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General Discussion / Bf2042 settings
« on: 07:50 AM - 10/06/21 »
 I know the config not gonna be released till nov 19th do any of you peeps know the st for this game. Via controller menu?. mouse and keyboard works on my bfv settings but sensitivity/ aiming is vey slow ( on the 2042beta )  cheers

Support / [Q/A] Aim assist
« on: 12:01 PM - 09/23/21 »
Hi i use the razer viper ultimate  polling rate 500 ads 64- hip 26 but dont get any Aa at all.. when i move my mouse the xim flashes red is this the prob any ideas on the settings i need for AA to work cheers

when i try to connect my xim apex for the first time to the the xim manager it shuts down without connecting .ive alredy installed latest firmware.the light on the xim apex is stable blue ....any help would be appreciated thanks

Support / [Q/A] Movement sensitivity
« on: 01:41 PM - 09/01/21 »
Hey.. is there a way to increase my movement left to right in xim manager ive hired it right up from  low to high but not getting the desired 180 movement by flick of the wrist. Im having to slide my hand all the way across the mouse mat? Do i need to adjust dpi in  or is there a way to do this in the xim if i hire it in xim moves faster but not the desired 180 degree movement of little movement of my mouse cheers

Hi ive updated to new firmware and purchased a anmeil usbc cable but xim manager wont recognise the controller.. any ideas peeps will a wited xbox one controller work if i have to ill buy one as i cant seem to get series x controller to work tryed multiple cables now charge and read ones thx in advance

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