need to charge it to work again, i have no idea why is it losing charge, can someone help me?

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] my xim stopped working
« on: 03:27 PM - 01/02/22 »
hello, sorry for my bad english
ive been using xim for 1 month without problems
i have weak usb hub with specs only 5VDC 500mA and it was working perfectly
one day my mouse just disconected and stopped working, i somehow fixed it amd then it happened again and stopped working, when i connect my controller it flashes green 4 times like usual and it also recognise my mouse but not my keyboard, i think i have problem with keyboard, but my keyboard works perfectly when i connect it to pc or maybe i have power issues because of my weak usb hub even that it was working perfectly for 1 month
my setup is
keyboard : niceboy oryx k300x
mouse : logitech g403 hero

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