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Curious if this would work. Also, would you be able to use a Nav/Mouse and have the PC read it as controller via XIM? Translators would probably be another issue I suppose.

XIM Link / Using two mice (one for XIM, one for PC)
« on: 05:09 PM - 04/13/18 »
First off, if there is no solution to this, it really isn't a huge issue, but I figured i'd ask.

I currently have:

keyboard plugged into the PC
surfing/browsing mouse (G400s) plugged into PC
Gaming Mouse plugged into XIM (G502)

When using XIM Link, switching from Deactive to Active disables my mouse on PC, even though I have my gaming mouse plugged directly into the Apex. My questions are:
1. Is there a way to only disable the keyboard When Xim Link is active?
2. If this is not possible, Will having both mice plugged in (one in PC/one in XIM) have any negative effects when I switch the peripherals to Active on XIM link?

I searched through all the forum pages, but did not see any similar questions.



Support / [ACTIVE] Not all devices turn on consistently
« on: 12:16 PM - 05/16/17 »

I've been having an issue with my XIM4 every since I bought it, but up until now i've just been dealing with it, and its becoming rather annoying. 

Issue: When i turn on my xbox, XIM4 boots up 100% of the time, but the controller/keyboard boot up maybe 50% of the time.  Continuing on with this, when the controller DOES turn on, the Xbox mic attachment on the bottom of the controller boots maybe 50% of the time as well (I check if this has turned on by pressing the mute button and the orange "\" lights up. If it does not light up I know the mic adapter isn't on and I am not able to talk in party chat). This forces me to unplug and replug in my XIM4 until everything turns on. Sometimes it all turns on right away, and sometimes I've gotta restart the XIM4 3-6 times.

Devices: Logitech g400s gaming mouse
Ducky Zero Keyboard
Astro a40's w/mixamp (Not sure if relevant)

Thank you!

Hi guys,

having a strange problem when ADS on the BO3 translator.  It seems my vertical movement gets disabled when I ads.  when im not ADSing (on hip) i can make circles with my mouse and vertical aiming works like normal, but when I ADS i can only aim in a straight line left and right. 

I have checked my ST settings and I dont see any issues.  Maybe i'm missing something. Any ideas?

Xbox one BO3 ST

Just got one  a couple weeks ago. Works great with the xim4. just plug and play.

Sometimes when i'm playing on the xbox one the controller will turn off and be unusable, but the mouse and keyboard still work for playing games.  This would be fine except for chat goes through the controller so the mic function no longer works when the controller is off.  When i try to turn it back on, the xbox button on the controller turns on and off 8-10 times and then stays off. Interestingly enough, when I unplug the controller from the xim4, even though the controller is off (or seems to be off) the xbox one says to please reconnect the controller.  I've noticed that occasionally the xbox one will freeze after this happens and a restart is needed.  Any ideas?

Just curious if there has been much thought about this. Halo MCC has halo 1,2,3, and 4
Combined together on a single disc for the Xbox one, all pushed to 1080p, 60fps. Do you think there will have to be a translator for each game? Or will they all be the same?

My mionix keyboard doesn't work with the xim4, so I'm looking into getting a Ducky. I've heard good things about them. Let me know!

Any idea what the problem is? If it is a power issue then I can fix that, but if it's something else please let me know.  Tired of having my xim4 sitting here collecting dust. It worked on the xim3. so im not sure why its not on the xim4. About 10 days ago we were told "a couple days" for the keyboard update firmware.  I'd appreciate an ETA.

The Mionix Zibal 60 keyboard is posted under the "known working" mouse list on the official working hardware thread.  It also is not working currently on the XIM4. It worked with the XIM 3, so hopefully the new firmware will make it work with the XIM4.

On my Xim3 I haD a ghosts profile for regular guns hip and ADS. I also had a second profile for sniping hip and ADS, and could switch between the two profiles on the fly by pressing F on my keyboard. I noticed with the Xim4 you can have multiple switchers per profile (I believe six), but if I add a 3rd and 4th config for sniping, while under the same profile, they are not "linked". I hope you understand what I'm saying. How it is right now if I add a toggle F to the third config, I have to use either the 1st config hip fire, or the 2nd config ADS, where as on the xim3 it would let me switch to a different profile entirely for sniping, which had it's own hip and ADS, and then switch back with the same button. Just trying to figure out the best way to go about this.
If you need more clarification let me know.

I've been streaming quite a bit more frequently, and have started either playing iTunes or using nightbots auto Dj in stream. The problem is that when the music is playing, it's too loud in my headset (astro A40's), but if I turn it down, the stream can't hear it.  I can use the mixamp knob to make it quieter, thus making the game louder, but then I cannot hear people in party/game chat, and I also cannot hear donation/follower sounds. Is there a way for the sound to be outputted to my headset quieter than it is outputted to stream?

Hardware Compatibility / Mionix Zibal 60 Keyboard
« on: 08:38 PM - 08/05/14 »
Under the compatibility list for the XIM4, The mionix zibal 60 is labeled as a working mouse, when in fact it is a keyboard. As of right now it does not seem to be working on the xim4.  It works on the xim3 however.  If there is any way to fix this advice would be much appreciated.

I've had a xim3 for a while now on my 360, and have spent ample time perfecting my profiles for halo3/cod using smart advanced translators.  My question is, will I be able to transfer these translators to the Xim4 exactly how they are, or will the next gen games have factors that prohibit this (for example different deadzone size/shapes etc.) Ideally, id like to be able to take my xbox360 xim3 cod ghosts profile and transfer it to xbone/xim4. If this isnt possible, will the xim4 have options for smart advanced, and boost/smoothness/acceleration/x-y ratio, etc.

I'm also interested in hearing OBsiV's thoughts on how the master chief collection will work, since its the original halo1,2,3,4, as well as the new halo 2 anniversary combined.  Will I have to switch profiles between matches depending on which game loads?  And will there be a need for new translators since halo3/4 translators already exist? The game will be exactly the same as the original, just bumped to 1080p/60fps. 

Some of these questions may not be answerable just yet, but if you have any thoughts about them please let me know!
Thank you

Hey everyone,
I realize these threads come up often, but i've probably read through about 30 of them tonight, and have yet to find a straight answer. 

I got rid of my HDPVR2 because its not really compatible with OBS and screen capture kinda sucks. 
I'm looking for a PCI-E card that i can plug my xbone into (xbox 360 for now, waiting on that xim4!), and stream it at both 1080p30fps, and 720p60fps (not at the same time obviously, and preferably the option to livestream @1080p60fps, though many users don't have the download speed for that).
Mind you this isnt for recording gameplay and editing. It's solely for livestreaming to twitch.

-I don't want to have to screencap
-I want to be able to plug in my xbone without a million workarounds such as input/output converters
-HDMI  (i know its not the best, unless theres an easy, better way)
-live game commentary. 

Basically just wanna improve stream quality from what it is now.  Here's my twitch for quality reference. The CoD gameplays are on 360.

Thank ye.

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