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Beta / Make boost great again
« on: 09:44 PM - 08/05/18 »

I know this has been asked for a lot but now with BO4 coming i feel its more necessary than ever with the amount of Aim Assist added into the game.

Curves may do a similar job but they are way harder to tune perfect for the average user and the combination of curve + boost has always been great.

Sync is also a great option and i don't want it removed i just hope we can get boost back like it was on xim4.
I'm even willing to use an old version for it (as i understand from other posts its never worked on apex).

Game Support / Steady Aim Firmware
« on: 03:28 AM - 03/01/18 »
I was wondering if the XIM Apex is compatible with the Steady Aim firmware builds?

XIM 4 Discussions / Push to Talk PS4
« on: 08:06 AM - 11/11/15 »
I can't seem to get Push To Talk to work on PS4. is there anyone that can help me sort this out?

using firmware 20150816

Game Support / ads delay config
« on: 11:35 PM - 03/27/15 »
i was wondering if you are using 0 ads delay is it ok for me to unbind the  'Hold'  Mouse Right button above ADS delay

i just want to make sure im still using my ADS translator when i unbind it

Game Support / COD AW ads delay
« on: 10:57 PM - 01/24/15 »
Can anyone tell me whats the best ADS delay to use with Quickdraw + ASM1 ? 
im using the G502 at 12000 dpi , 1000 polling rate , hip 19 , ads 7 ,  just cant seem to snap on target with this gun... 

XIM 4 Discussions / COD sprint settings
« on: 03:18 AM - 01/11/15 »
im using my arrow keys to move around and i have up arrow also bound to 'Sprint'
so i can move around quickly without having to press any extra keys all the time.

Is it possible to bind 'Shift' for example to walk at normal run speed for situations where i have to be quiet sometimes  ( like in snd)

i tried the 'walk' modifier already but thats a bit too slow for me.   

Support / [ACTIVE] Xbox One headset adapter
« on: 11:57 AM - 08/16/14 »
I'm having an issue with my Headset and the Xbox One stereo headset adapter.

whenever people talk in game chat the game volume goes down so low i can barely hear anything going on in the game.   

voices still sound normal.

im sure this is not a XIM4 issue but maybe someone here can help me find out whats causing this?

Knights of Narnia / Elite clan tab
« on: 12:58 PM - 11/23/12 »
whenever i go to the "Elite Clan" tab in black ops 2 its bugging ...
keeps jumping back up after i scroll down a couple of players to see who else is on

example vid here -->

anyone else got this?

Support / reset to factory defaults
« on: 03:57 AM - 11/21/12 »
how do i reset the firmware to like when i bought my xim3 2years ago ?
recently updated it and can't get used to the huge difference on ADS

when i download any of the recent XIM Managers and hit 'restore factory defaults' It still gives me an updated version

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