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My mouse and keyboard inputs are not being passed through to my xbox. I thought my issue was with XIM Link, but I directly plugged a mouse and keyboard to the XIM Apex hub and the inputs from the mouse and keyboard are still not being passed through to the xbox. The controller inputs are being passed through, however. What do I do?

XIM Link / Input not being picked up by Xbox
« on: 10:12 PM - 11/20/21 »
XIM Link states "XIM Apex Connected", XIM Apex manager detects input, and XIM Link is also intercepting input. Everything is connected as depicted in the guide diagram that's stickied, and my setup has worked for quite a while. I am using the Plugable cable listed in supported cables. I've moved the transfer cable to all of the usb slots, I've tried turning the cable around and doing the same thing. That didn't work, either. Tried restarting my computer, xbox, xim apex, nothing.

I've already ordered a new cable, but is there anything I haven't tried to get this to work?

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