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General Discussion / Using fios with secondary router
« on: 07:25 AM - 03/01/13 »
Thought this might be useful to those using a Fios router.
This is how you use a secondary router with DD-WRT as primary,I got most of this information
from other sites.It work great for me and you are able to keep verizon fios VOD,everthing goes to the
secondary router including STB's.

1. Put ethernet Cord from the Computer into Port 2 of Actiontec Router.

2. Reset router to default setting. press reset button in back of router for 10 seconds. then wait for router to reboot.

3. Login into Router make new user Name and Password.

4. Top Menu go to: Advanced - System Setting Disable Auto Wan Detection - Apply

5. Top Menu go to: Wireless Settings Side Menu Basic Security Settings Wireless - Off Apply

6. Top Menu Firewall Settings Side Menu General Minimum Apply

7. Top Menu My Network Side Menu Network Connections Advanced - Broadband(Coax) - Settings - Release Apply

A. If address is not released properly you might have to call Verizon ask to " renew DHCP Address".

8. Top Menu My Network Side Menu Network Connections - Broadband(Coax) - Settings - IP Distribution Disable /
DNS Server No DNS Server / IP Address No IP Address - Apply

9. Top Menu My Network Side Menu Network Connections Network (Home/Office) - Settings IP Distribution - Disable /
DNS Server No DNS Server / Internet Protocol Use the following IP Address / Uncheck Box to Left of Coax / Uncheck Box to Left of Wireless /
Check Box to Left of Broadband(Coax) / Check STP Box to Right of Broadband(Coax) / Network Broadband Connection -Apply

B. Use for best results. if you choose to not use this make sure it doesn't conflict with you Desired Router LAN IP's.
Example: change the 3rd digits of the ip address 192.168.X.1 to prevent conflict.

10. After all is done turn the power off to Actiontec Router and Desired Router.

11. Unplug ethernet from Actiontec Router Port 2 and put it into Desired router Port 2. get another
ethernet cable and plug one end into Actiontec POrt 1 and the other end into Desirted Router's WAN Port.

12. Turn power on both Router

13. Login to Desired Router. Check for Dynamically IP.

C. If Dynamically ip was not found but a Static ip or nothing was put into ip address restart from begining.
Also Another thing is if you have a DHCP IP but the Internet Connection not working try using Desired Router Software now before going further.

14. Take computer Ethernet Cable and unplug it from Desired Router port 2 and plug it into Actiontec Router Port 2 agian

15. Okay now to log back into Actiontec Router. you must manually change computer ip address to / sub Mask
defualt gateway by going into Computer Menu - Start - control panel - network and internet connections - network connections
- local area connection properties - properties - internet protocols(TCP/IP) - properties - use the following ip address

D. These IPs above will only work if used on Network (Home/Office) earlier. if you used something else in Network (Home/Office)
ip just change ip last digits from 2 - 254. Example: 192.168.1.X

16.Top Menu My Network Side Menu Network Connections - Coax - Settings DNS Server No DNS Server / IP Address No IP Address / Network Broadband Connection - Apply

17. Top Menu My Network Side Menu Network Connections Broadband(Ethernet) - Settings Network Network(Home/Office) /
IP Distribution Disable / DNS Server No DNS Server / IP Address No IP Address - Apply

16. Top Menu My Network Side Menu Network Connections Add Network Bridging Next Add A New Bridge Next
Select the Coax and Broadband (Ethernet) Checkboxes - uncheck wireless - Edit the New Connection Finish

18. Top Menu My Network Side Menu Network Connections - Bridge Settings - Network Broadband Connection / Internet Protocol Obtain IP address automatically
/ DNS server Obtain DNS automatically / IP Address Distribution DHCP relay / Routing mode NAPT / default route - checkbox /
/ Check Box to Left of Coax (if not already checked) Check STP box to right of Coax / Check Box to Left of Broadband(Ethernet) (if not already checked) Check STP box to right of Broadband(Ethernet)

19. Run Ethernet Cable from Desired Router Port 1 to Actiontec Router's WAN Port

20. Top Menu My Network Side Menu Network Connections Broadband (Ethernet) Enable

E. This must be re-enabled if the router loses power

21. Unplug power from all TV Boxes

22. plug Tv boxes back in. now check to see widget and on demand or working

23. Unplug Computer Ethernet cable from Actiontec Port 2 and plug into Desired router Port2

24. Now go to Computer and change manual ip address setting back to automatic. by going into Computer Menu - Start - control panel - network and internet connections - network connections
- local area connection properties - properties - internet protocols(TCP/IP) - properties - obtain an ip automatically

General Discussion / Ximcommander.net
« on: 05:08 PM - 01/11/13 »
I'm starting to have a problem with ximcommander .net.Usually when I hit the start button on the app,the mouse wont move and I proceed to game to play no problem.Now when I hit the start button on the app my mouse still moves,so when I Proceed into the PS3 or Xbox I can move side to side in the XMB,but if I hit
Triangle or square it freezes up.The Original ximcommander SDK works fine it just does not have the features I wont.

Support / Ximcommander Troubles
« on: 11:17 PM - 01/02/13 »
I just started to have this problem after I updated Ximedgemanager.
It seems while I'm playing Black ops 2 on ps3 I can here the tell tale signs of windows7 USB sound disconnecting than reconnecting,it usually last about 1 to 3 seconds before it reconnects.Just long enough
to get me killed.It seems I can move forward and backward but not side to side when this happens.
I'll try to hook directly to the ps3 to try and isolate the problem,I'm using G400 thats why I use ximcommander,It's the net version.I tried the original but didn't like it,not enough choices.

General Discussion / Black Ops2 Game pref
« on: 11:54 PM - 12/28/12 »
I've been playing black ops2 for a lil while,unlike MW3 in which I had to throttle my connection to get
a playable game,which worked great for me.In Black Ops2 this is not want you want to do,so I searched
around,And just like most of you I got the "set your game pref to best"to get into a playable game.
I have a pretty ok connection something like a 40 down 20 up by speetest,My package is a 35-35 according to verizon fios.With my pref set to best I still got lag and crazy hit detection so I tried a pref of any,WOW
I got a KD increase of double what I got with best.Even with some games when I got lag with a pref of any
my KD was still constant.I'm playing on the ps3.Let me know if this helps anyone on Xbox.The only problem is if I play with my clan and the host is set to best I suffer as if my connection is set to best.

I have my ps3 connect to my ximedge via ximcommander so that I can program the extra buttons on
my G400.I also have the G500 with on board memory,but I'm still trying to get used to the scroll left and right buttons,with out hitting them accidentaly,while hitting the scroll middle button.Ok back to my original question.I would like to know if there is a way to use the officiall PS3 headphones with the dongle hooked to the PC,while running Ximcommander

Configs / test
« on: 07:59 PM - 11/17/12 »

Playstation / Video Test
« on: 02:52 AM - 08/07/12 »

XIM 3 Discussions / Lost Standard Config
« on: 09:54 PM - 08/03/12 »
I decided to up date my xim3 to the latest build,XIMManager 20120622.
Once I tried to update I get the xim3 error and the red screen on the xim3.
So I do the restore factory default and All is well again except all of my standard configs are gone,so
I decide to redo all of my configs.When I try to add a new MW3 config so I can edit it,my xim3 says that the xim3 is full.On xim manager the config bar bar is practically full,so I can only assume my original configs are still in there but not showing up on the xim manager.Is there anyway to get at these configs to avoid a long night of editing configs.

Playstation / Unknown USB device Detected
« on: 08:15 PM - 03/25/12 »
In the middle of a MW3 game.I get Unknown USB device Detected.
So I restart my PS3.Once restarted the ps3 had to do a rebuild of the system.
 After it restarted every thing seems find,will keep you posted.I'm using XIM3

Playstation / Slowing Down ADS
« on: 07:23 AM - 03/24/12 »
Just found this on another site,it worked for me.

This is how to turn your ADS speeds down to normal: - Battlefield 3 Message Board for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs [gamefaqs.com]

No I haven't tried this yet since I'm at work, and on top of that, haven't played this game in a week. (been way to ticked off with the controls)

Several people on those boards have said it helps, but since it might be a placebo effect, don't take my(or thier) words as gospel. if it works for you, I'm glad. if it doesn't, sorry I wasted 10secs of your life.

For those who don't open the link, here's the fix REIGNofTERROR came up with:

Post from GameFAQS is as follows:

without having to slow up your default sensitivity too much. Saw this on the official forums and I'm not sure if it's been brought to you FAQqers attention but here it is.

Go to your PS3 settings -> accessory settings -> mouse sensitivity settings -> change from 'default' to 'slow'

This will reduce your ADS look speeds and also slightly reduce your default aiming, but for those who played Bc2 you might feel a bit more consistent like this. I've done this myself and it absolutely works. After I did it, my ADS speeds were actually too slow and I had to kick up the sensitivity. Now I have very quick default speeds and my ADS speeds are right where they should be. Before, having this type of look speeds would have ADS speeds that are just dizzying.

Try it!  Also works with XIM3

Playstation / XIM3 and MX518 For PS3
« on: 03:37 PM - 11/01/11 »
Ok after some trial and error,I've finally settled on a config that feels perfect on
the Ps3 with a Logitech 518 mouse.
Translator-Smart Advance
sensitivity- 12.75
Acceleration- 0.80
Y-X Ratio- 1.00
Smoothness 0
boost- 0
Secondary Mouse Settings
Toggle-R Mouse button
Translator-Smart Advanced
Sensitivity- 12.75
Acceleration- 0.00
Y-X Ratio- 1.00
Smoothness- 0
Boost- 0
I also added a on the fly config for Vehicles,
With the keypad + button to trigger between configs (It's button is nearer to the mouse.
Black Ops Vehicles
Translator-Smart Advanced
Sensitivity- 12.75
Acceleration- 1.00
Y-X Ratio- 1.00
Smoothness- 100
Boost- 100
MX518 DPI is 1800

Playstation / Xim3 settings
« on: 10:53 PM - 10/18/11 »
Ok finally got my Xim3 setting perfect for my feel.
Ps3 setting set for max,Mx518 mouse set to max max.
The problem is I have two ps3's.
My primary monitor is native 42 inch 1080P,and it plays great,I decided to
try it out on my Plasma 50 inch Vizio 720p native resolution.
Then all hell broke loose,with the same exact settings on my Xim3.
It required that I set up a new config to play on the vizio,at this point I just wanted to play
so I went back to my LG 42 inch LCD.
My question is should I notice such a large difference in my setting feel between monitors.
FYI both Ps3's are slims just not the same model.

Playstation / Xim3 acting buggy
« on: 09:06 PM - 10/11/11 »
I know that the Xim3 is not official supported on the PS3.
But I'm posting this to see if others are having the same problem that I am.
When I configure my Xim3 for blackops,I start out with the smart config than I adjust it useing
Smart advance so that I can lower the sensitivity and increase the acceleration a bit.
I change the sensitivity for primary and secondary,but only increase acceleration for primary.
This way I get better turn speed.
But it seems that sometimes when the map ingame changes my settings that Ive set dont feel the same.
It feels as if the settings have gotten lower,the only thing that seems to remedy this is to unplug the
Xim3 from the console for about 15 seconds and plug it back in.Then it feels the way that I adjusted it for.

Playstation / Smart Advanced
« on: 03:42 PM - 10/04/11 »
I'm new to the Xim3,I've been playing with different configs for the ps3.
I've used the Blackops smart configs, but it feels very jittery.
So I changed the BO smart config to smart advanced.
Keep in mind that I'm useing the logitech 518 this is what I changed.
Sensitvity-  24.00
Acceleration-  0.95- for good turning speed.
Y-X Ratio-  1.50-adjust to your preference this feels good to me.
Smoothness- 100 this seems dramatically cut down on jitteryness on the ps3.
I have 2 ps3's one set at 720p the other set at 1080P.
This config works great for me at 720p.
When I run this same config on the 1080p system its much to fast.
I prefer running blackops at 720p Its closest to BO's native resolution.
I have all non memory mice 518,G400 and razor lacheisis,I configed with the
MX518 because I've used that one the most.
Plz let me no if this config is closer to pc feel bear in mind the mouse and the 720p resolution.

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