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Recently, the Rainbow Six of the PS5 version has been updated, and xim apex can no longer be used. What is the reason?

General Discussion / Xim Apex won't support PS5 new games
« on: 03:08 AM - 08/26/21 »
my device is PS5 \ Xim Apex \ Horl FPS controller
It can run well in COD Cold War \ COD Warzone \ BF5 \ Rainbow six in PS5 edition
But new PS5 games won't support those device
For example COD:Vanguard \ Diablo 2
How to solve this problem?

I'm going to buy a Xim apex at the official mall as a gift for my friends. Xim apex is very expensive in China, more than $300, but it seems that Xim apex from the official mall can't be delivered to China?

When I choose a Chinese address, it prompts this:There is no shipping option for the address you entered. Please go back and check the address.

Is the new product under development?
When will it be available?

General Discussion / How to use Xim apex on PC?
« on: 06:12 AM - 06/27/21 »
I connect Xim apex to PC according to the connection mode on the console, but it doesn't work

In the case of moving the mouse at high speed, Xim apex still can't convert the moving distance 100% and will lose the operation. The accuracy of Xim apex can only be guaranteed at low speed. Is there any other keyboard mouse converter that can maintain 100% accuracy, even at high speed.

I need to bind the keys "1", "2" and "X" on the keyboard to the triangle on the controller, but it seems that Xim app can only bind the keys on two keyboards to the keys on the same controller
How to bind the third keyboard key to the triangle key on the controller?
Thank you for your reply!

I'm a user of Xim Apex, but Xim doesn't support macros, so I bought Reasnow S1.
I want to know whether the mouse feel of Reasnow is better or worse than that of Xim?
Which one is better?

I use the USB switcher to switch the keyboard and mouse of PC and PS5. After I switch several times, about 5-10 times, the USB switcher stops working. There are two situations
1. After switching back to PS5, Xim apex can't recognize keyboard and mouse
Solution: repeatedly plug Xim apex
2. After switching back to PC, Windows10 can't recognize keyboard and mouse
Solution: replace the USB interface of USB switch on PC
How to solve this problem completely? Let it no longer have the above two situations?
thank you!

I mean, holding the left button allows the semi-automatic rifle to fire continuously like an automatic rifle.
In recent days, I often use the semi-automatic rifle in the game, which makes me need to click the left button crazily, which makes my right hand ache and makes me depressed
I very much hope Xim apex can add the continuous shooting fire function.
I know that the mouse with on-board memory or with cronusmax can achieve the continuous fire function, but my mouse macro does not work normally on Xim apex, and the setting of cronusmax is too troublesome.
I prefer the setting method of Xim apex's mobile app.
So can the development team of Xim apex join the continuous shooting fire function?
I know it's certainly not difficult.
thank you!

My PC and ps5 are connected to the same monitor. At present, I have two keyboards and two mice. I want to use a set of keyboard and mouse to control PC and ps5. How can I change the settings? Or what kind of adapter or something?

My controller is hori, which supports continuous fire function, and can make R2 keyboard fire 20 times per second
So I connected hori, keyboard and mouse to Xim apex, and they worked well
Then I set the R2 key on the controller to continuous fire. When I press and hold the R2 key on the controller, the semi-automatic rifle will fire automatically like an automatic rifle
But when I hold down the left mouse button, the semi-automatic rifle only fired one bullet and stopped
What is the reason?
How to solve it?
thank you!

My mouse is Razer V2, which supports on-board memory macro, so I wrote a continuous macro, which can make semi-automatic rifle like automatic rifle. This macro runs normally on PC, but when I connect the mouse with ximapex and hold down the left button, the semi-automatic rifle in the game is abnormal. I need to hold down the left button for 1 ~ 2 seconds to launch, and the shooting speed is also fast and slow.
How to solve this problem?
thank you!

General Discussion / Can't use macro normally on Xim apex
« on: 10:24 AM - 06/13/21 »
My mouse is Razer V2, which supports on-board memory macro. I wrote a macro with continuous left click, which can run normally on PC. just press and hold the left button to make my semi-automatic rifle look like an automatic rifle. However, when I connect the mouse to ximapex, its performance is very strange. Sometimes I hold down the left button and wait a second or two to shoot, and the firing frequency is also very strange, When fast when slow, the fastest speed is not as fast as I manually click
How can I solve this problem? Thanks for the answer!

After playing for a period of time, about ten minutes to a few hours, my keyboard will suddenly disconnect from the Xim apex. The keyboard keys are invalid, but the Xim app still displays the keyboard connection. What's the problem? How to solve this problem? thank you!

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