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Technical Support / [Q/A] mutible keys on one button
« on: 03:16 AM - 04/29/21 »
hello, can i some how put 2 keys (keyboard) on 1 button (controller)? i play r6 but i wanna lean with q to the left and not with shift or sprint on q. can someone help me?

is there a way to use your headset wirelessly?

i plug it in all works but after 10 minutes my controller disconectet i didnt do anythink false now when i try to connect them again he blinks 2 times and disconnect again

Hardware Compatibility / does this keyboard and mouse work
« on: 03:59 AM - 04/24/21 »
i dont know if i can use the hyperx pulsefire surge and the hyperx alloy origins core with the xim apex

General Discussion / does headset work without controller?
« on: 01:11 AM - 04/23/21 »
Hello, i have the corsair virtuoso and does it work when i plug the stick in to use it wireless

Hardware Compatbility / does this keyboard and mouse work
« on: 08:43 AM - 04/19/21 »
ich frage mich ob ich den xim apex auch mit der hyperx pulsefire surge und die hyperx alloy origins core nutzen kann ich bin nähmlich kurz davor mir den xim zu holen

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