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Technical Support / [Q/A] Xim Firmware Update
« on: 03:40 PM - 02/20/22 »
Hello everyone, I used to use my xim on my Xbox 1s, and it worked good, but I recently got a series s and Iím unable to use it. Iím not sure if Iím not on the right firmware or whatever but when I have the app open, it doesnít recognize any of my inputs. Iíve tried multiple cables, (including 2 that 100% can transfer data). I am using a series s controller on a series s xbox. Iím not sure what to do please help.

Manager version:5.00.20211216

Firmware Version:5.00.20180402

Technical Support / Xbox Series S Firmware
« on: 12:42 PM - 01/29/22 »
Hello everyone, Iíve recently got a series S, and the new controller, and Iím having trouble with the updates. Whenever I try to click the ios download for the manager, it takes me to the App Store, but no update is available. Iím assuming this means I have the latest. My main problem is that the xim app doesnít detect any keyboard/mouse buttons. Iím assuming thatís bc I havenít updated the firmware for the new controller, but I canít figure out how to. All the fire ware download links are for pc/mac and Iím doing this on my phone.

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Rust Xim on Series S
« on: 09:00 PM - 01/03/22 »
Hello everyone, my xim is not working on any game. I have everything hooked up, and connected on the app. The app recongnized, and pops up, whatever key I press on the keyboard/mouse. The problem is that it doesnít translate to the Xbox. It does not move me in any game, or the Xbox menu.

Extra: I have had this xim for about a year now and have used it very much to play r6. Havenít used it in a few months, but I made sure my update it up-to-date.

Xbox / Rust Xim
« on: 12:01 PM - 12/26/21 »
Hey everyone, Iíve been using xim for about a year now, and Iíve wanted to try it on rust. Iíve got my xim and everything plugged in, and on the app, it shows my inputs on the keyboard/mouse, but it doesnít actually move me in game. Iím stuck and not sure what to try.

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