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I'm using XIM Link for the first time.  Everything appears to be working while I'm playing but I noted every time I start up XIM Link I get a missing .dll file message.  Also, while playing I glance over and occasionally see dropped packet warnings in the app.

Is this stuff normal or should I be concerned/am I doing something wrong?


I've been using the Apex for a few weeks now. (XB1, G303 mouse, currently using it with a Nav).  For some reason when I turn up the polling rate past 250 hz I feel like I lose almost all aim assist in COD WW2.  I feel like I am doing much better when I play at 250 hz versus 500 or 1000 because I just feel like the aim assist disappears at the higher polling rates.

Is this in my head or has anyone else noticed this?

Feedback / Another win with the Apex
« on: 01:06 PM - 03/13/18 »
Since the XIM 2 I have been having a blast on Xbox and Playstation consoles, being more impressed with every release of the XIM since.  The Apex is no exception, great features and a product which works flawlessly.  Thank you to OBsIV and the rest of the team for another fantastic release!   :D

XIM 4 Discussions / 360 games on Xbox One
« on: 07:09 AM - 07/31/16 »
Forgive me if this has already been covered.  So they recently added the original COD Black Ops to the backward compatibility list, would the 360 profile for that game work OK playing on the Xbox One?

OK so I have just got back into gaming after a several year hiatus, and have also been a COD fan for a long time, basically going back to COD 4: MW (the original).  Through the releases, I enjoyed the titles such as World at War, MW2, MW3, Black Ops.. Even Black Ops 2 was decent (really the last COD game i played, i think)

However, it seems that the only game in COD right now is the space age theme.  Players with constant run, ridiculous weapons and special abilities, jetpack jumps, and wall running...

This article says it best, all the things I liked about the COD games I used to play are pretty much opposite of everything that BO3 is, and I don't like it at all... 


I picked up BF4 yesterday at Walmart for $20 and played it for several hours last night and had a blast, absolutely loved it.  BF1 will definitely be a day one purchase for me.

I will probably still play BO3 here and there but it won't be my go-to FPS game by a long shot like the previous COD games have been.  I know someone is going to jump in and says something about the series never being based on realism, but I need something a little closer than rocket jetpacks and wall-running.

Anyone else feel the same way?

XIM 4 Discussions / Extended USB Setup
« on: 11:00 AM - 07/16/16 »
My plan is to run this from the main room in the basement through the drop ceiling into my office off the corner of the basement to use my XIM4 for shooter games, any reason why this won't work?  After reading several topics, I THINK this should work as it's an active cable and I have a powered USB hub to supply extra power on the XIM end.

I ordered this cable:


and this USB HUB for extra power:


Appreciate any feedback.

General Discussion / Back in the game (kinda)
« on: 02:10 PM - 07/12/16 »
Well after several years of being completely out of gaming I purchased an Xbox One about a week ago.  I originally thought I would get a PS4 if I got one of the newer gen consoles, but more of my friends and co-workers are on Xbox Live so that is what tipped it for me.  I also vastly prefer (and always have) the Xbox controllers to Playstation for non-shooter games, and the package deals they are offering at Microsoft right now are great since the new S model is coming out next month. 

Just did a 180 degree career change that was a huge process for me the last couple years, finally settled in a new city, house, and career and have a LITTLE time here and there to play some games, emphasis on a little. 

So, naturally I ordered my XIM4 the other day, pretty excited to get it.  I had the XIM2 and XIM3 and loved them both, really like the functionality of using my phone for the profiles that the XIM4 offers.  I still have my PS Nav controller I was using with my XIM3 that I really liked and my trusty old Logitech MX518 mouse (I'm sure there are way better ones out there). 

Anyway,  that's my boring tale, just excited to be able to do a little FPS gaming again here and there as I'm an old school PC gamer and have always enjoyed it and have appreciated what the XIM has brought to console gaming.

XIM 3 Discussions / Profile for Vehicles in Black Ops
« on: 12:56 PM - 02/19/11 »
I got my XIM3 last night and suffice to say I am enjoying it, awesome device (I'll post more comments in the first impressions thread.  My only issue is the sensitivity in vehicles, namely the huey gunship.

I followed the instructional video on how to set up a switcher profile which I did, set the sensitivities on the backup profile to 100.00 / 100.00 as it says.  However, when I switch to this profile in the gunship the sensitivity is still ridiculously low, I have to make several passes with the mouse to aim.  Am I doing something wrong?

My mouse is a MX518 (And before someone says it, yes I know about having to manually up the DPI to 1800 when I play, I'm doing that, not a problem).


XIM 2 Discussions / Ordered a XIM 2 last night
« on: 04:19 PM - 04/29/09 »
Very excited about the possibilities of this controller so I finally ordered one last night, can't wait to get it!


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