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Hardware Compatbility / G pro wireless
« on: 06:08 PM - 12/21/22 »
Hi , if i buy a g pro wireless mouse , i can still use the 2018 XIM apex firwmare? Will it work or i need to get the lastest firwmare

Please we need new st 🙌

Is going to be 1:1 like thé same Hip and ads speed ?

R6 is now feeling awesome and st is flawless! Well done mist4fun you are the best as always! keep up the great work


i don't mind playing the PS4 Version of siege ! what do i need to play siege on ps5 , i have my xim all connecte and stuff and its doesn't work ?

XIM APEX Discussions / found the solution
« on: 03:06 PM - 06/30/22 »
i found my answers

Is there any new on siege r6 smart translator retrain yet ?
can i be a testers to test new r6 st and when is it releasing?

Hi ! Here my second video that i made on siege xbox where i show my highlights and xim settings .
This is my first ever season where I’ve been able to hit the highest rank available in r6 : champion !
Which clearly i don’t deserve it at all :P with that been said , im trying my best to get myself a name on YouTube! I love doing video of my best actions in R6s , any advice on my video or shoutout is really appreciated! I Can’t wait to have feedback so i can learn from them

My lastest Video : https://youtu.be/oRfibjWbgSw
My channel : Asjro
Subscriber : 12

If anyone wanna do a shoutout of my YouTube channel , you are free to use my video and make one , have a great rest of the day !

is the planned support list is stuck or not updated every day or it normal to take that long (no hate)
i've been waiting on the Siege mechanic check for now 1 month close 2 month.
i know there tons of game to train but maybe the xim might need to hire more people, with a company this big and only one guy for 10 game is not enough imo (as i said no hate , i understand mist4fun is the best in term of st , the delay worth it )
the xim team and community is awesome peace to all of u

Hi , i been searching for 6 month for sensitivity in siege xbox , i am a slow sensitivity player , i love using very slow sensitivity like 55cm/360 or 60 cm/360 , i also love playing same hip and ads speed but the current doesn't lets me do it because the value that the st is trained with is too high , i can't play a lower ads value like everyone , i can't 😭
so i had a ideas , how can i create my own smart translator in siege xbox , can obsIV share the logiciel that they use to create smart translator so i can make new xbox r6 st with different ads value that i desired or how can i make my own st , also which deadzone bubble does r6 xbox have ?

XIM APEX Discussions / i need new r6 setting 😭
« on: 02:06 PM - 04/22/22 »
anyone pls , i can't play sensitivity ads lower than the hip

Is the new Fov impact the current st ?

Dpi ? hz ?

I have always run the same hip and ads since I started ximming. When I try to change my ads to a lower value than my hip it screws with me. It's more of a mental thing. If something doesn't match it hurts my head. So every hip and ads had to match. I don't have time to try to train my mind to keep up with a lower value. When I used to game with a controller horizontal and vertical always matched. So i do the same with my Xim.
 this is a copy and paste message from a guy in other post but it said the thing i wanna say !

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