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There is a radio silence regarding this topic, please tell us more!
Can we all throw away our apex adapter?

If this is true will it be the end for xim?

Pls communicate with us!

Hello all!

Is there a setting that when i hold my shooting button dat my xim apex, press the shooting button then release it and shoot again. With some miliseconds betwean it, over and over again?

So that a single shooting gun become an automatic gun?
I'm playing BF1 and like the medic oparator, but most guns a single shooter.

I can't figger it out.

Thanks for the help.


Beta / Apex with ps5 mouse movement incorrect.
« on: 03:28 PM - 03/29/21 »
Hello all!

So my XIM apex is working but there is a problem.
When I move my mouse from left to right itís a nice line, but when I move up or down it zig zags. Not a smooth line up and down.

Iím using the hori controler.

Hope someone knows what I can do.

Itís playable but not accurate up and down.


Beta / Hori PS4 controler not working in HUB with ps5
« on: 08:56 AM - 03/29/21 »

I had a xim4 with my ps4 and it was working great!

Just get my Xim Apex but its not working on my PS5

I bought the HORI PS4 controler as showen on the xim page
I did the firmware update

In my Apex app i can see my mouse (logitec) and my keyboard (Corsair) But not my HORI controler

When i plug the HORI controler straight in my PS5 its working.

I have de mouse in 1, keyboard in 2 en Hori in 3, when i plus the apex in my ps5 it starts to flash all collors, but it ends in red.

Can you guys help me out ?




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