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What is the best solution right now? Im using remote play, and it feels delayed + some quicker button push combinations are not registered.

XIM APEX Discussions / ADS aim precision
« on: 01:30 PM - 02/10/22 »
I have some problems while ADSing in fortnite. This problem occurs only on linear config, not exponential. When I aim, sensitivity on Y Axis, in upside direction Is higher than downside also on X Axis the rightside direction is higher than leftside. I set curves to default but dont know what fix to try next. Any suggestions?

XIM APEX Discussions / Chiaki
« on: 10:42 AM - 01/30/22 »
Hi, Is here someone who understands chiaki? I somehow managed to configure all, I can use it as remote play. But sometimes when I play my mouse stucks and moves in one direction and I can't change it. Then it gets normal again. Is here any fix?

XIM APEX Discussions / 2 configs
« on: 09:47 AM - 10/14/21 »
Whats the diference between these two configs? https://pasteboard.co/0DjaW7WlXzCl.jpg

XIM APEX Discussions / Remote play on PS4/PC
« on: 06:08 AM - 10/10/21 »
Should i use remote play on my PS4 or PC? (for the workaround to play PS5 games with xim)

Beta / Chiaki vs Sony Remote play
« on: 08:59 AM - 09/20/21 »
Hi, has someone measured the input lag between these two remote play programs?

XIM Link / What Is xim link for
« on: 02:41 AM - 09/16/21 »
Hi, I recently found xim link And im just furious what Is it for And why should/shouldnt i use it?

Beta / Future PS5 update
« on: 10:44 AM - 09/13/21 »
Hi, there should be released a 3rd party controller for ps5 on 21st october. What are the chances of making xim apex working again until 2022? Or will xim apex never work again with ps5?

XIM APEX Discussions / 120fps sync, refresh rate
« on: 07:14 AM - 07/24/21 »
Hi, Im kinda stuck with my settings, what synchronization would you recommend on Fortnite (PS5 120fps), And which xim apex refresh rate?

XIM APEX Discussions / Sensitivity boost in fortnite
« on: 07:21 AM - 07/12/21 »
Hi, Im just curious, but fortnite offers sensitivity boost (when the Stock Is fully deflected) can this somehow fix max turning Speed on xim? Od should i set it on 0%?

XIM APEX Discussions / Sensitivity convertion
« on: 01:24 AM - 05/17/21 »
Hi, i play on 3200dpi, 4,5 sensitivity, Common Sync, Is there some way to convert it into normal PC mouse sensitivity?

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim + cronus
« on: 03:54 AM - 05/13/21 »
Hi is cronus worth buying with xim apex? Is the aim assist boost good for games like apex, fortnite, warzone etc?

General Discussion / Sens change
« on: 11:57 AM - 02/17/21 »
Hi, I have a question. Does the sensitivity/feel Changes, when i use different Controllers plugged into xim Apex?

XIM APEX Discussions / Update
« on: 08:50 AM - 02/15/21 »
Hi, I have a problem, I cant update my xim apex. Xim manager in PC works fine, but when i try to update my xim with flash tool, it tells me that xim is not connected. Also it lights blue, so it should be connected well.

XIM APEX Discussions / KBM on PS5
« on: 01:03 AM - 01/22/21 »
Hi, can i use keyboard and mouse on PS5 using xim and 3rd party controller? (on all ps5 games)

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