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Beta / XIM4E Beta Bug List
« on: 12:00 PM - 02/03/14 »
So once the firmware is released, where do we report bugs?

XIM 4 Discussions / Partial joystick movement toggle
« on: 03:42 AM - 01/21/14 »
Sorry if this has been asked before but is it possible to build a toggle for movement so I can walk instead of run, that would essentially give the user partial joystick movement, so something like half or just below half movement?

Deutsch / Ich suche deutschen freunde auf xbone live
« on: 06:17 PM - 12/16/13 »
I am English but would like some German friends to play with online for cod, bf4 and forza (xbone).

Ich komme aus England und ich suche deutschen freunde mit dem xbone, wen spielen cod, bf4 und forza. Ich lerne deutsch aber mein deutsch ist ziemlich schlecht aber werde ich besser gehen! Naturlich, du sollst ein bisschen Englisch sprechen damit kann ich verstehen!


Support / PS3 - Sony Move Controller Set Up
« on: 05:30 PM - 02/06/13 »
Right ok, I spent the last hour searching the forum for issues with setting up the Sony Move controller and although there were tons of posts, none really addressed my issue... That I could find anyway.

So I got my XIM, plugged it into PC, downloaded the latest firmware (XIM OS 20121016) and installed, selected the BO:2 config for PS3, updated all the binds using the diagrams that other users have helpfully laid out and selected 'Joystick' as 'movement', saved the config and unplugged the device from PC, job done.

I have tried the next couple of steps a few times now...

PS3 and all controllers are off
Plugged PS3 controller into left mouse port on XIM
Plugged SS Kana mouse into centre port on XIM
Plugged Sony Move Controller using USB in right port on XIM

Plugged the XIM into Sony PS3 and then turned on PS3.

I noticed that upon turning the PS3 on, the main controller fires up however, the Sony Move doesn't and I have to turn it on manually and I think this is where it's going wrong as at that point I suspect it then connects to the PS3 wirelessly... XIM correctly flashes green to indicate that the BO:2 profile has been loaded.

The mouse works fine but I can't move anywhere using the nav controller, only the main controller.

Anyone got any ideas?

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM3, MW2/3 and Acceleration
« on: 06:50 AM - 11/20/11 »
Hi all, I am new here and I have a couple of questions with regards to this product, specifically relating to in game acceleration. I have conducted a number of searches over the forum but I am getting conflicting views from people so I just want to settle my concerns really...

Back in the day I got very involved in FP shooters on the PC, but eventually the hackers took over the games that I loved so much and it just made the entire experience miserable with having to install punk buster and take screen shots for every game we played, it was just very tedious and in the end I quit the scene altogether.

Nowadays, most of my friends play console games and I'd like to join them but where I am so used to playing with the mouse on the PC (and doing quite well), I'm a bit of a noob with the controller and often end up with a negative K/D ratio.

A while back I explored some other input devices which were ok for some people, such as the FragNstien mouse and wand, but the in game acceleration just made my head explode and I just couldn't get on with it. The problem (as most of you know, but I want to spell this out for anyone else looking into this), is that you can move the mouse exactly 5 inches (slowly) and you will spin 180 degrees, fine then? NO! Try the same thing again but this time a bit faster and you'll spin 360 degrees, @#$%!?!

When I was reading reviews for this device, alot of people said 'yeah it really makes a difference'. Looking back at it though, I can tell that the people who were conducting these reviews were just kids with little or no experience with PC FPS gaming, so to them I guess it seems 'normal' and expected.

What I want to know is, does the XIM3 really get rid of the in game acceleration issue, is it actually 1:1 or is just 'as close as it can be'? I really hope it's the former but if it's the latter, then I guess I'll just have to practice some more with the controller and my PS3 will most likely end up breaking a window lol.

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