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XIM Link / Xim Link on PC only
« on: 08:37 AM - 10/22/21 »
Hey guys,

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I want to use my Xim Apex on PC and use Xim link to switch controls of the m/KB between game (controller) and normal PC use.
Is the setup exactly the same as the console Xim link setup? will it work on any connected controller supported by PC (PS5, PS4, xbox one)?


Hardware Compatbility / Using USB hub for the XIM Apex
« on: 03:33 PM - 01/10/21 »
Hey guys,

Can I replace the USB hub that comes with the XIM apex with another usb hub?

Thanks  :)

Hardware Compatibility / Best Mouse to be used with XIM4
« on: 11:55 AM - 05/10/16 »
Hey Guys,

I've always been using a generic Dell mouse with my XIM4. However, I noticed that I've been cranking the sensitivity in the XIM manager to the upper 400 just to be functional while members here are using setups in the 20-30 xD

I figured maybe it's something to do with the Mouse's DPI itself. If it's true, what would be a good mouse to use that would really help my precision and that is natively supported by XIM4?

Thanks in advance!   

XIM 4 Discussions / Setting Backup?
« on: 11:23 AM - 05/10/16 »
Hi Guys,

Is there an option to backup your setting and config to PC so it can later be used with other devices (or the same one if needed)?

Thanks in advance,

Beta / Can't pair with iPhone
« on: 11:22 AM - 05/10/16 »
Hi Guys,

Sorry in advance about the repeated topic but I really couldn't figure out what is needed to pair my XIM with my iPhone.

I have an iPhone 6 with the latest IOS. I have upgraded my XIM4 to the latest Firmware 20160405.  I've downloaded the XIM manager through the App store and tried connecting the phone and the XIM as described here in the website (Launching the manager and when it says connect I press the button on the XIM).

The manager keep "loading" and then give me an error stating wrong manager/firmware version even though I have got the latest.

It's worth noting that I have no problem pairing with an Android device or PC.

Am I suppose to be part of the TestFlight group or something?


XIM 4 Discussions / Binding 2 buttons to one KB button
« on: 10:54 AM - 11/09/15 »

The release of BO3 begs the question of the possibility to map 2 buttons to a single KB button (easier specialist ability activation).

Any thoughts?


XIM 4 Discussions / Can't Buy more than 2 Xim4?
« on: 04:47 AM - 08/27/14 »

I am trying to place an order for 6 devices of XIM4 (for my group of friends), but each time i try to checkout, the number revert back to 2.

I there some kind of limitation to the number of devices I can purchase?


Hey guys..

With PS4 launched and Xbox one just around the corner, a new model of XIM is inevitable. At least, this is what I think.

I might be wrong but that's not the point. I own both the XIM3 and the XIM edge, and thankfully I never had to use the latter since XIM3 is still working perfectly and I dread the day I need to play an FPS on PS3 to force me to plug in the XIM edge.

I understand the rational of releasing the XIM edge and appealing to the larger market, however, why not still keep the XIM3 version for users like me that prefer the LCD deplay for setting up and configuring their controls? Again, I'm sure this has a perfectly good reason why its not possible to do so but I feel that it might still make sense to have both versions available for customers that are willing to pay more for a little more convenience. Plus, it's just too @#$% beautiful  :-*

So..for my "TLDR" point, please consider releasing a XIM3 kinda of device for next gen.


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