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XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Polling rate 1000hz 500hz 250hz
« on: 10:26 PM - 05/08/22 »
Hi guys,
I have a small problem or maybe no problem?
I've been playing at 250hz for a while.
BF5-ST Firmeware und Manager both current
At the weekend I switched back to 1000 hz.
But I didn't have to adjust the sensitivity anymore. Mouse stays at 25cm for 360° rotation. No matter whether I 250 500 or 1000 hz. in the Xim Manager.
Yes, I restarted Xim and the polling rate is displayed in the manager.
I did a factory reset and only put an ST on it with my current setting.

Beta / hair trigger problem
« on: 03:38 AM - 04/06/22 »
I have  2 nexus.
one is modified with lihte its stick and has current
Hair trigger works.
I wanted to do an A/B comparison.
Did a factory reset and copied/pasted the ST.
But L2 and R2 just trigger far too late even though I set 1%.
Actually, both controllers are now the same.

Deutsch / Aim Lab Xim Nexus BF5
« on: 07:19 AM - 02/16/22 »
um Nexus mit Aim Lab zu trainieren, muss ich da die Spieleinstellung von BF5 (hauptsächlich das was ich spiele) übernehmen ?

Oder gibt's da etwas anderes ?

Ich hatte mal nur Controller probiert, konnte aber nur Mauseinstellung dort eingeben.
War mir auch nicht ganz schlüssig was ich einstelle.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / miss subconfig
« on: 03:45 AM - 02/13/22 »
hi guys
I played a lot with the sub config.  eg.  one button press BF1 syringe draw/ revive / back to primary weapon  or also very nice in BF5 ice skate with one touch.

will there be something so simple with the Nexus?

Game Support / Convert FOV BF2042 vs BF5 and sensitivity
« on: 05:40 AM - 01/12/22 »
I'm in the process of optimizing my FOV BF2042 and also adjusting the sensitivity.
There is enough calculator on the net for PC.
Does anyone know how I can use this for Xim?
Or what is the rough calculation behind this?
FOV BF2042 is not the same as FOV BF5, how can I convert that.

Game Support / BF2042 best config and setting for me PS5
« on: 06:40 AM - 01/03/22 »
Hello folks,
I wanted to let you guys get my config too. There is so much information and possibilities and suggestions "what is the best config"
I've tried everything, all sorts of suggestions from the forum and discord etc.
I brought them together and optimized them for myself.
That doesn't mean it's perfect for you, but maybe it is?
Try it.  8)

It still doesn't feel as good as BF5, but I've been doing very well since I've been using it that way.
Unfortunately, no matter what I set, I can't get the Playstation version to work properly.
Not with the PS4 version of the game, and neither with the PS5 version of the game.

That's why I use the XBOX Series X ST, the ADS curve feels better and the target bubble is broken better and better recoil control

PS5 version via remote play
Azeron Classic Stick analog
Mouse Razer Basilisk Ultimate: 20000 DPI 1000 HZ

Sensitivity HIP / ADS : 6.5
250 HZ
No ballistic curve
Sync: off
Smoothing: 0 (Mouse dependent)
Y/X Ratio: 1 (recoil control by recoil trick in the Xim Manager, values weapons and mouse handling dependent)

Soldier Aim Sensitivity: 100
Feld of View: 105
ADS Feld of View: ON
Soldier Aim Assist: 60    important not higher, less is better !!
Soldier Aim Assist Zoom Snap: 0-100    I didn't notice any direct influence
Steady scope (hold) Button: L2
Soldier Zoom Aim Sensitivity: 200
Aiming left/right acceleration: 0
Uniform Soldier Aiming: OFF
Coefficient: 0
These are only the scope that I use, set to aim for uniformity. Tried to adjust with linear and constant mouse speed.1:25 Zoom Aim Sensitivity: 90
1:50 Zoom Aim Sensitivity: 90
2:50 Zoom Aim Sensitivity: 10
3:00 Zoom Aim Sensitivity: 90
6:00 Zoom Aim Sensitivity: 81

left stick
Center Deadzone: 5
Axial Deadzone: 0
Max Input: 100

right stick
Center Deadzone: 8
Axial Deadzone: 0
Max Input: 100

1 sub config for weapons wheel
2. and 3. sub config "Auto Syringe" pull syringe, shoot arrow, change weapon back
4. sub config for common rose

I'll add the complete config when I'm at home and a video.
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [BF2042 Test neu] START COPY >>>

XIM APEX Discussions / XIM Delay with Titan 2 or not?
« on: 06:24 AM - 08/31/21 »
Hi guys,
it is very difficult to explain my problem and even to recognize it as a problem.
i used google to translate, that makes it even more difficult. I'm German
Xim in connection with Titan 2 I have what feels like a delay. (I thought)
I only play BF5.
I would say that, purely from the point of view of feeling, I need 1 ball more. So I would say the TTK is growing.
I partly lose gunfights where I aim 100% more at the enemy and shoot.
I have a pretty good feeling for the game at level 500. I didn't just test it briefly, but talk about my experience over a longer period of time.
The problem was raised in the T2 forum and discord and I continued testing a lot, but nothing worked.

Because of that, I played without T2 for a while.
I used the recoil trick and set myself several templates (ST) for the weapons with the same curves and sensitivities.

I found out more by chance, when I take the very first one in the Xim app where the individual templates (ST) for the weapons are stored (that was always for T2 without recoil trick), that this caused the "delay".
If I take the 3rd, for example, I don't feel that way.
Before I opened the topic here, I tested for several days and laps, switched back to 1. And the way it is, I can definitely confirm that.
The last days then played with T2 and perfect recoil and not the 1st but the 3rd template. It was so amazing.
Yesterday I forgot to move to the 3rd, I noticed that clearly.
After I switched back to 3. everything went perfectly.

What could be the problem ?

Deutsch / BF5 Battlefield 5 spielt das noch jemand ?
« on: 03:52 AM - 02/05/21 »
Hi Zusammen,
ist hier noch jemand der BF5 spielt ?
Ich habe folgendes setup.
Xim apex und Titan 2.
Ich spiele gerade mit RMLs Setup. Alle Einstellungen sind gegen die Zielhilfe.
Verwende seine Kurven auch für HIP und ADS wie er es gepostet hat.
 Mouse: (Razor Viper Ultimate)
1000 hz.
12,000 dpi

500 hz.
Sync Off
HIP - 12 + Curve (Improves overall responsiveness of movement and helps against AA)
ADS - 6+ curve
Long Range - 12+ Curve
No SAB, No Boost, No Smoothing

Meine Mausempfindlichkeit ist so eingestellt, dass ich 360° 33cm benötige.

Spielt ihr eher gegen AA sowie von RML empfohlen oder nutzt ihr AA aus und optimiert dahingehend eure Einstellung.

Spiele auch competitive und weiß dass da einige krank unterwegs sind. Ich bin da eher sehr schlecht.

Ich habe mehrere Tests durchgeführt Rückstoß z.B. ist bin Titan und Xim anders als mit Controller allein. Dachte das gibt das Spiel vor.
Hab auch manchmal den Eindruck das mache Schüsse/Kugeln nicht so „fließend“ raus kommen. Es kommt Teilweise zu Unterbrechungen.
Ganz kurz nur aber im 1:1 übelst wichtig.

Dann Kämpfe ich immer noch mit den Einheitlichen Zielen.
Wie stelle ich die einzelnen Scope ein ? Um das zu erreichen ? Habt ihr da ein Trick.

Hoffe das hier BF5 noch mal aufleben lassen kann und wir für mich ein paar kleine Verbesserungen finden.

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