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Technical Support / [ACTIVE] My xim apex doesn’t work
« on: 10:53 PM - 06/22/21 »
I use logitech G213 and G102
But it doesn’t work, can anyone help?

Just wondering what kind of keyboard and mouse can work with Xim apex
Can you share your device for new use for reference?

I just got my Xim apex, so I bought a keyboard & mouse set of Foxxray, which is a Taiwan brand,
The model is FXR-CKM-09,
but after I connect them with Xim apex, my Xim apex manager shows 1 PS logo and 2 Xim logo
(Usually 1 PS logo, 1 Xim logo and 1 G logo)
And totally can't use in Apex legend.

Is that mean these keyboard & mouse set doesn't work with Xim apex?

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